What is the best smell?

  1. There is a smell, which only happens after a really cold snap of weather, and the first day of the cold snap, early in the morning. Its like this super cold fresh smell, and everything is just super cold and frozen around you. I love it.

  2. That air that’s so crisp you can eat it like an apple slice, usually around then the apples are ripe too the grapes are at their sweetest the crunch of leaves as you walk up to your favorite apple tree to sit on the bench under it and have a snack and drink in the morning air before everyone else bothers to exist.

  3. My husband thinks I'm an idiot because sometimes the cat will come in from outside in the winter and I'll say he smells like cold. He doesn't get it, but your description is exactly what the cat smells like lol

  4. There's a perfume house I love that makes a perfume that smells like this. I love to wear it in the Fall. It's called Book Fair by Black Baccara. There are a lot of indie brands who make fun atmospheric/nostalgic scents. If anyone is interested in that kind of thing, join us at

  5. Wonderful. Picking up some dinosaur books, maybe something about space...and oooooh my scholastic book order came in as well! Goosebumps #42, Egg Monsters from Mars sitting in my cubby (this is probably '96 actually).

  6. I don't think I can describe it perfectly, but there is a scent in the air when Spring is ending and Summer is definitely beginning in San Diego - near the beach - every time I get to experience that it reminds me of growing up, end of the school year, beginning of Summer break and my birthday around the corner.

  7. I have this with both the transition to summer and the transition to winter. I can smell both in the air just as spring and autumn end, its one of my favorite things in the world. The summer one is a warm, ripe, lushness that makes me feel joyous and the winter is a crisp, cool, sharpness that for some reason always makes me really excited. Like you I think its associations, long summer holidays and the anticipation of Halloween and then Christmas right around the corner

  8. im on the east coast, but there's also this scent when you open up all your windows during spring for the first time in the year as the weather gets warmer. maybe it's getting to smell the outdoors in your home for the first time in a while and air everything out. it's my favorite scent.

  9. It's fascinating that it has such a distinct scent, but it would make sense that we would evolve as a species to know when there's going to be an abundance of water.

  10. I knew a guy that had zero sense of smell. This concept was so puzzling to him. He would always say "It's falling water, how does that have a smell?"

  11. it’s very interesting that this is a top opinion - I was selling laser-cut wooden coasters at a convention last week and many people who came to the booth ended up sniffing the coasters they were holding, some walked away sniffing their purchases, and at the end of the day, someone came up to tell me we had “the best-smelling booth at the convention, even though there was another booth selling soaps”

  12. Back then when I was i kid I lived in a 3rd world country. My sisters often send boxes from the US. Once we opened the boxes you can smell what the US smells like.

  13. My first memory of the US was a NY - SF road trip with my dad, as a kid. We crossed swarths of empty land, small towns, large cities, met kind people that spoke a language i did not understand. But what I remember to this day, is the smell of those cheap Little Trees Air Freshners that my dad would pick up at gas stations we stopped by. To me, the smell of Little Trees was what America smells like.

  14. For me, specifically someone else’s barbecue. It’s still good but not quite the same when you’re at a BBQ and you’re intending in eating what’s cooking, but there’s something special about walking down the street, lifting your head suddenly and thinking “Oooh, someone’s havin a barbecue”.

  15. Ok we need two categories food and non food cause I agree with this but I’m also for burned gunpowder being the best smell.

  16. I love it. Got a candle from bath and body works. It's called Paris Café. It absolutely assaulted my house with the smell of a bookstore's coffee shop. The smell actually makes me feel calm and want to read lol. My girlfriend loves the smell but says it's too strong

  17. I used to work in digitally archiving old books for the university library during college, every time I walked into work it smelled so good. I miss that job sometimes.

  18. There's this smell in most high-end hotel lobbies that smells like a sweeter and nonirritating cigarette smoke combined with breakfast tea, but I don't know how else to describe it.

  19. its their scent usually, not pheromones. everyone has their own scent, depending on where you live, your house, plants near you, the contents of your home , common smells that you or your family have/use etc. my ex best friend's family have a really distinct scent, kinda like crisp plants, perfume and the skin of berries mixed with the smell of England (idk how else to describe it lol)

  20. Books! Especially old books, and I really like that smell you get when you first walk into a second hand bookshop or from leather bound hardbacks or when you gently waft a favourite paperback back and forth in front of your face before holding it close against your chest… too weird??

  21. Idk what it is but cutting grass is so satisfying to me. when im cutting, it's fun and then after your yard looks good... maybe i was meant to be a dad, be right back going to get some white new balances. Then to top it all off it smells amazing

  22. I used to live in Alaska when I was little. I don't remember what it smelled like, but the nostalgia would probably make it all the better.

  23. Only parents would understand this one. Just reminiscing on the smell of the top of my babie's head warms my heart.

  24. I gotta say, my wife's skin. When I smell her it just does things to me. Comforts me, soothes me, makes me feel happy..

  25. The nice green smell that you get from driving through in the mountains in spring. Very similar to Mugfort. By far my favorite smell.

  26. The other day, I went go karting, drinking, and smoked a bunch of cigarettes. So I smelled like stale beer, go kart exhaust, and cigarette smoke. That was apparently my girlfriend's favorite smell, because she was all over me that evening.

  27. So when I was in middle school, we sat alphabetically in phys ed before the class started. I was kinda lucky getting to sit next to a girl I had a crush on. She had the absolute sweetest smelling ...SOMETHING...perfume, lotion, body spray, idk. Smelled sooooo good, and I have no idea what it was. Kinda tangy-sweet-fruity smelling. Hard to describe. I think of that scent often.

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