What’s a place that is easy to enter, but difficult to leave?

  1. One reason this may be is because as elderly people (65 and up) age, they can get increasingly lonely. Visit your elders while they're still here!

  2. Especially when grandma has dementia and insists on telling the same story all over again for the 4th time in the last hour.

  3. I struggle to go to bed honestly, i always sit up feeling like bed is a waste of time then i can't get out again

  4. My wife and son went to a corn maze that had a trivia question posted at every decision point. Based on your answer, the sign directed you which path to take. They were stuck in there for hours! They tried multiple answers at some point. Eventually, they could see the edge of the maze and they just busted out the side.

  5. I’ve been a member of many cults, both as a leader and a follower. You make more money as a leader, but, you have more fun as a follower.

  6. Plenty of people don’t realise how flimsy it all is. One or two mistakes and you can find yourself in a financial situation that’s going to take years to escape.

  7. Grew up in it. It was really tough to break out of it. The thing is, in a lot of ways, I never really left. I still am frugal AF, rarely allow myself to have nice things and feel guilty when I spend money.

  8. It's the Wonka factory of furnishing stores. Everything has a wacky name, and you have to go forward to go back.

  9. There are a few tricks to IKEA. For one, you can enter from the register side and directly go into the area where you pick up your boxes. Ideal if you already know what you're getting as you can skip the showroom maze.

  10. Smoked some weed with a mate once, and then he told me he had to buy a desk from ikea… and I was coming with him… on a Saturday afternoon. I still remember his cackle as I asked if I could wait in his car… Don’t think he even bought one in the end… but it was a long time ago… and I was baked off my ass

  11. Underwater caves (specifically without cave training/gear). The water is air clear, so it's very inviting. Super easy to go just a bit too far. Once you're in, there are a lot of ways to die. You can take a turn down a side passage without realizing it, stir up the bottom with poor technique, have a light failure without proper backups, stay too long and not reserve enough gas for exit, get stuck, have an unfixable reg failure without redundancy, etc. Lots of really experienced open water divers have kicked the bucket in caves. Sometimes they were right near the exit, they just didn't have the training or gear to get there.

  12. Caitlin Doughty, a mortician on YouTube, says that cave diving and underwater cave related death is her worst fear. When a mortician says that you know that shit is truly terrifying.

  13. I almost died like this in Minecraft and I even had a Respiration III helmet and was like 30 blocks under my bed

  14. I’ve dealt with a lot of addicts in my family. The only thing that I’ve ever seen get them on the right path is nearly dying or being told they’ll die if they continue.

  15. Still struggling with it, I put the heroin and meth down but I still take benzos and drink. I have a good job and on surface value you’d never know even though I indulge in benzos and alcohol daily

  16. Mexico if you're entering from the United States. Seriously, you can just walk into Mexico whenever you want, but leaving you have to wait in a very long line and get your passport checked and sometimes your car/bags searched even if you got nothing illegal going on...I love Mexico, but man, going back into the States is always a hassle lol

  17. You can do it, I'm right there with you but things are beginning to look up for me. It'll take time sure, but eventually everything will be alright again.

  18. Any thrift/antique place really. Its hard to get bored in them when there's literally something completely different and unique right around the corner. And a lot of them are practically mazes with how the shelves and rooms are set up.

  19. Ooh, a happy answer. I love used bookstores. Just ran into a good one near me (I work seasonally and move around a lot, so I'm always just learning the area). Wandered it for an hour, then went out to my car where there's a box of books. Picked out half of them I'm willing to part with, and turned ten books I didn't need anymore into six new ones to start whenever I want for free, and left happy.

  20. Only problem being is that without the Internet you can't do most of your everyday things. I could live without the Internet because I'd get a lot of music written, but I wouldn't be able to post it. It's a bit of a double edged sword.

  21. I spent a week without the internet and absolutely hated it. Internet is awesome if you don't use it solely for social media

  22. Fun story. There is a hotel right by Santa Monica Pier called "Hotel California". Yeah, cool, it's not the "real" hotel California, but it plays on its name and welcomes questions etc.

  23. Its actually very hard to convince myself to shower. I'm trying to do it now, but (obviously) am scrolling through reddit instead. Once you get in though, it's very hard to leave.

  24. As a kid I loathed when she'd take me grocery shopping with her because she was a teacher in a small town and inevitably she'd run into people she knew and good god they'd talk forever and this was long before mobiles.

  25. Fuck trying to convince them you lied, just try to convince them you're better. It won't work either, but at least you're not opening yourself up to perjury charges and a reversal of your trial.

  26. Lying to get in there will seriously fuck you up with time. Being the only sane person in a ward of insane people and having nobody believe you will definitely do it

  27. It's really pretty easy to get released from a psych ward in the US if you have crappy insurance. They purposely keep people for the length of time that their insurance covers. If insurance covers a week, it doesn't matter if you really need to be there three days or a month, you'll be getting discharged in a week.

  28. Fun fact, pretenting to have a mental illness (or any illness or that matter) is a mental illness, it's called Munchausen syndrome.

  29. Losing in a casino the first time you go there is good luck because you will probably not return again, winning in your first time there is bad luck because you will probably come back and most likely waste a lot of money there

  30. I went to Vegas one time and there was a large portion of the gambling area downstairs below the main floor. The escalators going down we’re working but the up escalators were turned off, so essentially stairs.

  31. I worked at one for 5 years. I paid a girl $5000 for her dollar slot jackpot. She was so excited, it was her 21st birthday and that was the first $20 she'd played.

  32. Nasa's Jet propulsion laboratory. I went there a few times, and it was easy getting in, but there was so many steps to just leave the facility/clean room. Also, I found that flights to the area always seem to get delayed on the way back to the east coast.

  33. Man, just being there has to be incredible. Crazy what people are able to do now! What was it like there?

  34. I think they're specifically designed so you can't find your way out easily, and so you search far and wide, and at one point you'll think "Might as well buy a thing or two since I can't leave".

  35. The one time I went to one, just for the freebies, they let me go the moment they discovered I didn't fit whatever criteria they were looking for. Didn't even have to stay past the crappy free breakfast.

  36. As a young man of about 18-19 or so, I recall me walking down the street one day and someone approached me and asked if I could come inside and fill out some either a survey or take an IQ test or something like that.

  37. Notoriously, mental institutions. Once you've convinced someone you're a psychopath, it's nearly impossible to convince the staff otherwise.

  38. I think you mean psychotic. Psychopaths are the people with 0 empathy that become serial killers in pop culture and sometimes CEOs in real life. They have issues but generally a pretty good grasp on reality and the consequences of their actions. Psychotic is when reality has left the building and the moon people are trying to kill you in the shower so you can't bathe anymore and keep chewing on your fingers and randomly screaming for some reason.

  39. Wasn't there an actor who spent some time in s psychiatric hospital for a little bit, and the crew had to get him out because they wouldn't let him go?

  40. Ironically, I've tried to check myself in to an inpatient facility at my local hospital because I was suicidal and wasn't sure I could hold on any longer.

  41. There's been a few times I've thought about checking into a psych ward, but I feel like being constantly spied on and denied any sort of freedom or leisure would just make me hate my life even more.

  42. Any kind of volunteering. For me it is teaching children's church. Once you start there is no easy exit. Girl scout leader, flag football coach, company birthday planner .. idk .. just about any volunteer gig.

  43. Can confirm, I volunteered at a youthhouse and the number of volunteers kept dropping, I couldn't abandon it or otherwise it would have to seize their operations. It wore me down and dragged my mental state down with it.

  44. yup, last week I made a donation to the local animal shelter and figured "eh, might as well volunteer for a lil bit since I'm here already"

  45. Whaa? My parents took me to a Mormon church for a while when I was a kid and we left a few years later. They've never bothered me at all in the ensuing 30+ years, I've seen no reason to involve a lawyer.

  46. I am still dealing with so many anxieties and self-esteem issues directly caused by Mormon teachings. I left when I was 17 after having fully believed it all despite having dilemmas with it, I'm in my 30s now, and I didn't realize until somewhat recently how much I was still impacted. Given the area and people I grew up around however, I do think the church probably kept me from going down a really dark path so I'm in this weird situation where I'm both very grateful and resentful. Being aware though has helped me start to move past a lot of it, better late than never right?

  47. Ain’t the deep web just the normal websites that you can’t find by search, like unlisted YouTube videos?

  48. You only have around a 1 in 30 chance of being born there tho, so I wouldn’t say it’s easy to enter

  49. Micro Center is an amazing answer. Every time I go in for something simple I end up spending a ton of time just looking around at the DIY stuff. I can't get myself to leave.

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