What smells good but shouldn't?

  1. I work at a Chemical plant. We make a highly acidic product that is dark blue, viscus, highly corrosive, and smells exactly like Fruit Loops. It is incredibly disturbing.

  2. Organic chemistry has many "guilty good" smells. Thiophosgene (sulfur derivative of a chemical weapon used extensively in WW1) apparently smells like meat. Phosgene is used to make polycarbonate, thiophosgene is used to make some sulfur-containing molecules which eventually end up in therapeutic drugs.

  3. I work in a chem plant too & was warned about smell of most dangerous shit we have on the site as "worst family member working the grill" b/c acrylicnitrile smells like burning onions & garlic apparently.

  4. Hotel/rented rooms whenever you go on vacation. There's this particular smell that just says "you are on vacation", especially on a beach/swimming trips/ out-of-the-town vacays.

  5. Matches/candles on a birthday cake. I remember lighting matches as a kid purely to blow them out and inhale that sweet match-y smell.

  6. I work in an industrial paint shop and the saying is that the “better” the paint smells the more hazardous to you it is.

  7. Decades ago, the Albany, NY area had so much snow for one winter season that they'd completely blown through their salt budget for clearing roads, and because of government paralysis, it was hard to resolve the situation, but it had to be resolved.

  8. Race fuel. Instantly puts me in a good mood as it reminds me of going to the drag races with my dad when I was young.

  9. This is one of my favorite scents of all time, and Disney is very aware that people enjoy it. Evidently it’s a lot harder to recreate than just adding bromine to water.

  10. Apparently Disney injects aromas into the air around their iconic rides to make it more memorable. Was referenced here on Reddit recently, I don’t have the link.

  11. There's a chicken wing restaurant near my house that has a challenge sauce called "black widow". The owner claims it to be around 500,000 scovilles. A few years back some buddies and I decided to try them, the sauce was a dark molasses color and smelled almost like a BBQ sauce, no hint of the danger that lurked at all. We each grabbed one wing and it went terribly. I don't know how something so spicy could smell so innocent.

  12. Birds have a poor sense of smell and basically no sense of taste, so if the pepper smells a bit sweeter to attract birds, but it's fire to anything else that might eat it, it will accomplish its goals for the seeds to end up in bird poop and dropped somewhere where it could grow peacefully

  13. Apparently that's such a common reaction they used to actually use the chemical that makes gas smell like that in personal care products until they discovered long term exposure on that level was unhealthy

  14. Spill a cup of gasoline in your car and you might change your mind after driving it for a few hours on a nice summer day.

  15. we have a normal crematorium near work. when in use, the newbies always ask can you smell pork. to their horror they soon learn it's people being cremated.

  16. Physiotherapist friend of mine had a patient who worked at pork processing plant, his job was to blowtorch the hair off the pigs.... Apparently he always smelled like bacon

  17. I vaguely remember a post about a first responder with PTSD after they couldn't rescue somebody from a burning car. Got home from work and the first thing his wife asks is if he had barbecue on the way home because something smells good.

  18. My family has always thought I was weird for loving the smell of tires. I could stand in the tire section of Sam’s all day! Glad I’m not the only one!

  19. One of the weirdest sensations I've ever had was eating a dried, chocolate-covered fig that my Russian colleague had brought back from there. It had a very unique but at the same time familiar flavour that I couldn't place at all. After trying a few it dawned on me:

  20. My son pointed this out when he was 4. I asked him if he meant the air feels cold in his nose. He said no, it's got a distinct smell. I've never noticed this.

  21. Fire lighters they are these weird flammable spongy grey bricks used to get fires started. They smell good enough to eat it's like forbidden sponge cake

  22. I remember back in high school a girl leaned over, sniffed me, told me that I smelled really good, and asked me what cologne I was wearing. I asked if she was joking, and she's like, no, you smell really good.

  23. That’s an amazing biological response. My wife can come from work all sweaty and in desperate need for a shower but I couldn’t care less. I just love that smell. And I’m pretty sure I’d find it strong on any other person, but it‘s hers, so my brain has it classified as “mmmm… so nice”.

  24. They did scientific tests where they got women to wear a tshirt for a week without washing and then got men to sniff them and rate their "attractiveness". They found out that the least offensive smelling one was the person whose genes were most different from their own. So it's actually nature's way of avoiding inbreeding with people close to you in the gene pool.

  25. Pheromones are weird. I had a dude let me borrow his apron at work once, 100% not someone I found attractive, too old, married, etc. But the apron had a tiny bit of sweat from him and when I say it smelled amazing, that'd be an understatement. It's like a weird happy smell. Ive not run across anyone else who's smelled like that

  26. this!!!!! my nose is super sensitive so even if my partner is slightly sweaty or had sweat at some point in the day, i just cant help but cherish how he smells!!!! like right below the ear on his neck always smells sooooooooo good. its almost addictive

  27. Yessss bro!!! I once smelt my gf’s armpits while smashing, well ex gf now, and it was like pure pheromones. She wore old spice fiji and that plus the sweat was amazing holy hell, I never told her though, just snuck sniffs when I could. “Snuck sniffs” never have I once said that phrase in my life

  28. My girlfriend often sniffs me when I've come back from a run or bike ride and I'm so self conscious because I'm sweaty and gross but she says she loves it?? She sniffs my armpits even when I don't have deodorant on lol.

  29. yeah its weird, only certain people. I guess thats how pheremones and all that work. And if anyone is out dating, certain smells can be a dealbreaker or seal the deal

  30. So much this! While I didn't dislike any of my ex's natural smell, I always preferred when they wore cologne or heavily scented deodorant. My guy now though...holy shit! I love when he's sweaty. I will nuzzle my face against his shoulder with my nose right up against his armpit and, lord have mercy, it's all I can do to not strip him down naked and ride him like I'm trying to break him. I can't afford that kind of therapy for them kids though, so I resist the urge.

  31. Also Ambergris (whale vomit) , That solid waxy substance actually originates from intestine of the sperm whale and is used to stabilize the scent of fine perfumes.

  32. When I was a kid they actually used to make scented markers. Yep they thought it was a good idea back around 1990 to have kindergartners huffing watermelon marker fumes lol

  33. I remember in Kindergarten, our teacher brought vanilla extract to class and gave us all a little bit to teach us that we shouldn't eat stuff just because it smells good.

  34. That’s because it’s got hella alcohol in it. As a stupid middle schooler I used to drink it to try getting drunk. Makes me wanna vomit just thinking about it.

  35. Oil and grease. Reminds me of my dad when he would just get home from work and I’d give him a hug as a kid. I wish I hadn’t outgrown it before he passed.

  36. this is spot on. my dad would come home smelling of grease oil and metal and with that hug i could smell it all. its because of that if i walk into the workshop floor at work I'm instantly reminded of my dad

  37. Same with antifreeze, one of the most poisonous things you can possibly drink. Tastes/Looks like kool aid (I’ve heard)

  38. I once ate asparagus and later went to the bathroom. After peeing I smelled what I thought was someone grilling outside, and it was amazing.

  39. Ahh, one of the classic intro bio genetic experiments. Go eat asparagus, if you can smell the change in your pee, then you have such and such gene, if you can’t smell it, you lack the gene

  40. I work in a hospital and one day we kept smelling burgers in the stock room. Come to find out the stock room sits right beneath the OR...they were cauterizing flesh

  41. Nail gun gas. I was a newbie carpenter apprentice tryna fit in with all the tough blokes. I spent weeks trying to figure out what the nail gun gas that’s released after every bang smelt like. One day it clicked in my head and I just yelled out “TRUFFLE OIL”. It did not help me fit in.

  42. This might be strange, but I had corrective eye surgery (PRK) and they use a laser. The smell of my burning eyeball reminded me of pulled pork cooking. I was disgusted and hungry at the same time. Was an odd feeling.

  43. Dog paws. The "frito smell" many people attribute to dog paws is from a bacteria on their beans called Pseudomonas and Proteus. Despite knowing it's bacteria however, I constantly fight the urge to snort my dogs paws like some sort of coke fiend.

  44. That is absolutely bonkers to learn. My pet rats have all had that same identical faintly corn-chip smell. And boy if you think sniffing dogs' paws will get you some weird looks at home, try going around asking everybody to sniff your rat

  45. yeast from rising dough. when i was 18 my now ex worked at the pretzel place and would come home smelling like raw pretzel dough. not gonna lie... it was kind of hot. lol

  46. I had a room mate who went through a phase of roasting seasoned potatoes in lard... then pouring the left over lard down the kitchen sink. When the drain inevitably clogged, she just left to visit her parents for a week and I had to fix it. I had to take out the sink pipes and un-clog the slimiest, thickest, lumpiest, disgusting coagulated mess of old lard that smelled like delicious potatoes roasted with garlic and rosemary

  47. There’s a strange smell that comes with the zizzing of a lot of electrical discharge. It smells fresh like water and you can almost taste it. Only time I’ve smelled it is at Magna in Rotherham U.K.

  48. Cats. Like. How do they just smell so good with zero maintenance? They just smear their tuna breathe tongue all over themselves and come out smelling amazing.

  49. maybe the little spikes on their tongue have deodorising qualities. You're right though, for an animal that is covered head to toe in soft fur and spends its life sitting and lying all over the ground, they are spotless, even the white ones

  50. It's hard to explain but it's a smell I love to hate. I'll always be like "God that's fucking rancid" but then I'll take a deeper sniff.

  51. Whenever you're alone and judging your own farts like.. -sniff-. Hmm yea, that's a good one HuuuuH

  52. No one ever wants to admit they're fascinated with their own body smells. Farts, armpit stank, swamp crotch, tonsil stones, crotch fluid. You've all had a whiff and thought "damn, I'm a cesspool" but went in for a second one. We don't talk about it but just know you aren't alone.

  53. I have IBS, so I often do extremely disgusting farts. I have the decency not to do them in public, so you can all breathe easy. At home I quite enjoy the stench. It's not because I think they smell nice, though. On the contrary, I think they smell foul. I'm just impressed by how extreme they sometimes smell and will never tire of this marvel.

  54. I hear this a lot from people, but I must be weird because I absolutely do not like the smell of my own farts, or BO, or whatever.

  55. Cow shit always reminds me of my first date with my wife. We were driving a Jeep with the top off and we passed a cattle truck that smelled HEAVILY of manure. This woman (whom I had just met for a blind date) sniffs the air and asks, “Mmm. You know what that smell is?” I bit and asked “what?”

  56. I used to smoke flavoured cigarillos and menthols in high school and I loved opening the package and inhaaaaaling the fresh unlit smell, there was something so special about it. I can’t stand cigarettes and the smell at all anymore, but I do remember that smell clear as day.

  57. I have hay fever but really like the smell of cut grass, so whenever I'm walking through a park and I smell it, I go from "ahhh" to unbridled fear real quick

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