What is your job and how much do you get paid?

  1. Toddler lead teacher. Just got a raise from 9.65 (minimum wage) to 10.50 but not because I’m valued, because we’re so severely understaffed and everyone that walks through walks right back out once they learn how low the wage is. Don’t blame them one bit.

  2. As the mother of a toddler going to preschool (and daughter of a daycare worker), thank you for doing the work you do. It’s hard managing multiple children at at the same time and remaining calm, compassionate, etc. all for a salary that doesn’t measure up to what you deserve.

  3. Im a lead preschool teacher at a daycare. I get paid $18/hr but that's because I recently asked for a raise, there was a situation they handled wrong and gave me an extra dollar for, and because we're so understaffed and the turnover is ridiculous right now. I got $2 more an hour.

  4. I do research with brain cells, HIV, cocaine, and fentanyl. $29,500/year aka ~$14/hr. Yes I'm sad that this is what a Master's degree got me.

  5. I’m a postdoc also doing medical research. Thats BS pay. With a MS you should be making at least 45K. Your PI is stiffing you bad. Get a year or two of experience, learn as many skills as you can to make yourself marketable and then find a better deal.

  6. Nuclear plant electrician 50 an hour, 130-150k a year depending on Ot/bonus. Moving into an operations role in the plant soon

  7. I work in a steel mill that heats steel bars to a certain hardness. I get paid 18$ an hour and so far we haven’t had anyone die for a year (that’s a record)

  8. Wendy’s Crew Member, $9 normal hours, $10 when I close. If I become an ambassador I could make $12 an hour but that’s a lot of work. I work the grill usually and they say I’m the best at it not including the managers and one of the ambassadors.

  9. I’m a line cook / manager for a busy restaurant, and I get paid $19 an hour +tip share + profit share from two recipes of mine on the menu.

  10. That’s so awesome you get a chunk of $ for your very own menu recipes. I feel like that should be a standard — especially nowadays with restaurants struggling to not have a revolving-door staff.

  11. I’m a roll off driver too in NYC, but am a teamster member and our contract is $38 an hour and going up to $40 in January. With OT, we get around $130k a year plus medical and pension contributions 100% paid by employer. It’s a lot harder in NYC, but $20 is low in my opinion. We do a lot of crazy switches where cars are literally parked against the containers and we have to get them out and put the fresh ones in. Speed in the maneuvers is where it’s at for us. I never do a 6 way switch if I don’t have to. Chain the full box up and pull it out so I can drop the new one in. Usually those switches take me 4-5 minutes total. 6 ways are annoying as hell on the busy manhattan streets.

  12. Officer on a container ship work about 6 months out of the year and make about 120k. For the most part my job is looking out a window at some waves.

  13. Do you enjoy what you do? If I could go back I think this is what I’d want. But I would imagine work life balance is awful/having a family if applicable

  14. Any reason you don't have a forklift license? If there is no medical reason, seems like a good way to boost your pay rate once experienced.

  15. Did anyone else have their school custodian be like a cool guy that the kids all loved? I remember in elementary school that the guy that did it was a mini fundamental part of the school and it's community. I think he taught us how to respect people even if they were just cleaning puke with sawdust and changing garbages. Thanks Mike, you were a real one.

  16. I'm surprised to find my job this far up in the thread. Unfortunately I'm at $75k, working on getting my PE though which should put me at just over $100k.

  17. Vet techs are woefully underpaid. Unfortunately veterinarians are also under compensated relative to the amount of education they go through and the debt burden. My husband owns a vet clinic (he’s a vet) and works really hard to keep his tech’s pay up and offer benefits etc. but it’s tough!

  18. I have seen videos of people doing that. It’s not as easy as you made it sound lol, you are humble. Those belts look like they are going super fucking fast and a lot of people do not know how to recycle properly.

  19. NYC roll off dumpster driver under a Teamster union contract. $40 an hour in January + medical and pension paid 100% by my employer. There’s guaranteed overtime too, so gross around $130k + the other perks. We also get a 100k severance payout the day we retire. I have a bachelors in business, but fell in love with being outside all day. I also sell scrap metal if I can collect it and I have a thriving eBay business from other things I find in the dumpsters. Made another 20-25k doing that on the side.

  20. Paraprofessional at an elementary school in a classroom with students who have autism. I get paid $19.70 an hour plus a $70 monthly stipend for helping the kids with toilet duties.

  21. As the father of an autistic son you should be getting paid way fucking more for this. Thank you for helping children like mine.

  22. I’m a bum and get $120 a week donating plasma, but plot twist I have an interview at the plasma place tomorrow

  23. I donated plasma regularly until my iron deficiency became a problem. But I could easily pull $300-$400 a month on top of my regular income, and it only took an extra 2 or 3 hours of my time per week.

  24. Do you pick the songs or do the girls? I'd think longer songs means more money and there's got to be some kind of system to stop everyone from picking like Ina-gada-da-vida.

  25. Ups package sorter at a warehouse, 22$ an hour plus time and a half pay for anything over 5 hour shift in a single day (so for example one shift is 5 hours if I work two shifts in a row the second one would be 33$ an hour)

  26. I’m quite small (~120lbs 5’1 female) but I was looking into this job, do you think it’s something I’d be able to do? I know that’s very subjective but I guess what I mean is what’s the heaviest you typically have to lift/move?

  27. I fucking knew it. I had heard years ago that underwater welders fucking rolled in it, but then when I researched it the internet was like “lol $25k-80k”.

  28. Dang. I went to school for teaching, stay at home with my kids now, but I need to go back to work next yr. Problem is that I no longer want to teach. I actually love cleaning though. It’s therapeutic to me. Maybe I’ll look into this.

  29. I’m a lab analyst for a microbiology lab, doing sample testing and environmental monitoring in a germ-free environment where hospital drugs are made. I make $18 an hour. Not bad, but the stress of the job combined with the fact that it’s on the low end of the wage of these sort of jobs means I’m looking for other options.

  30. Project Manager in the wireless telecommunications industry and I make $95k a year. I live in the Northern California area.

  31. Where do you find work if you don’t mind sharing? I started video editing for a YouTube channel guy >150k subs or so… tried to say $50 a video unless it’s close to 20min then 100. BUT part of the ad rev to me, never saw that after the first two so I just stopped

  32. Finance, basically Excel for a living. 95k$ per year taxes and health insurance already deducted.

  33. I'm a university student and I have a part-time job as a lifeguard. I get paid $23 an hour which is pretty good.

  34. Lifeguard for 8 years, supervisorr for one or two of those.i had to drive between 10ish pools. Only got 18/hour (13/h as a guard) and didn't get reimbursed for gas or anything. It was my favorite job but I'm glad I moved on.

  35. That’s awesome! What do librarians get up on a day-to-day basis outside of organising books on shelves? Would love to hear some interesting facts that people might not see on the surface :)

  36. All of you have such great jobs and pay, I’m from a third-world country and my pay is $200/Month. I do odds & ends job for extra to push to my income to around $300-$400 per month.

  37. I am a paraprofessional in an elementary school. I spend most of my time in a self contained Kindergarten - 5th grade classroom of mostly "non verbal" students with autism. (Occasionally I float to other classrooms) I make around 20k a year. I love my job, but the pay is insulting.

  38. I like how Reddit is the place where 100k/year and 4 dollar/hour people meet. I think, outside the Chinese restaurant, this is the only place these two groups meet.

  39. It’s always nice to see the higher-paid users appreciate the work of and offer advice to the lower-paid users in the same fields, especially when that advice is “you’re underpaid, do this to fix it”. Solidarity among colleagues.

  40. been there. but i made $12 and i can say, i didn’t get paid enough for that shit. the job was nice but good god those customers were too much

  41. I watched a video about trucking where the guy said that Walmart was one of the greatest companies to work for as a trucker. Is that so?

  42. I was a “take numbers from different spreadsheets and combine them into one spreadsheet” type of data analyst. $25/hr full time in a not expensive USA city. After a couple weeks I wrote code to automate 80% of my work.

  43. i just started a new job as a software engineer with 384k total comp. to be honest i don’t really know what to do with most of my money besides caring for my aging parents and saving. i feel very lucky and privileged to be here.

  44. As someone who has unexpectedly found themselves jumping salary brackets by large margins, my #1 piece of advice is to invest/save a huge chunk of your income before you get used to it.

  45. I've been there a while. My advice is don't get addicted to bonuses or any money that isn't guaranteed. Things can change rapidly in the business world.

  46. Front end Web developer. Between my job and side business coding small business websites I do about $120k a year. Hoping to double that by next year.

  47. 13 year old here, I take out the trash and take out of the dishwasher at home and get paid 78 dollars a month or 936 dollars a year by my mom.

  48. I’m a bridge operator. I make about $35-$40k a year depending on how much over time I put in the year. That might not sound like much to some people. But, I make enough to help pay the bills, live comfortably, max do what I want when I want. I’m not making the big bucks, but I have great benefits, insurance, all that good jazz. I’m in the bridge house 90% of the time, out of the cold/heat. Most of the time I’m playing Xbox, watching tv, taking naps, or reading books. Sometimes I’ll go hours without a boat. Sometimes I’m pretty busy. I’m in here by myself for 12 hours, and don’t have a boss looking over my shoulder all the time. Pretty chill job,

  49. Graphic Designer for a sex toy shop, I earn approx. 396 USD (if you convert it from PHP to USD) a month producing 30-60 illustrations weekly 🙃

  50. School Psychologist for public schools. $125,000 for 180 days. Full benefits and retirement. Never ending professional development for licensure renewal. Took me 35 years to get this salary. Started at $40,000 in 1986. Public educators are on a graduated pay scale.

  51. Senior Hardware engineer for a tech company. Everything said and done I’ll make about 270k this year including benefits.

  52. English prof, 45k and I teach 4 different classes each semester, supervise MA students, do research, and serve on a bunch of committees/do service for the university. :(

  53. This is why I'm glad my wife got out of academia. The pay?... Ok (if, IF you're able to get tenure track). The work load??? Absolutely abysmal.

  54. Fix iPhone 16/hour at east coast Edit : I fix iphones and other apple devices and I get paid $16/hour + some commissions

  55. Design - $100/hr - websites, art direction for marketing campaigns, all contract work currently so it’s either a feast or a famine

  56. Software sales 110k base with around 110k in bonus but it’s a newish job and this software is effected by Covid so the bonus is not much

  57. Licensed Nursing Assistant for a Home Care Agency- $13.50/hr. It’s embarrassingly underpaid, but the girl I take care of is so incredibly sweet (18F with cerebral palsy - nonverbal). Being able to help her and her family out means more to me than my actual paycheck.

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