How would you describe the loss of your virginity?

  1. After having fooled around on the couch for a while, she took my hand and put it between her legs. It was so wet, so very very wet and slippery. My internal monologue went something like this. “Omfg why is it so wet? This doesn’t feel right. Is it supposed to be this slippery? I’m not sure I like this. I might be gay. Do I like men?” All of this while fumbling around trying to remember where stuff was, listening for sounds of approval. She probably realized that I had no clue what I was doing. She took her top off, pulled my pants down and just sat on my dick. I was in fact not gay.

  2. Blue balled lol. We were both virgins at the time and it was hurting her. She said it was fine but her face and eyes said otherwise so I told her I'm stopping and we'll try again another time if she wanted to. We got dressed and she said thank you and we just hung out and watched movies for the rest of the day.

  3. Shaky. Was so nervous I couldn’t stop shaking and she had to sit next to me to calm me down before we could proceed. Still shaky during

  4. Maybe calling you someone else's name is her version of "I have to work in the morning, so you have to go"?

  5. Same same. I was tired of being the one virgin guy. Got blackout at a party and came to in the back of a strangers SUV with a naked girl riding me raw dog. I though, well, already lost my v-card so might as well go for broke. Didn’t know her. Never even got her name. And def didn’t use protection. In the back of my head I’ve always been terrified about finding out I had a kid out there. Made sex feel completely pointless.

  6. Awkward but sweet. We had been planning it for weeks. She came over and my parents left with my sister to go to her sixth grade play. As soon as they left we ran to my room and we took our time.

  7. That sounds like it must have been a lot of fun. The build up really makes it sometimes, and it sounds like you had plenty

  8. Sounds very much like my first time. We had talked about it for a few months, but kept chickening out. It finally happened one night, fairly spontaneously. It was sweet, but quick and awkward.

  9. We were teenagers. 16 and 18. I was shy and inexperienced and I think he might have also been a virgin in spite of all of the wild exploits he had bragged about. Imagine a starfish and the Energizer Bunny for two fucking hours. Not good.

  10. Once with my girlfriend(now wife) we were having sex and i finished inside of her, pulled out and the condom was not on my dick. It was inside her and i had to pull it out. Talk about scared

  11. It hurt for both of us and neither came, but she woke me up in the middle of the night for more and thank god I got it right this time or she would have probably moved on. She taught me everything I know,. Thank you for your patience and for believing in me Olivia

  12. I invited a girl over once to play to mario kart with the full intentions of hooking up, but I don't think she expected me to sit her down and beat her ass first before we got down to business lol. Priorities.

  13. damn i actually tried this and she didn't swing that way. she was super cool tho. showed me her beardie and then we watched jojo's. win some lose some

  14. Dude brought a magnum condom. It was way too big for him. He tied a knot at the top so it would fit. It slid off inside me. His ego was shattered and he never wanted to have sex with me again.

  15. I once ran into CVS and bought magnum for my guy while he waited in the car, because I liked the packaging. And then he had to go back in and exchange for a smaller size 😂

  16. I mean, it was a bold move to just assume you'd need the Magnum without trying one on for size at least once before bringing it to the deed.

  17. Mine went the opposite way. Either lifestyles or Durex are smaller than regular trojans. We warmed up with foreplay, got going with minimal discomfort until the bastard condom snapped. Having a rubber and snapped on the tip of your dick or your g spot is a pretty good mood killer.

  18. Couldn’t get it up. Girl cried thinking she wasn’t hot enough (she was). After 4-5 hours i was ready to roll… for 20 seconds that is. Stayed in silence pretending nothing happened but i guess the gig was up when she noticed my dick going limp again.

  19. I had a similar experience because of antidepressants, she started accusing me of being gay shortly after crying that I thought she was ugly, fun times

  20. Yea same for me. Nerves really get to you. Second time was bad too because I was just as nervous since she only wanted to have sex in a specific place and that was 2 months later so I felt unprepared and self conscious

  21. It took over a month and multiple tries for me to get hard enough with my first gf. Somehow I got so damn nervous and it just went soft instantly.

  22. shit kinda similar to me as well. Mine was about 2 hours that I spent basically eating her out. Was made less awkward by the fact that we had been friends for like 5 years before that though, would've been horrifying as a hookup

  23. Scary. We did the deed without me having a condom on. So I decided to end it sooner rather than regretting it later. So we stopped the horny and came to an agreement.

  24. It was okay, not terrible, not amazing. However if I got the opportunity to go back and not lose it to that person, I would take that chance 100%.

  25. Fucking same. Dude I was with ended up fucking my sister, secretly not telling either of us he was sleeping with us both. I should have kicked his ass but hey live and learn I guess.

  26. My best friend is a girl and we did it to say we weren't virgins anymore and see what it was like and wanted it to be with someone we knew. It probably sounds dumb or immature, but neither of us regret it

  27. Honestly that doesn't sound dumb to me- you trust each other and even though there were no romantic feelings it was consensual and it sounds like a good experience to me

  28. My best friend and I did something of the sort but instead of losing our virginities we promised to get married. oops?

  29. She was a lesbian still trying to establish her sexual identity, so she didn't like to see my penis for some reason.

  30. In a loving committed relationship with a partner that I trusted implicitly. I have zero regrets and am so thankful for that experience. I consider myself very lucky.

  31. awkward, was with my first gf, she was 5 years older than me so she definitely had more experience than me. it just happened

  32. Anticlimatic. I was hooking up with a guy I knew from my hometown. I had done other things, but not penis in vagina sex. We were hooking up and almost did it, but he was nervous. Next week we tried again and did it. Kinda hurt a little but yeah...pretty lame. In the backseat of my car, btw.

  33. When I was 21 with my first serious boyfriend. It was very college-y but also very sweet. We were hanging out in his house Saturday evening when finally I was like I’m ready let’s try this lol. He attempted to make it last minute romantic by lighting lots of candles. As we’re starting his housemates start playing loud rap music and pregaming in the background. It should have ruined the moment but we just started laughing and actually it made us feel closer in a way. The actual sex was really painful and we had to stop halfway through lol but still a special moment - 10/10 overall :)

  34. Ah man, I'm sorry for both of you. I hope she found some healing. Trauma is hell. I lived with it for 20 years before finally admitting I couldn't help myself and needed a therapist to work through my terrible experiences. If she has found healing, I am sure she feels terrible now for putting that kind of experience on you as well.

  35. Oh man. This is one of those "only victims" scenarios. You couldn't have known because she didn't tell you before hand, and she was probably too traumatized to mention it, whether it be fear of rejection for being "used goods" or not wanting to dredge up old memories.

  36. I was 16 and a girl in my math class mouthed the phrase “I wanna vacuum” to me, so I asked if she wanted a ride home after school and she agreed. No condom, so I guess you could say I got lucky twice that afternoon.

  37. Pushy. Dated a Muslim guy and I'm our religion we wait until marriage. We were both 18, he kept getting pushy but stupid me thought he would never do anything because of our religion, one night in his car he said I would do it if I loved him. I told him sex has nothing to do with loving him. He then said that we can ask for forgiveness later. I told him no. Soon he grabbed me by the neck and threw me into the back seat (I was like 5' and 86 lbs at the time and he was 5'8" probably 180 lbs). I tried to open the doors but he had already child locked it from the driver's side. To spare the details: It was really painful, I was really dry the entire time, but thankfully it didn't last too long. Called the cops later, my family blamed me for it, my community said I was a slut, and he only got 3 years until he was out on probation this year. I don't really talk to my family much any more, moved away from my home town, and I've accepted that I'll never get back what I lost so I just own it now. I refuse to be a victim anymore.

  38. We were so horny that we fucked secretely in the bed of a friend while another friend was in the same room. Worst memory I have lmao.

  39. My (gay female) friend lost her virginity while I was in a sleeping bag on the floor in high school. They thought I was asleep 🤦‍♀️

  40. Fairly average. It was my first time but not his. It was quick and just standard. I don’t remember getting much pleasure out of it. He was always pretty bad at sex though throughout the 4 years we were together

  41. Ideal. We'd been together for 2.5-3 years by that point and he'd patiently waited with no pressure on me. It was my decision and we went together to get condoms. He was slow, gentle, and considerate. It hurt like a pinch for a second and then it was fine. Once we finished, we cuddled then sat and ate canned pineapple and watched Fairly Oddparents.

  42. This was my experience but in reverse (I was the woman in the scenario). I remember always hearing in passing or from friends that sex was amazing, so I had all these expectations of it being some mind-blowing experience.

  43. My exact experience except I didnt even finish. I kind of... got bored about 15 mins in? Got all the foreplay right after hours of research, and I could tell she was having a good time while I went down on her but when it was my turn and I was on top, I just kinda started thinking about how much more fun I'd have playing Horizon Zero Dawn

  44. Like two monkeys fighting over a greased up football. Plus her mom walked in, laughed at us, walked back out, and came back still laughing and threw a pack of condoms at us.

  45. It hurt...I was 15, he was 19 and I didn't really want to but I did it anyways. He had me be on top and I remember him saying, "it's ok, you can do it" (or something to that effect, because it was painful) afterwards there was blood all over his sheets and I felt so disappointed and yucky.

  46. Horrible. It felt like ripping apart. Sex got better after but the first time was a horrible mess that left me feeling empty, almost sad and in mild pain. But that was just my experience.

  47. I’m surprised, a bit disappointed, and a bit happy that this (or something similar) wasn’t the top comment.

  48. It was kinda boring. I was on top and the guy didn't last very long. Didn't tell him until later that he was my first, because it really wasn't that big of a deal to me. I was a couple weeks from turning 21.

  49. We had been dating a few weeks and I was head over heels smitten with her. Couldn’t wait to be around her again, never happier than when we were together. She was quickly becoming my best friend. I was no stranger to getting off, but it was really nice doing so with a partner who told me she needed me. It was a very nice feeling both physically and emotionally. We dated for about three years then got married (going on 20 years now). Zero regrets, 10/10 would travel back in time and do it the exact same way.

  50. It was very… scientific. I intellectualized every aspect of it. Was completely focused on analyzing what I was feeling and what the other person was doing, and trying to do the right things. I rated the enjoyment at between a 2 and a 4, the discomfort at a 1-2, and overall it averaged out to an experience that was about +2/10. So, not a negative experience, but my mind wasn’t blown either.

  51. My wedding night was actually my first time. We slowly undressed each other. She smiled and started gently handling it. Then she said she wanted us to take a bath and we washed each other. Then we made love three times before falling asleep. I don’t know how, but I lasted a good 15 min that first time. I awoke a couple hours later as she was mounting me and she rode me til I was spent. We fell asleep again and made love again in the morning.

  52. I (gay female) had sex my Dodge Dart in the school parking lot with the girl on sound crew after a rehearsal for my school’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The affair lasted into the summer, and the only place we’d have sex is in cars.

  53. That sounds terrible. Not cause it's gay nor the fact it was in public just that it was in cars in the summertime. I think I would simply faint from heat exhaustion.

  54. Good/bad. Was in high school somehow through a friend ended up at a uni (college) party and towards the end of the night a university girl was like you’re cute I’m gonna have sex with you and took me to her room. Was good because it was an attractive older woman but also maybe bad as a friend was there on the floor and also maybe illegal consider age gap.

  55. A fun four hours. She thought is was a little strange that I was laughing but I was just having a good time.

  56. First time I got a BJ I was laughing uncontrollably upon climax. Which made her laugh. Everyone had a good time. But just imagining it out of the moment years later makes us seem like psychopaths

  57. Great. Was with someone I was dating at the time. We exchanged Virginities. Now, it caused panic, and we didn't do it for the rest of our relationship.....but the day was great.

  58. I was a 15 year old boy and had sex with a 30 year old man. 15 year old geeky me liked the attention, but I’m sure now that’s what the guy was looking for.

  59. LMAO bizarre. Fun! But kind of rough. I (19f at the time) had asked a friend(26f) to help me explore my sexuality and she was waaaaay more experienced, so she was a little rougher than obviously I was used to since I wasn't used to it lmao, but she listened to me and helped me have a lot of fun and she had fun too! It was a giggly sexy experience and I'm grateful for that.

  60. We were both 16, had agreed to leave it until after exams in the summer (we didn’t). Under the sheets in her room, super quiet as her parents were downstairs. Neither of us “finished” but it was ok.

  61. Stolen. She got me drunk and took advantage of me. I had a crush on someone else, but was guilted into a relationship with someone I didn’t particularly care for.

  62. Wow. Kind of similar to mine. My roommate went out of town for spring break and the girl he was dating at the time invited herself over. I thought it was just going to be a big Friends movie night. She just kept feeding me drinks until she finally got me horizontal in the bedroom

  63. We were both virgins who had been messing around on and off for about a year and then started dating exclusively for a few months. We truly loved and cared about each other. She came from a pretty traditional Christian family and I’m an atheist. She wanted to wait until marriage because she wanted it to be a gift for her husband. We came close to doing it a couple of times, but she would stop us from going too far and I was fine with that. We were doing everything else and we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other every time we were alone. We had so much fun learning each other’s bodies.

  64. Lost it at 21 with my current boyfriend. We had tried before but it was too painful for me and because of that I was nervous. I was still nervous the day it happened but he kept going slow, and while he was trying to get in, he was doing breathing exercises with me. Once he got in, he stayed still for 3-4 mins then slowly started to push in and out. Kept telling me how much he loved me and was kissing me all over and carresing my cheek. After he came he made me cum and then we cuddled.

  65. It was actually really beautiful. My parents sent me to an all boys school in HS and I was pretty awkward so I didn't get laid until college when I was 18. We both were in love. Her roommate lent her some sexy lingerie (that wasn't that sexy) and we did it in her dorm room. The only fucked up thing was her roommate knew what we were doing but still knocked on the door after we were alone for 15 mins.

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