What was something on porn that you saw that made you go * WTF* ?

  1. dude faking a cut on his dick getting his step sis to suck it and shes like "this taste like ketchup" and dude goes "yeah well, i did eat a cheese burger today"

  2. Reminds me of a different one, step sister is going after a fly with a fly swatter and hits step bro in the dick, so CLEARLY she has to “medicate” him.

  3. A couple was fucking in a restaurant with other diners in the background just casually eating their meals. All of a sudden, mid-thrust, it cuts to a woman taking a bite out of a quesadilla. It was the only time the scene cut to anyone eating, and the woman didn’t acknowledge the couple banging just one table over…she was just there to enjoy her quesadilla. It was wild.

  4. In her defense, if I too were at a restaurant and had a delicious quesadilla while a couple were fucking I would continue to have dinner and a movie and not intrude. Momma taught me to mind my business.

  5. Porn movie from the early 2000's. It was an outdoor scene and the girl is riding the guy. All of a sudden some flies show up and start buzzing around the guy's dick and balls. First, one of the Flies lands on his nuts and sits there for a second and flies off again. Then about 15 seconds later the fly comes back, buzzes around and then lands on his dick while she's riding him. Every time she comes down its just missing the fly. Then the fly crawls up his shaft just fast enough that as she comes down and the fly is gone. When she goes back up, no more fly on his dick. Its in her pussy. WTF!?!? I kept waiting for the fly to fly out of her pussy but it didn't happen.

  6. Remember that one. It went from the pussy to anal and disappeared when he went in the back door. Aspen Brock was her name. She was so drugged out that scene she passed out during makeup and a fly flew in her mouth as well. Camera guy asked the crew what they should do and the makeup lady just said to prop her up and rail her because she won't remember anything anyway.

  7. This was more of the hilarious-type WTF, but there's a video where the guy and girl are fucking while riding around their living room on those dumb little Hoverboard things. I was impressed at their level of control. Just a low, even speed while he railed her from behind rather than speeding off into a wall or tumbling off the things.

  8. There was a scene with a tutor and girl, you know normal set-up. But the 7 minutes that he was teaching math was really informative, I remember it cause at the time I was learning about imaginary numbers in school and he was really getting into that math lesson, he was actually pretty decent at explaining things while the girl was playing with herself under the glass table. Usually porn has Stupid shit like 2 plus 2 equals 5 on the board, homie went above and beyond to sell that performance.

  9. There's a whole channel on pornhub (changhsumath666) of a Taiwanese guy teaching high level math. Like, it's just math lectures. But it has millions of views!

  10. Reminds me of this one video where this guy is doing it with his wife/gf doggy style, and drew math functions and graphs on her back, and was teaching math while he was going at it.

  11. That's Mike. He shows up and does the job, everytime. It doesn't matter what it is, algebra, cleaning toilets, or spitting in someones asshole on a Tuesday. He loves to work and to teach others.

  12. Unsubscribed from that sub, but there was a clip on one of the Japanese porn subs in which a woman serviced homeless dudes, and as far as I could tell they were real homeless dudes, living on the streets.

  13. If it makes you feel any better, there's like 15 male Japanese porn actors that they reuse over and over. Turns out talent who can get it up and finish on cue is hard to find.

  14. It was an Asian video that I clicked out of curiosity. Two guys fucking some girls nipples. Like, the nipple hole. It was all dilated or gauged. Probably fake but it was something that made me really re-consider my curiosity clicks.

  15. As someone who has breastfed, milk comes out in like a bunch of tiny pores not a single hole. I was shocked when I discovered that fact cause I always imagined a hole. So not sure what hole that would be cause there isn't one. unless you mean like a piercing hole. Either way, gaah.

  16. Ugh I saw this and I showed all my friends it when I was drinking lol no one believed me so I had to bring it up all agreed most messed up thing

  17. I’m pretty sure Dane cook had a bit about this exact same porn. Look it up it might bring back memories

  18. Woman sticking a dildo that was like 2.5 feet long and atleast 4 inch diameter up her asshole. You could see it protruding high in her abdomen with each thrust around where the descending colon would become the transverse section. Seemed impossible like it was hentai or something

  19. Teenage me stumbled upon a weird food fetish porn where a fat man was eating a package of powdered donuts while fucking a woman. Crumbs were everywhere. Don’t think I’ve eaten those since.

  20. I once saw a woman put a man’s testicles on a table and just start hitting them with her hand. He had his head leaned back and was going, “oh yeah” in extreme pleasure. This thought horrifies me, so thank you for reminding me about it.

  21. Enumclaw horse sex case , Kenneth Pinyan. Dude got mounted by a horse, took it.. but the horse said "STRAIGHT TO THE HILT!" and perforated his colon and he died....

  22. And that's the incident where people in WA went "hold up, we don't have a law against fucking animals?" and promptly wrote a law against fucking animals.

  23. If I remember correctly, he died because he didn't go to the hospital until it was too late. Right after it happened, he said he was fine and went home.

  24. The first time I saw anal prolapse scarred me for life. I just wasn’t expecting it, and buttholes aren’t meant to do that!!!

  25. Yeah this was definitely my wtf porn moment. It was some bondage thing and a woman pushed a ball about 4" in diameter out of her asshole, then that happened.

  26. There are this sub genre of Japanese Adult Video where the person has the ability to stop time. The setting of this video is in a classroom full of students. So while our man here try to get on with the woman, the woman has to pretend that the time has stopped. And the weirdest part is, the other students in the background also has to pretend that the time has stopped. For the most part of the video I just focused on the background students and seeing how they're desperately trying not to move a single muscle while the guy was getting on to the woman.

  27. there was this one video where the guy delivers a ‘sausage’ pizza to a girl and her family, grandparents included, when he came around the corner with his dick in the pizza the grandpa had a heart attack

  28. When I first got into role-playing and came across snuff porn. It was obviously acting but I had never went so soft so quickly.

  29. I saw a guy inflating his dick. And a gif that started with a single frame of Ariana grande as Kat in Victorious but then the rest of the gif was a guy violently opening up his anus perhaps as big as a textbook...

  30. Probably Anal Acrobats or was inspired by it. I saw another scene where they're playing mini putt and she putts the golf ball into the other girls asshole. Fucking foul.

  31. "Big Dick, Tiny Chick" POV of dick going inside someone missionary. No big deal. Then the camera shifted to the face... They weren't of legal age, like at all. Immediately closed my laptop, and went to the local sheriff office. Showed them. Had to sign a few forms and had to leave the laptop, Few days later, they had cleared out my history and some stuff. Obviously wasn't looking for that kind of shit. But its now an image I will never forget, sadly.

  32. Unfortunately just a few posts up, just watched a lady put a cactus in her vagina, then she super glued it shut. She also super glued her breasts together but that was pretty mild compared to the rest

  33. There are Japanese porno game shows ( totally fake ) where a family shows up. Usually a Mom and daughter (or two)with their Dad, or brother. The women strip down and stand behind a barrier with holes in it along with other naked women. The game is that based on either the boobs are exposed with the holes in the barrier or a the crotch area is exposed. Anyway the dad/brother (again it’s fake) has to see if he can identify his mother or sister. He has to choose a woman that is NOT his family based on the feel of their boobs/crotch. When he has decided, he can feel up the woman he’s chosen to make sure. Then the women all turn around and he doggy styles one or two of them. Inevitably (because it’s fake) the man chooses his sister or mother or the dad chooses his daughter. Behind the barrier you see the shocked look of the sister while Mom holds her hand in encouragement. If you win the game you get a trip to Hawaii, if you lose, then your mom/sister/daughter has to give you a blow job or fuck you.

  34. This isn’t the weirdest thing I’ve seen in porn or even the most disgusting thing, like 2 girls 1 cup is probably never losing that title, but it’s something that made me go “what the fuck” lol I still think about it sometimes randomly because it was so strange and out of nowhere

  35. Watched a girl fart onto a slab of meatloaf. She popped a dud out by accident. It rolled across the loaf and fell on the floor.

  36. Supposedly fake, but a guy did almost die from inhaling shit from having his head up a girl's ass, had to be hospitalized. Then later died from facesitting by the same woman. There was a news story about it.

  37. I remember seeing that back in the day, it's fucking burned into my brain. He's on all fours in front of her, and you're thinking he's about to eat her out. Nope. Just whole fucking head right up in there, neck fucking deep, literally.

  38. A girl used a rope to wrap around the testicles, and she wrapped it so tight so that it formed a long rod like shape and she started using that like a dildo

  39. Something unfortunately popular in hentai these years is effectively this; "Heehee let me clean the smegma out of your foreskin, and when I pull away I'll have pubes hanging out of my mouth, isn't this sexxxxyyyyy?"

  40. Not exactly porn in the typical sense, but when that one guy got fucked in the ass (hard) by a literal horse and then died. It kind of made me question some things. The video is floating around somewhere but I'm not about to search for it

  41. Dragon Car porn. It's drawings of dragons sticking their dicks into car tailpipes. None of that is a euphemism. That's literally what it is.

  42. I saw one where this woman shows photos of her and her daughter as a kid at various ages, then another woman shows up… it’s the daughter in her 20’s now. The photos were to prove they were mother daughter. They then proceed to have sex with a bunch of guys next to each other. Then at the end I think was when the daughter really regretted it. They scooped the cum of five guys out of the mother’s vagina and told the daughter to swallow it… which she did reluctantly and at that moment you can see the regret in her eyes.

  43. Similarly crack whore confessions.com. All seemed very absuive and sick, picking up vulnerable prostitutes, making them talk about their traumas before fucking them. One time he picked up mother/ daughter prostitutes. The mom looked like a horrible witch and the daughter looked very shy and broken, completely spent, she barely spoke and just awkwardly smiled at most of his comments. She looked especially uncomfortable around her mother. At one point he made them touch/kiss each other and you could tell the daughter just wanted to die.

  44. So there’s a guy that did a whole video on this where he looked up interviews and deep searched as much info he could find. The dude is married and with kids I think.. he did not go to the hospital because he didn’t want his family to find out. Instead he took out as much shards of glass as he could, cleaned himself up and went to work like nothing ever happened. He said he felt a bit faint from loss of blood but did his best to not draw attention and muscle through. Apparently he didn’t get all the glass out and he believes there are probably still some so where in his body that just got healed in. He also enjoys the fact that the video went viral and that he considers himself an anonymous celebrity. He’s still practicing anal stretching and enjoys it.

  45. I saw this Ron Jeremy video years ago where he was banging this probably 700 pound woman. The Hedgehog looked like Alex Honnold, barely hanging on to this bent over mountain of flesh.

  46. This guy was going hard in this one chick and she goes “you gonna make me cum?” And the dude goes “oh yeah” and then without skipping a beat she hit him with the “I don’t think so” and then it ended.

  47. As far as I remember this clip had like one woman and several guys. A very standard deal, I don't remember at all what exactly happened so I assume it as just your basic performance...but the guys were wearing like bright yellow raincoats and boots... I didn't even pay attention to the damn acts all I remember was thinking "what's with the damn raincoats".

  48. I still wonder, doesn't that shit hurt ? You're vomiting up a pretty strong acid on the most sensitive part of your body. That can't be great.

  49. A video that made it look like rape. Screaming and crying and clawing for the door. The shotty camera quality and the way he just took advantage. The physical pounce and her red face as she screamed under him. I don’t even know if it was staged if not. That was years ago and I still vividly remember it. Gives me chills.

  50. There's a pretty good film with Nicolas Cage, ' 8mm', where he is hired by this very old and very rich lady as a private detective, to investigate and find out if the video she found in her husband's safe after he died was real or staged. And it was a video like the one you mentioned.

  51. I think it was belladonna nonchalantly talking about how she’d have sex with a dog. Everyone in the room just kinda side glanced at each other and didn’t say anything

  52. Besides accidentally coming across necroporn hiding under a normal title, years ago in highschool my classmate randomly showed me a man putting his entire head in a woman's vagina. The huge gaping vag was one of the most wtf things I've seen, I don't even know how it's physically possible and makes me cringe as a woman. Can't remember the site but the whole site was weird videos like a guy putting his small dick inside the urethra of a huge dick, a guy that had 2 dicks, etc. Girls highschool gym class was wild.

  53. I really hope that wasn't my old co-worker. He got fired from a chicken plant for fucking a chicken to death, then later he was hired at the fish plant I worked at...

  54. A girl puts her vag on horse's dick and the horse actually considers fucking. Breaks girls internals, instant death. RIP.

  55. One time I was shared this video of a girl fitting a whole 2L pepsi bottle up her Vàgin. I didn’t know whether to be turned on, disgusted, or impressed. Like how tf can a human body do that?

  56. When they guy puts his hand inside the woman and starts fisting her to a point we can see his hand going to where her tummy is, then he takes his hand out and causes a prolapse.

  57. I saw one where a chick was getting brutally facefucked. The guy pinched her nose so she couldn’t breath. Continued to facefuck her as vomit was pouring out her mouth and she was squirming and gasping for air. Look, I understand people have their kinks, but at a certain point… it’s not acting…it’s not edgy… it’s just flat out abuse.

  58. A nice, hot, steamy sex scene from a movie which quickly transitioned to a rape scene. The girl was done, but the guy wasn't. She went from moaning "yes, yes" to "stop it! stop it!" and cried when he was done.

  59. When I was about 15 I saw a mainstream porno called “big ass schoolgirls” (or possibly “big assed schoolgirls”). Featured a scene where a girl put peanut butter on herself (you can picture where) and had a dog lick it off

  60. I found an old crush's fan account and subscribed thinking nothing of it. All diaper, poop and pee porn. Haven't been able to look at her that same tbh.

  61. Guy had a jailhouse tattoo on his butt that said "whites only" and a arrow pointed at his asshole. Tattoos can be removed dude. Might want to look into that.

  62. I don’t think you can call this porn, but there is a Netflix show called Brand New Cherry Flavor and it has a scene where this woman has a hole on the side of her stomach (where her intestines are located) and the man proceeds to… stick his entire hand in the hole and apparently it’s pleasurable for the woman

  63. My sister in laws dad talked about that eel one once. Something about a friend who owned a prob shop went out of business and brought him a box of porn. It’s a memory that owes back rent for still living in my brain.

  64. One of the porn stars I used to see occasionally had the elvish script from the LOTR’s one ring tattooed around her butthole.

  65. I remember clicking on a Reddit profile that had "prolapse" as a part of the name. I didn't expect it to be that literal.

  66. A lady dressed as a mermaid, sitting on a rock una pond, while eating crab and pinching her nipples with the crab claws.

  67. Women on electric go karts getting banged while trying to race each other. Then getting railed while in the pit stop while the pit crew cleans all her jizz off the seat.

  68. Girls taking turns squirting on one guy. One of the chicks in the next up area in the background is fingering her butthole, she pulls her fingers out and just a little poop falls onto the pavement surrounding the now cursed jacuzzi. She then tries to wipe it away on the downlow and slinks away to the back.

  69. Of all the things I said wtf to, there was one where the husband had caught his wife/girlfriend cheating. As he was having some angry words while unzipping his pants for her to pleasure him, he said angrily “I put fucking food on the table!”

  70. Me and my boyfriend used to watch weird porn for a good laugh. The most strange one was definitely one where the man introduced a strange thing to open the woman's asshole and he put milk and cereal in her asshole and... ate it.

  71. Camera cuts to the guys face - looks to the camera, serious face, still thrusting and says with a deadpan delivery “Buy my mixtape” as a link shows up on the screen. Then it continues as if nothing happened.

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