what tastes good both cold and hot?

  1. Love those chocolate oranges. My mom gets me one every year at Christmas, it’s become a kind of tradition. In my late 20s and she still gets me one every year haha

  2. Agreed, but I also think it is highly disappointing in cold temperatures. I took chocolate with me few times on skiing or hiking trips and it completely froze, was total disappointment when temps dropped below 0, let alone -10 degrees.

  3. Yer my work sell hot pastries for breakfast but we are not allowed to eat hot food at our desk, so I buy one, let it go cold and then eat it.

  4. You made me look up a good pasty recipe cuz I've never had one & there was several paragraphs about the origin, several about what exactly a "cornish" pasty is opposed to others, several about if you can freeze them & tips to rewarming, literally 10 vacation pictures of Cornwalls mines & then finally the recipe.

  5. I love coffee, but cold coffee is disgusting to me and simply won’t touch it. I love iced tea, not a big fan of hot tea but can drink it. I don’t know another person who experiences this.

  6. Someone once told me that Poptarts are the worst thing you can put in your body. I argued sour patch gummies. Either way I don't eat either now.

  7. does anyone else remember when they had poptart flavors they intended to be eaten frozen? I love freezing either oreo or smores ones.

  8. I keep poptarts in my car, they're like my emergency food for after a hike or something if I really just need something, but I can't think of the last time I had one toasted.

  9. there is such things as cold pasta salads and such, but I'm guessing you're referring to, for example, room temperature / fridge Alfredo or something

  10. Gulab Jamuns in India. Literally translated to rose plum (?) In English, which does not really mean anything. A dessert that can be heated, eaten cold or with vanilla ice cream. You can even pair it with another dessert called Rabri (which is kind of like condensed milk)

  11. I think indian sweet dish are prety much qualified in this. Halwa(almost all type of), jalebi, malpua, khaja, mohanthal, til-gud almost all type of chikki, list go on.

  12. A lot of cooked meat. Chicken, turkey, pulled pork, sometimes steak. Also some seafood like shrimp or crab. If I have leftovers I’ll make some kind of cold sandwich or salad the next day for lunch and it’s great.

  13. I love chicken cold. I think you're right that the fat content has a lot to do with what's good cold versus not, because I only really enjoy a leg or thigh hot out of the oven, but breast meat is good either way.

  14. I like it warm… but there’s nothing better than pulling yesterday’s chicken out of the fridge and eating it standing up in the kitchen.

  15. I just want to say I worked at an Indian restaurant for a while and they made Chai every day fresh and it has completely ruined me for any chain or commercial Chai brands (that I've tried since)

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