Whats a genius way to get rid of a body?

  1. A construction site is by far the easiest way. Especially when it’s in the excavation stage. It surprisingly happens more than people probably realize. The concrete form method would also work if the forms are big enough to not expose the corpse after stripping them.

  2. Start a university, build a medical depart, donate it to the medical department, then fire all the staff and rehire new ones that won't ask where it came from, and will assume it's been there for years.

  3. This is to fully terminate a life from basics to finishing touches (do not try this at home) you have been warned, make sure to do this with a trained professional.

  4. Your own bin. You'll be the last person anyone suspects because no one with an IQ above room temperature would ever do something as stupid as that.

  5. I liked the lie Dexter came up with. They dig graves well before the body goes in, so he told a guy that he buries people a couple of feet further down in freshly dug grave. They'll just lower a casket into it and cover up your crime for you.

  6. Acid to dissolve it; Feed it to pigs and dissolve the remains in acid, or put it through a wood chipper first and then they should eat everything; seal it in cement then drop it in the middle of the ocean; dig a 12ft hole, drop the body in, then put a deer carcass on top it at 6ft so if police send the dogs out then they only see the deer and move on

  7. Douse the body in some chemicals to wipe away all evidence of you being the killer, burn the clothes you killed them with and wash yourself clean, the next morning dump the body in a nearby river, drive to a parking area 20 minutes walk from the dumping site, report the body yourself and say you found it while out for a morning walk. Say you saw a white sedan driving away from the area you found the body before you found it. Or if you drive a white sedan, a red pick-up truck. Something super common that you see every time you leave home.

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