What is a tv show that everyone LOVES but you dont? And why?

  1. For me it's the "sad sack" back stories that everyone is given. Just make with the talent act already! If you make, like, the semi finals then maybe get a bit of the human interest side, but otherwise I just want to see cool acts and judge them on the merits

  2. I like Nailed It as kind of an anti-talent-show, IMO. Yes, it's kind of "making fun", but in a more self-deprecating way, as everyone is in on the joke. They're being set up to fail, and they absolutely know it, but that's part of the fun.

  3. same. im so picky and get so easily irritated by tv shows. i see one commonly used trope or hear one line that sounds like something a human would never say and i get so annoyed and stop watching. i wish i wasnt like this lol.

  4. The og ninja warrior in Japan or whatever was legit tho the American one is too much like a game show it seemed like the og version was more like a sport

  5. When you said og Ninja Warrior I was about to flip. The American one sucks because they shoved a repetitive show into 24, 2 hour episodes. They have so much time that they fill it with garbage contestant stories that most people don’t care about.

  6. I always preferred the OG but watched the American until two people beat it. And after many many years of never having to pay out the top prize and making many millions of dollars they didn't pay the first person to beat it because the other person had a slightly better time. Pay them both and write it as a special exemption for the first beating it and even though I was liking it less and less, I would still probably watch it here and there.

  7. The US version is fucking awful. They’ll spend 5 minutes with an overly produced sob story about a contestant doing this for their brother with cancer or whatever and then they’ll eat shit on the first obstacle.

  8. The og is still one of my favorite shows. They spent damn near 0 time on the back stories. "This is X he is from Y and is a Z. Go!" There's still a lot of it on YouTube

  9. Ninja Warrior Japan was open registration from memory. You could just go down to the course, register your intent and when it was your turn you got to have a go. That's why there are so many 10s introductions, with longer introductions for people who turn up every year rather than how good they are at clearing the course.

  10. Cocomelon. Everyone I know that watches it is so childish and infantile and I just don't see the appeal.

  11. I know you're kidding but Cocomelon is legit the fucking worst. I can stand my kids watching a 45 minute long compilation of fire trucks driving with their sirens on but I lose all patience the minute I see that stupid blonde baby.

  12. I'm just here to find out what tv shows have been popular. To check out and possibly watch. Especially on cable and other sources. I don't have cable or other sources I have to pay for.

  13. One of my art teachers had us watch "the great pottery throw down" as a replacement for our wheel throwing class after the school closed down for COVID. I like relaxing things that I can put on in the background while I'm doing other work, and that fits the bill perfectly. It's a nice, calm reality show without the drama. 100% recommend.

  14. I really don't think it was popular because I had never heard of it before I watched it and there's only 2 seasons, but as a person that has a hard time finding something to watch that's enjoyable i recommend Happy. I honestly had no idea what people would say or do next with this show and i loved it. Be advised it is a very adult oriented show.

  15. I just started watching it on Netflix. My family has doctors and hospital administrators so i grew up around hospitals. Doctors do not have this high of a death rate. Within the first few seasons, every one of the original 5 interns needed surgery. Seriously?

  16. I came here to say “anything Shonda Rimes.” For some reason, everyone acts like she is some visionary legend writer, and for some reason, I feel like a high school kid in a creative writing class could pump out the same crap she puts out (along with the terrible, stilted dialogue and cardboard cut-out characters) if someone fed them a few prompts.

  17. The sheer number of people who told me Grey's is so real it is exactly what it's like working in a hospital. I worked in a hospital for 10 yrs..No,NO IT IS NOT like anything in a hospital.

  18. My girlfriend watches this and it’s the one show I just can’t do. Every time I see or hear this bullshit, I feel like I walked into the beginning of the worlds shittiest improv comedy act.

  19. Youtuber Doctor Mike occasionally watches Grey's Anatomy and is constantly just at a loss for words about how much fucking happens in the building. And listen, take a look at that guy; if anybody is fucking at work it would be him.

  20. Insert any popular reality show here. Floor is lava, masked singer, bachelor, American ninja warrior etc. I keep trying when a show is a cultural touchstone but by the second or third episode it always feels like watching the same exact show with the same exact formula over and over. Also I get impatient and just want to see the results e.g. in Great British Baking show I want to see the challenge and the completed cakes without waiting for them to talk mess up and make the cakes.

  21. I loved the original Ninja Warrior on G4, I could never get into American Ninja Warrior. The commentary ruined the whole show and over production of it.

  22. It’s funny because I generally hate cooking shows until the Great British Bake Off. The newer season(s)/episodes aren’t doing it for me but the first couple were great. Minimal back stories, very mellow drama, information about what was being made, and a general upbeat atmosphere. Paul Hollywood hasn’t started self completing over how great he was yet and the show was solid.

  23. I saw someone on here describe it as poverty porn. That description really ruined the show for me. It was all I could think about afterwards. They were right.

  24. Once Debbie started becoming the main character was when I dropped off. I hated her whole "I want a baby" plotline. I skipped her segments at first, but dropped the show once I realized that I wouldn't be able to keep doing that and still know what's happening in the show. It's a real shame (heh) because the first few seasons are some of my favorite TV

  25. The first couple seasons were great but after Fiona left the storylines of some of the characters were a little too wacky even for Shameless standards

  26. That was the worst thing about Shameless. They set up each character to have different flaws and strengths that make them all interesting. But when the story needs conflict they take turns doing completely stupid things and breaking their character. Mid way through the show I started asking "So who is going to drop their IQ for some drama this week?"

  27. Lip became a selfish prick at the end of the show. After Fiona left, the show went to shit tbh. Oh and don’t even get me started on the Ian Gay Jesus thing and the Debbie pregnancy.

  28. I grew up with a Shameless-type crowd. While it makes for repetitive television, it's pretty accurate. Except they're all far uglier and heavier.

  29. I would watch it with my wife and I got hooked for several seasons. Eventually, it became clear that so many of the contestants came on the show for the sole purpose of boosting their brand or fledgling career, which kind of killed the little bit of joy that it gave me.

  30. I honestly believe that most people who watch it would agree with you, and agree that it's just a pretty bad show. Even the actors seem to think it sucks, based on interviews. It's a guilty pleasure kind of thing. I watched 3 seasons and it sucks but it's also entertaining (although I did get sick of it).

  31. Two Broke Girls. The worst writing I have ever seen (stupid joke, obvious setup for another joke, joke; repeat).

  32. i've never met anyone that likes that show. it used to come on after something I did watch, can't remember what, but I caught the first few "jokes" a couple times and it was god awful

  33. My issue with it was that it tries to create false equivalences. Like her or not, Carole Baskin's sanctuary is a legitimate sanctuary, and has been vetted by other organizations. Joe Exotic's roadside zoo was pure exploitation. They are not the same. Not even close.

  34. Kinda the same principle, but more because of American casting choices - 30 year old babyfaces, with 100 tons of makeup and lighthouse shiny white teeth.

  35. The way they dress in Riverdale is ridiculous. No teenagers I went to high school with wore heels and pearls everyday

  36. Sex and The City. I really tried getting into it when it was super popular but it felt vapid and extremely materialistic? I don't get how it was considered such a progressive show? Every character seemed like a one note trope, the materialism was extremely unrelatable (even back then, spending 500+ on shoes seemed... Incredibly unrealistic?!) and Felicity did the confessional thing better imo

  37. “And so I asked myself, is it really that wrong that Big and I have been together for 41.5 years and I can’t keep so much as a hair tie at his house, he’ll never let me meet his mother, he can’t be bothered to be nice to me, and only wants me around for sex? Maybe this is the new progressive normal and we, as women, should start feeling empowered by it for some reason. Being treated like shit is the new black, after all!”

  38. Aside from my many issues with that show, one of the things that bothered me was how Carrie was a 36 year old grown woman but her mannerisms always screamed 22. I can’t put my finger on it specifically but think of how she was always kind of twirling around, giggling, and biting her lip.

  39. Oh yeah the materialism is a huge issue. It also shows what was progressive 20-30 years ago feels regressive today. The show didn't exactly handle race ideally.

  40. It was progressive for showing women with real sexual appetites outside the marital context. That was big. There are always characters that pave the way but this was the big breakout "women like all kinds of sex and it's ok." I don't know that much else about it was progressive. But the forward movement on women's sexuality was significant. I'm not a fan of the show (I saw the sanitized version when it went to network TV as a guilty pleasure in the early 2000s) but I give it credit for this.

  41. The Walking Dead. Too much drama for a zombie series. Plots stretch on too long. Series stretched out wayyyyyyy too long.

  42. The plot for the most part tends to go on a loop: the group walks > they find a community that seems to be legit good > the leaders turn out to be dicks > they or a herd of Walkers kill everyone at the place besides the few characters that join the group > the group walks.

  43. As someone who is a HUGE fan of the comics way before the show existed the length didn't bother me cause the comics are long. My issue is the horrible character changes made. Andrea in the comics is an amazing huge part of the comics and they made her absolutely horrible in the show! They completely botched a lot of story lines on the show which made a lot of characters and the plot weak. I highly recommend reading the comics they are a masterpiece!

  44. Honestly they should’ve stopped it a little after the group got to Alexandria. It still ends on a high-ish note and Rick ultimately gets what he wants.

  45. I really enjoyed the episode where they thought they were safe, but then it tuend out they weren't safe.

  46. They definitely bounce between having an actual plot, and then having multiple episodes that are purely filler. If I'm honest I've only kept with it for so long because I want to know if they'll do that stupid ending where it's all just a dream.

  47. It was fine the first few seasons where the apocalypse and surviving it was the focal point. Then it became an emotional slog like most other shows in a way the characters should be well past by that point.

  48. This show called The 100...and not because it's a bad show I just really REALLY hate the main character Clarke. I refused to watch anymore episode after the 1st season lol. I used to go to my friends every new season asking if they have killed her off yet..still there? okay still not watching haha

  49. The show was kind of interesting, but it was dumb at the start and just kept getting dumber. It went from a postapocalyptic drama to a magical space drama.

  50. The first 3 seasons are great and have action in always every moment with good plot twists (especially 2) but from 4 it get kinda boring.I'm currently at season 5. And yes,clarke is awful but not that bad for me to cancel the show

  51. My favourite part of that show is when the love interest commits a literal war crime against the native people, and all the characters act like it's such a terrible thing that he might have to face some consequences

  52. No one has mentioned it, but Legion is an incredibly different and awesome show. It's not for everyone, but it's certainly a one of a kind show.

  53. The Boys and Invincible, two of my favorite shows to recently come out can’t escape relationship drama, luckily it’s not a focus but still

  54. The last few episodes of last season were like pulling teeth. I also find it heavily ironic that a scientologist is making a show about a Christian extremist cult that overthrows the government. Like... You're in a cult, Elizabeth Moss.

  55. The first season was a good adaptation and I thought it would be great to know what happened after, but it really just became unnecessary suffering and too much drama

  56. I thought they did a pretty good job adapting the book in the first season. But the whole point of the book is that it ends in ambiguity, and that the entire existence of Gilead was just a brief period in history. And you never find out what happens to Offred or anyone else. So after the first season I didn’t feel compelled to watch them continue to tell the story on their own without the book’s guidance.

  57. i really loved the show at first and i don't normally watch dramas but i got sick of june being tortured, escaping, being caught, repeat that over and over. and her dumbass decision making was so cringe

  58. God that programme is a hard slog. Nothing happens apart from close ups of her face, but then in the last 2 minutes something happens where you feel you have to watch the next episode. I got half way through season 2 and gave up

  59. This is one, kind of like the walking dead, that I'm watching for the "wrong" reasons. I'm interested in the world and the politics of it more than the characters. I still have questions about how Gilead came to be, I like seeing how leaders of other nations interact with it (seeing a fully stocked grocery store in Canada for the first time was one of my favorite moments), and I'm hoping to see it fall completely in the end. But the characters, yeah, I don't care.

  60. So I know everyone shits on Game of Thrones now, but back when it was at peak popularity, I started watching and just couldn't get into it. Never made it past season 1.

  61. To be fair i stopped after season 1 my first time watching. It gets a lot better after season 1 then dips at the end. It’s tough cause it’s some of the best tv out there but knowing how it ends I can’t even recommend it.

  62. It lost me in a scene where Littlefinger spews a pile of exposition while two naked women frolic in the background. The show had so little faith in its viewers it felt the need to distract them from important plotting with tits.

  63. I really liked the first season. Second season had it's moments. Third season was a waste of my time. Funny enough, this was the exact progression I had with the three seasons of Bloodline.

  64. The first season is really the only good season. It’s probably one of my fave shows ever (only counting that season)

  65. First season intrigued me and I thought it was great. The second season was an alright mess, but by the end of it, I had zero interest in a third season.

  66. I live in the town that the show is based in and I can tell you the only thing more annoying than the show itself is that our town basically became DuckDynastyVille for a few years when it was on. Restaurants named after the cast, attractions, show tours, the works. So happy it has finally died down.

  67. To me it seems like a “cool kid” show… like “we are hot and do drugs with good cinematography” … like Instagram filter the movie

  68. I’ve only seen a few episodes and each time I feel really uncomfortable watching it cause i’m in college and they’re supposed to be in high school. idk like i guess the plot is decent but the constant “underaged” nudity and sexual shit just makes it feel gross. With that being said if i was still in high school or even middle school I probably would’ve felt fine watching it.

  69. I watched that show with my parents as a young teenager. I got so sick of the characters never really achieving anything and being so miserable all the time.

  70. The beginning is always really captivating. I’ve never finished a season though because it fizzles out so hard into filler episodes.

  71. I’ve tried like 3 different seasons of that show and it starts out good but by 3-4 episodes in, it devolves so much from the original plot point into some balls-to-the-wall, super convoluted train wreck, and I lose the ability to care about anything that’s happening. Like I don’t have enough time to get emotionally invested in the characters before they start throwing all sorts of weird shit in for the shock value.

  72. Murder House and Asylum were actually good imo. For me the wheels fell off at Coven. Couldn’t get into, but tried watching some of the others over the years but found them all pretty boring too.

  73. Murder House is one of my favourite seasons of any television show, but I could not get in to any of the others ones (and I tried)

  74. I remember being furious with 13 Reasons. I had a huge pdf of running commentary for each episode where I just got pissed off at how everyone (including the "protagonist") was just fucking awful.

  75. The 13 Reasons novel was actually good, I read it in early HS and again when I was 21 and my brother died of an OD, loved it and cried both times. I found it to be part cautionary tale part melancholy coming of age (for Clay). I was so excited when I discovered they’d made it into a show I was honestly excited to watch it, literally made it one episode before fast forwarding through a couple more and giving up to read the synopsis. So much forced drama and excuses to shoot at LA mansions.

  76. People always say "oh you'll love it, its nerd humor!" But it's not really. It's just jokes about nerd things, and the punchline is "hah look at them, they dont know social cues!"

  77. This Is Us. Watched the first episode, immediately picked up on certain things that led to the big “plot twist” at the end of the episode.

  78. I lost a bunch of weight and I cannot tell you HOW MANY PEOPLE wanted to tell me how much they love Chrissy Metz’s character and how I must have struggled with my weight the same way. I literally couldn’t relate to her at all. It got reeeeally annoying.

  79. I enjoyed the first few seasons, but it forever lost me when Marie Fred did Wayne dirty. I was already bored with most of the comedy by that point, so when they ruin a perfectly good relationship with bad writing I was done.

  80. They have some good jokes in there but most of the humor is just them talking really fast and repeating the same gag for ten minutes at a time three times an episode which is only funny when Shoresy does it

  81. Rick and Morty. I get it. I understand the jokes and the humor. And I don’t think it’s a bad show. But it’s really not all it's cracked up to be. It seems like it tries way too hard to be dark and edgy and the fact that a lot is just movie references gets old real quick. Personally, I think Community (at least the first couple seasons) is a lot better

  82. This might be unpopular, but I found myself really enjoying the episodes that feature Jerry. Idk I think it might be because he’s more normal?

  83. Yeah I think the show is ok, but it’s definitely one that gets a lot of over-hype and has a SUPER annoying fan base. (Rick and Morty-I haven’t seen community so I can’t really say anything about that show haha)

  84. The amount of times I had to listen to I'M PICKLE RICK coming out of someone's mouth made me not want to watch it.

  85. Yeah, you're on point It's good for what it is, but I think it's the fandom that make it out to be this super intellectual masterpiece. I think when it took off, they started to try way too hard to live up to the hype.

  86. I suspect once you watch enough you get into its rhythm, but I too didn't like it, so never bothered. Community is the best, and even though their back half is worse, it's still not there dumpster fire that most shows become upon entering later seasons.

  87. LOL came here to say this. When I was doing my masters in molecular bio I can’t tell you how many times people would find that out and immediately say, “oooh! You should watch Big Bang Theory! You’d love it”. 😂 Spoiler alert, I hate it

  88. I loved the Duckman episode that spoofed Friends. The Joey character gets dumber and dumber over the episode to the point that he can hardly form words.

  89. I'd say this is a show that'd be only good if you watched it at the time. Many shows/films/music falls into this category. It's hard to explain but this is genuinely a thing

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