What is a word that people need to stop overusing?

  1. Inconceivable. I worked with this small hunchback Sicilian and he would use that word constantly. I told him, that he keeps using that word, and I do not think it means what he thinks it means. Then I got volunteered for a dangerous job where I got bashed on the head.

  2. "Gaslighting" isn't just another word for lying, it's a specific method of manipulation that involves making a person question their own perception of reality. It doesn't even require lying.

  3. I agree. Gaslighting isn’t just lying or manipulating. While gaslighting is abuse, not all abuse is gaslighting. I feel like people use this word because it sounds more dramatic, but it often isn’t correct.

  4. This is one of my pet peeves my ex mil had ocd and it wasn’t about keeping the cushions straight or lining things up right. It was a debilitating belief that I she didn’t do certain things that bad things would happen.

  5. Yes, I have OCD and believe me I’m the opposite of a ‘clean freak’ (I’m rather messy) which seems to be the stereotype. My OCD is very much obsessive, intrusive thoughts. Sometimes it’s unwanted sexual/violent thoughts, and then sometimes it’s worrying that something is going to happen to my loved ones. And then having to do a compulsive action to confirm to myself that it’s not real, or that doing the action will stop the bad things happening (however irrational that may be). The compulsion side of things has mostly gone away since being on antidepressants but the depression is very much still here.

  6. ADHD too. People often forget that ADHD and Autism are sister disorders. When you hear “adhd” people think of an energetic person and when you hear “autism” people think of a 20y/o with the mentality of a 3 y/o. Its terrible. We’re both equally normal people, but we both have troubles that should not be overlooked.

  7. Yeah people act like it’s cute and quirky or something. But the reality for people who struggle with it is anything but just cute.

  8. Similarly, “problematic”. If something is bad or offensive, please describe why. Don’t just call it problematic without explaining what the problem is.

  9. I’ve been saying this for years, but at this point I feel like it’s one of those situations where the language has evolved. I’ve literally never heard anyone say “asocial”, despite it being correct. And I feel like I rarely hear “anti-social” used to describe actual anti-social behavior. It’s far more often used incorrectly.

  10. OCD. I've met people with genuine OCD. They don't care about tiles being ill-alligned. They're touching the doorknob in the exact same spot for 37 times to stop something horrible from happening.

  11. My nephew has OCD. When off his meds, as he is walking across a room, he will stop, retrace his steps, then repeat until he gets the steps “right”. If he doesn’t get them right, something bad will happen. When on his meds, he is perfectly normal.

  12. Not to mention that OCD and obsessive compulsive PERSONALITY disorder are two very, VERY different conditions and require two very VERY different treatment strategies.

  13. I have it. I am nasty , dirty and messy. Also I don't brush my long hair or align my clothes properly since the day I was born. I wear clothes that turn inside out in public then realize later. Sometimes I wear diaper for fun to pee standing in public. And I am a girl. I am an asian 30 y/o good looking woman with diaper, peeing quietly near you. I'm not crazy, just weird. The more I talk, I sound crazy, I will stop.

  14. Apparently the word "empath" means "girl who bullied you in high school and now sells essential oils for an mlm"

  15. A reminder that the only politician who was “literally Hitler” was, literally, Hitler.

  16. Not to be “that guy” but the ironic use of literally has been a part of the nomenclature for more than a century. Henry James , Charles Dickens, et al, all used the word to mean “figuratively”. Matter of fact, the original usage in the 17th century meant “concerning letters” - “lit”erally about literature. It’s changed and morphed quite a bit. Rob is fine. Although in my experience, most Robs suck. Reiner, Zombie, Kardashian, Gronkowski. Only good one is Halford.

  17. I haven't heard "The moment when" in quite some time. It has been mostly replaced by "POV: ", which is an incorrect usage of the term mind you.

  18. The worst part is, when you tell people to knock it off, they say "Oh, you're triggered BY THE WORD TRIGGERED???? LOL!!!!!" It's not funny. Fuck off with that.

  19. It’s super annoying because I’ve actually experienced some real trauma and issues that have actually triggered me (into flashbacks, emotional breakdowns, dissociation) and so I hate even using the word “trigger” because no one will take it seriously. Now we need an actual word that means what triggered USED to mean lol

  20. Any dismissive meme terms run the risk of becoming prejudist excuses. Karen has definitely run its course, I see it used more by misogynists and racists to completely dismiss any ire from white women than by minimum wage employees being harassed by an entitled asshole. It's the new "hysteria"

  21. Yes! I often see on Reddit people claiming someone is narcissistic just because they are difficult/asshole/annoying. They throw it at anyone!

  22. Used to know a dude who would constantly get pissed when people would say they are OCD for being neat, or Bipolar because they had a mood swing, or any sort of comment jokingly mentioning a disorder for something mild. But if he disagreed with you politically you were a narcissist or a psycho. But I guess with those disease, the only people who really suffer are the people around you.

  23. Gaslighting. It’s so over used that no one uses it properly now. Gaslighting is a form of emotional manipulation but not all emotional manipulation is gaslighting

  24. I was in a discussion with someone and I genuinely didn’t recall something they brought up and they later said I was gaslighting them. No. I sure wasn’t.

  25. That’s not a word. You’re pretty bad at english. In fact, i think I need to sign you up for english classes. You’re trying to make me sound stupid by using made up words aren’t you? I can’t believe you.

  26. Same!!! I have OCD too, and it’s so frustrating hearing people say they have it because they’re neat and tidy or like their books colour coded etc. They make out like it’s a quirky personality trait that we should strive for.

  27. Fuck yes. Whenever I hear someone say ‘utilize’ in a professional setting it sounds like they’re just sweatily trying to sound more intelligent. Please stop.

  28. Slay. I don’t know why but I just can’t stand it when people say “slay” to me when I say something bad ass that I’ve done. Or even when I say “I did the dishes” or otherwise did something that makes me a mundane and normal human being it does not warrant “slay”

  29. I about lost it when I made a post regarding buzzword arguments, and someone said they agreed with me on everything except chronically late people not being narcissists. They said they hated I and it was so rude.

  30. It's so strange that every undesirable trait is now described as narcissistic. It's like the entire internet is full of five-year-olds who came across a new word and found it cool.

  31. The term ‘red flag’. I feel like it’s overused and downplays real problematic signs. Is it a ‘red flag’ or is it just not your personal preference?

  32. I have tourettes and picked that up as a tic last summer bc of how often I’d hear it. Got counselling called on me once or twice when I started college in the fall.

  33. Trump withdrew his support for a far right wing Senator because that candidate said we shouldn't focus on 2020. Trump called him "woke" for not supporting "stop the steal." The word has jumped the shark even in GOP world.

  34. Or, for all us Americans out there, "communism." Integration of schools? Communism. Vaccine mandates? Obviously communism. Seatbelt laws (yes, really)? Whoa, there, commie.

  35. By white city boys that listen to rap? Yeah. I doubt they even know the origin of the word or what they're actually saying.

  36. What's interesting is the fact that I've seen so many people complain about this word, yet I've never actually seen anyone use it.

  37. Toxic. The amount of times I hear "your parents are toxic/abusive" because the parent made their child clean their room, which is obviously unacceptable because "its their space." I do feel like some child/parent relationships are toxic, but people are just slapping that word on anything they dont like.

  38. This is unfortunately my filler. I don’t use ‘like’ or ‘um’ but I have caught myself using ‘you know’ way more than I would like to. Trying to figure out how to break the habit.

  39. Racist, on people who u just dislike but aren't actually racist. It diminishes the value of the word.

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