What was easier 2-3 decades ago then now?

  1. Reminds me of the woman who disappeared in Manhattan on September 11, 2001 and got automatically counted among the WTC victims but nobody really knows if that's where she died or if she was even there during the attacks they just had her on camera the night before shopping at the mall under WTC.

  2. Yea, as much as the world was worse 50-60 years ago, sometimes I just fantasize about moving a thousand miles over and just starting over entirely.

  3. Back in the old days they had what was known as the Day of the Jackal passport scam, from the book of the same name that popularized knowledge of it. You'd search a graveyard for someone who was born around the same time as you, but died young. Then request their birth certificate. In those days it was trivial to do. With a birth certificate you can easily get the remaining ID necessary to apply for a passport. Records were not sufficiently computerized to detect that the person applying was actually dead. Even in the mid-2000s you could still pull off this scam in a lot of places.

  4. Getting your child to buy cigarettes and booze with just a written note as proof the 10 year old wasn’t about to go on a bender

  5. i have a picture of my two year old mom with cigarettes in her hands, definitely would have been extremely judged today, my grandpa just looks proud

  6. Im from the balkans so this isnt strange at all, i myself started drinking from the age of 12 or 13 so. Yikes😂

  7. I feel like this couldn’t have happened 30 years ago, which was 1992. Maybe in the 50’s or 60’s, sure.

  8. Story time! I live in Canada, and it was -45 degrees Celsius here the other day for a week. My check engine light kept appearing, so I googled what could be causing it…

  9. Absolutely THIS. The Internet is a powerful tool when used correctly, trouble is i just tend to log in when I'm bored and argue over stupid trivial stuff.

  10. Selling something for a good price, now you can look the item in question up and see the price instantly and probably for cheaper.

  11. Crime. I watch a ton of Forensic Files and Cold Case Files etc, DNA didn't really come on the scene till the early to mid '90s or so. 30 years ago you could basically ejaculate right onto a corpse you just killed and DNA test wouldn't really be able to help convict you. Just don't leave any fingerprints or any of your blood (before DNA testing, the standard procedure would be blood type tests).

  12. "Captain, we found a bucket of the killer's blood in the hallway". "Hmmm, gross! Now back to my hunch". - John Mulaney

  13. The only way that happens is if the police and CSI team did a real shit job collecting evidence especially bodily evidence and storing it. if they did a real shit job storing the body fluids then they degrade over time and can't be tested.

  14. So true. I always went by the adage that while you are on the internet, no one knows that you are a dog. This was true in the ye olde days of the internet where you could discuss anything as long as you never let on who you were. Anonymity was gold then.

  15. I didn’t get a full refund for something on Amazon last month and I spent an entire day trying to contact their customer service but only got the robot voice. I eventually just gave up

  16. Killing people. All you had to do was hide the DNA evidence, now you have to hide from cameras and all manner of things. Probably why there are fewer active serial killers nowadays

  17. Hiking in solitude with no hassles. Now if the trail is good you'll likely see lots of other people. Plus, there are rules now that didn't exist before — where to park, having to get a hiking permit, having to be off the trail by dark, and more. The crowds and rules take the enjoyment out of it.

  18. Listening to the birds singing. The population of the birds in North America is down 1/3 from like 1980’s

  19. making friends. everyone is just on their phone and so disconnected and now real life has been replaced by apps. very awkward. I don't really want to make new friends on bumble bff lol

  20. I think it's both easier and harder. We have better navigation now so no more time spent squabbling between parents pulled over on the side of the road with a road map completely unfolded across the entire front seat of the car trying to figure out where TF we were.

  21. Don't get me wrong, but for serial killers. Advances in technology such as in phones and surveillance really make it hard for any single person to commit a series of murders after the first victim.

  22. A little further than 2-3 decades back, but getting a false identity. When I was young, I could go to the county courthouse and get a certified birth certificate for anybody, including someone I found in the newspaper archives who died a week after birth. I could then go to the post office and fill out a form to get a Social Security number--no proof of anything needed, just a mailbox address to receive the card. With those, I could get a driver's license, voter ID, passport, and live the life of the dead infant. Or I could just keep the paperwork around for some time when it became unhealthy to continue being me. If I were ambitious, I could have several such identities for emergency use or to sell.

  23. Being unreachable. Back then if you left your house (with the landline) you were unreachable until you came back. Now there's never a time when you have a reasonable expectation to ignore a call, text, email, or post. Especially during the pandemic when you never left the house.

  24. Talking to someone on the telephone. Calling is easier, quicker, always available. But the odds that someone will answer, and have time/want to talk? Much less likely.

  25. Getting a home. It amazes me that old people don't realize how expensive a home costs in this market. I'm lucky to have gotten my house for free but a small house in my town is 200k for a 2-3bedroom single story home. while 2 years ago was perfect to get a home with how low the market was (someone I know got a 2 story house with a garage and pool in a big city for only 238k around 2020) shows how expensive the housing market has gotten since the end of 2020.

  26. High school. I graduated in 2003 and in the lunch room everyone kinda just set with their group and then moseyed to talk to other tables too. People were really cordial and smiled in the hallways bc you were all stuck there together anyway. I just can’t imagine that high schools are like that now.

  27. Pro Wrestling. Back when a lot of the legends were in their prime and they knew how to put on a show. Example: Undertaker vs Mankind at Hell In A Cell 1998

  28. Befriending/hooking up with random people you meet. Covid notwithstanding, people are so standoffish now, its surprising to see them still go outside to shop for groceries. It used to be super easy to just walk up to someone, strike up a convo, and spend a couple hours getting drunk or bumpin uglies with someone, and call it a day well spent.

  29. This bums me out but I've also become standoffish because I swear to god people are just waiting to recruit me into their pyramid scheme. It's such a disappointment to talk to someone friendly in public and then... Suddenly it's "you should be your own boss! I can teach you how!" Fuck offffff

  30. I once got reported to a shop owner for being friendly to an older lady. Really fucked me up for awhile

  31. Everything of significance was easier. Although the comment on buying shopping etc. was good. It's easy to figure out what things should cost now as opposed to before.

  32. 3 decades ago was 1990. Cell phones existed, but they were neither smart nor ubiquitous. So you could truly avoid someone by not picking up the phone or ignoring a message on the answering machine. Immediate responses were not expected. And when you left school you left school, all that teenage bullshit didn’t have to follow you home for the evening.

  33. Going skiing/snowboarding. Yeah the gear has always been expensive, but ticket prices are insane nowadays. Gear can at least last a really long time, hell my Dad still uses snowboards that are older than me. It's $75 for a day ticket at my local mountain, and that's kinda cheap compared to other places. $180 at the place my brother works, but it's still $90 for us to ski there with his employee discount. Season passes are a good $500-$700 and I just can't justify getting one for how infrequent I go up. So my gear has kinda been gathering dust for several years now.

  34. Getting out of bed as soon as my alarm went off. I still dont snooze but i stretch and groan for about 5 minutes before very slowly working my way out of bed

  35. Finding energy to keep up with the day. I need about two cups of coffee and an energy drink to stay awake and focused.

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