What’s the last thing that touched your lips?

  1. It's the most dangerous time of year. My coworker bought 300$ worth from her daughter's troop and put it in the break room. It was cleared out by the end of the week.

  2. Yep, it's that time of year again! My grandmother just stocked up and bought like $200 worth. She freezes most of them throughout the year and gives part of them out as Christmas presents and the other part is eaten through the year. They're like crack! The new salted caramel ones are good, but Tagalongs are still the best!

  3. As a Boy Scout I must say i do not appreciate you buying from the enemy though we do. A guy in my troop, his sister is a girl scout. We will kill over those cookies

  4. I do that like every night. I got a new phone, but cover hasn’t arrived, so I’ve taken to reading with it over me, than to my left, where it could fall on the floor. Dropped it on my face like 7 times already.

  5. That for sure earned my free award, may she rest well and may the teddy bear fight honorably in defense against the monsters in the night

  6. From the daughter’s perspective, I kissed my mom’s cheek saying goodnight. So that was the last thing that touched my lips. Any affection to say goodnight would have been unthinkable for me a couple years ago. I used to have massive issues with being touched. But now I’ve been spending my evenings cross stitching with my mom, with my cat snuggled up on my lap, hugging my mom lots, and always kissing her cheek to say goodnight. I am so glad her and I are so close now. I really got lucky with my mom.

  7. Why is this a thing? One stuffed dog kiss has turned into 5 stuffed animals now. These two girls are just stalling me

  8. My cats will actively do anything in their power to stop me from kissing them on the head. Including making me kiss their foot

  9. Awww! I kiss my cat goodnight too! He loves head kisses, especially late at night if you get up. He will follow you, wait for you to finish your “business” and then flop in front of you. I will sit on the floor next to him and give him scratches and head kisses for a bit before going back to bed.

  10. I just gave my boy forehead kisses too. He's learned that this means love so will sidle up to me and angle his little head down for kisses. He's so precious. I just can't even describe how precious he is.

  11. My boy gave me a head butt a few minutes ago. I had him closed out of the office so I could work. When I came out he hauled ass (sounded like a damn elephant) and got on the back of a chair to come and headbutt me.

  12. My dogs fucking claws. He insists on sleeping on my chest and decides to throw hands all night. He's also big asf and it hurts. He's physically crushing me and also clawing my face. When he wakes up he eats my hair and licks my entire head. He ATE one of my rubber tunnels out of my ear.

  13. Make a fuss when he does something that hurts you or he'll never realize. Parents pup loves nibbling on fingers, but when I learned the trick, I just made a yelp when he did it, and after 2 or 3 times he dropped the habit.

  14. The top of my dog’s head as I kissed him goodbye one last time. I know he was in pain and suffering. Tumor around his bladder and cancer. Had him in diapers while we tried to find out of there was anything we could do before coming to this. We just celebrated his birthday too recently.

  15. You ever snipe yourself in the eye? Jfc it’s uncomfortable, it’s what I imagine getting glue in your eye feels like lmao

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