The last thing you googled is hunting you right now and is approaching fast, whats chasing you?

  1. Ah yes, you’ll receive even more emails from them recommending you apply to jobs you have zero qualifications for.

  2. The Fort Wayne airport (or directions to it)… fortunately I gotta think the airport moves pretty slowly and directions can only do so much physical damage unless someone printed them out on something heavy.

  3. Seeing the place I live in casually mentioned online fucks me up every time, even though Fort Wayne is the second largest city in Indiana. I always just subconsciously assume everyone lives somewhere else.

  4. Well I was just on that scariest theory ask Reddit post, had to google about how the solar flares could pretty much instant K.O. the earth. Sorry everyone but you’re coming with me

  5. Trying to figure out whether your username checks out or not, but I reckon maybe he'd be safe in the underworld and you just brought him lots of friends?

  6. It's a shame Taft's modern legacy is his bathtub incident--he was actually a pretty remarkable man and the only person ever to be both the US president and a Supreme Court Justice.

  7. Time. Writing down memories of your time together. Loving another pet when there’s room between the grief to do so. You can and will get through it but there’s really nothing out there that can remove the pain.

  8. Dude, I'm so paranoid on Reddit. My old.account I complained about the labor laws my wife's company was putting her through. Making her work off the clock, 70+ hours, no overtime, shit like that.

  9. A few years ago there was a thread about how searching "(your name) the hedgehog" on deviant art will always get at least one result.

  10. Yes professor, I'm doing my dissertation on "hot brunettes". In my opinion, a very under studied and under-appreciated area of academia!

  11. My first project at my new job involves some engineering around sports bras. My first order of business was sending a message to IT..."I'm going to do a lot of searches around breasts, bras, dolls, implants, etc. please don't fire me."

  12. If its new Nicholas Cage, I wont be too much worried, but the old Con Air kinda're trapped

  13. Same bro. Been feeling like log4j really is hunting me for the last week. Stay strong fellow netsec tech. Winter is coming.

  14. Numbers 5:11-31. An ancient Jewish priest is chasing me down accusing me of being pregnant by a man other than my husband and wants me to drink an abortion potion.

  15. The cream cheese shortage. Whew, I was gonna google some violent crime the SO heard on the radio… glad I didn’t!

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