What one person, if they died now, would be mourned by the most people around the world?

  1. There’s a gorilla named Harambe at this zoo I used to frequent. That would be sad but I doubt many others would even hear about it

  2. James Acaster has a hilarious, pretty lengthy part of his most recent special devoted to the fact that his girlfriend left him for Rowan Atkinson. Apparently a LOT of people will equate you with Mr. Bean if you tell people in other countries you’re from England.

  3. I love him, and am shocked at how many people have answered with his name. He’d best stick around for a few more sequels.

  4. David Attenborough would receive a respectful, quiet mourning. Mainly because we've been prepared for a long time now...

  5. He (Sir dave) must have educated more people about natural history than any other person. He's a legend and so is his life's work that he'll leave behind, a life thoroughly lived in every sense by a top man.

  6. David Attenborough is the only person I have ever written a fan letter. He's an amazing and wonderful man, and I hope many more will take up his fight for a better world, for the people, for the animals and for the planet.

  7. Exactly. A monumental, consensual, polite morning. Who doesn’t love what that man has done for our species? Anyone who wouldn’t mourn him can eat a big bag of dicks. (:

  8. Dolly Parton’s death will be so sad. She’s done so much for so many people, and she’s a nice person. Easily the nicest person with $600 million or more out there.

  9. Maggie Smith was knighted the year before Ian McKellan so you may as well throw her title up there too.

  10. Every once in a while I'll think about how old Ian McKellen is and get really sad. I'm hoping he's still got at least another decade on this earth. That one will hurt.

  11. My wife was humming the Jurassic Park theme yesterday while we were cooking dinner, so I started the John Williams station on Pandora. I had three thoughts:

  12. Someone does the music for Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Superman, Star Wars, E.T., Home Alone, and Harry Potter, you've touched more people in the modern era than the queen of England.

  13. There are a lot of other talented well-known movie composers, like Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman, so there will definitely still be awesome new movie music. However, I do agree that John Williams has composed many of the most "iconic" soundtracks throughout many different movies, so his death will certainly be impactful and widely mourned.

  14. I was having a shitty morning and my iPhone shuffled to the Star Wars theme and I couldn’t help but smile. It’s going to be a sad day when he dies.

  15. My local fish and chip shop has the whole series on mute on an endless repeat so people can watch something while they're waiting but it not be loud/distracting for staff. Every waiting customer just sits there in the chairs like a bunch of crows on a telephone wire transfixed by Mr Beans antics

  16. Plus Mr Bean is an alien. Im shocked I never realized. He's literally dropped from a ufo in the opening and it explains everything

  17. "I want to be young and wild. And then, I want to be middle-aged and rich. And then, I want to be old and annoy people by pretending that I'm deaf".-Edmund Blackadder

  18. I was about to add him when I found your comment. Especially after seeing Morgan Freeman.

  19. I heard somewhere that a lot of major papers already have the Queen’s obituary written, they just tweak it every time something big happens so that when she dies they just have to fill in the date. Just goes to show how influential she is

  20. Would there really be "worldwide mourning" for Elizabeth II though? I feel like the whole world would acknowledge it, and the UK would mourn. But I don't really have fond feelings for her, she's just a general public figure imo. I'd wager most non-UK people feel similarly...she's not like, Diana-level beloved.

  21. Elton John will probably get an amazing send-off when he goes. Until which I think it's gonna be a long, long time. We need you down here, Sir Elton.

  22. The crazy thing is he was at a funeral for Gianni Versace with Princess Diana right before she passed away, and then he sang at her funeral. I wonder if someone will sing a cover of Candle In The Wind at his.

  23. This is my pick… I would love a film based on him, chronicling his early rise with Motown and the Funk Brothers (This would be a great way to highlight just how talented and groundbreaking the Funk Bros were).

  24. Why would you say that? The thought of him dying crossed my mind just this morning and I got a little teary-eyed. I have been thinking about the Songs In the Key of Life album a lot over the last week or so.

  25. After loving his music for years (Songs In The Key of Life is one of my all-time favourite albums) I got to see him in concert in 2018. Just the fact that I was singing and dancing along with Stevie Wonder in the same room, after listening to his music all my life...it was magical.

  26. I adore her too. It was a tragedy that her throat surgery ended up taking her singing voice. She had such a beautiful voice. I miss hearing her sing.

  27. I’d be devastated. She’s one of maybe 2-3 celebrities that I would LOVE to meet someday. My friend worked with her on her Netflix show (Julie’s Greenroom) and I was waaaay beyond jealous.

  28. I think you're right on this one. I'm not from the UK or USA, but many of his shows have been shown in my country, sometimes dubbed or subtitled, sometimes not, and I suppose it's the same around the world. Every time you know something in his shows is from your own country, you get extra excited and watch.

  29. I have cried twice in my life. Once when I was seven and I was hit by a school bus. And then again when I heard that Lil Sebastian had passed.

  30. If that happened we would need to find someone who could write a memorial song. Something like Candle in the wind only like... 5000 times better.

  31. I always wondered with lil Sebastian. - the very first episode he’s introduced where they’re all gushing over him Leslie says his age which is ridiculously old for a horse and Ben looks at the camera.

  32. Paul McCartney. He's touched so many lives throughout the years with his music and through his efforts against cruelty to animals. There aren't many people around the world who haven't heard of him or been affected by his music in some way.

  33. The top thing on my bucket list is to watch one of his live concerts, I was super bummed when I couldnt go last time he visited Curitiba (where I live on Brasil), may have to travel to see him live someday. The world would be losing one of our best… P.s. Come to Brazil!!!

  34. People are just listing popular celebrities and not really taking into account their worldwide impact over a number of generations. Paul McCartney is hands down the biggest living celebrity on earth right now who has had a significant impact by touching the hearts and souls of people all over the world and he’s been doing it spanning the lifetime of everyone living. People feel like they have a real heartfelt connection with people like that. His death would be like Michael Jackson’s times ten. He’s been probably the most famous and recognizable person on the planet for 60 years.

  35. Honestly this is probably how Always Sunny will end. They've already alluded to him dying a handful of times, it would be the perfect ending. Frank dies the gang gets rid of him, then they just move on doing horrible shit.

  36. Michael Jordan, the Dalai Lama, Jackie Chan, Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Pope Francis have the mass appeal to warrant some degree of sadness from the majority of the world.

  37. Being from Chicago, every time I travel outside the US, absolutely every single person who asks where I'm from will immediately start talking about Jordan. Without fail. In any country (so far).

  38. I was taken aback by how massive the reaction to David Bowie’s death was. Even Americans far too young to remember his heyday or even Labyrinth were posting like mad. People still seem affected by it and even the Brooklyn Museum (hardly his hometown…) centred on an exhibition on him for a huge length of time afterwards.

  39. I'm surprised I had to scroll this far to see Dalai Lama. I think that would be a big one, especially because he's basically lived his life in exile.

  40. I don't care for religion, but I'll definitely wish Pope Francis's soul a safe trip to his afterlife, should there be one. He still holds many views that I despise from religion, but it's obvious he's trying to change a rigid belief system to be more understanding and loving of others than it has been, and I can certainly respect him enough for that when other Popes refused to.

  41. The two biggest deaths of my lifetime would have been Princess Diana and Michael Jackson (I'm 40). Everyone—literally everyone—took pause to reflect. Mainstream TV also interrupted their programming to announce it. Not everyone gets that.

  42. I was on a plane to Germany when Michael Jackson died. Found out in the airport when we landed. Ill never forget the neighbor next to the apartment I was staying in played Billie Jean on repeat for like 3 straight days.

  43. Ronaldo or Messi. Reddit doesn't acknowledge them because it's a mostly American platform but it you go across the world to a village in the slums, they will know exactly who Ronaldo and Messi. They are enormous stars, and are in their prime, so their star hasn't dwindled. Other that them, probably the queen.

  44. This is objectively the correct answer. Most other top comments are Americans who I have not even heard of, and I'm sure a great part of the world does not know them too.

  45. If Ronaldo or Messi die, I might drop dead myself. Basically everyone in the third world would mourn and many people in the first world as well. Tremendous personalities.

  46. The key here is they are still in their prime. All the other comments are of older people that we expect to die. The death of Kobe was similar but Ronaldo and Messi have a much larger global fan base.

  47. When Ronaldo dies, my country will literally stop. I live in Portugal, I saw what happened when Eusébio died, I cannot even imagine what will go when CR7 dies

  48. I'm surprised that i haven't seen anyone mention Jackie Chan yet. He is very well known and liked in both the east and the west.

  49. Same for Betty White. She looks like an American icon but I doubt the younger generation outside the US has heard of her.

  50. I always got confused at people who get depressed over a celebrity death, like “you didn’t even know them.” But just thinking about Dolly dying made it click with me how those people must feel. I have no doubt in my mind I’ll cry when it happens

  51. I dont know if it would be the most but we metalheads will definitely mourn Ozzy Osbourne when he passes. Raise a lighter for the father of metal

  52. His documentary and music video for “Ordinary Man” made me all emotional and he’s not even gone yet! They’re gonna make a movie about him and Sharon’s relationship and I’m so excited for it… as long as they get good actors. Lol

  53. Not just "metalheads". Many people appreciate Ozzy's presence on the planet even if they aren't big fans of his music. And there are many who are fans of the musical legacy (so far) who wouldn't think of themselves as "metalheads".

  54. Gonna have to say Queen Elizabeth, don't believe me? look on YT comments on videos titled "What would happen is Queen Elizabeth died."

  55. Agreed - not because she's loved by so many by any means - although to be a royal I would say she's not doing too bad in terms of popularity - but because there are very few people left who remember a time before her, she's been around forever, so her suddenly no longer being around will definitely shake up a lot of people in one way or another.

  56. I was surprised to hear that she was still alive. I remember reading about her as a child and for some reason assumed she was a historical figure that was long gone.

  57. Pretty sure the Pope would be mourned by all the Worldwide Catholic followers. More so than a Movie Star or Political figure I’d say.

  58. Neil Degrasse Tyson would be felt by quite a few people around the world. I'd like to think Bill nye as well.

  59. Thank you for clarifying who this was lol. Everyone else just said his real name and I only knew his stage name haha

  60. Yeah I think a tragic death triggers a much stronger sense of mourning. Some of the people mentioned, while hugely liked and influential, are also quite old and in some ways were already prepared to lose them.

  61. Paul McCartney, maybe? People are mentioning too many people that are mostly only relevant in the US/UK, but even though Paul McCartney is English, music is still universal, and McCartney is a beloved musician who was part of one of the most famous, popular and loved bands in history.

  62. Queen Elizabeth? I know the Monarchy ain't what it was, but she has been queen for a long time, and I can't imagine a single first- or second-world person who doesn't know who she is.

  63. This might be the best answer yet considering the number of practicing catholics plus him just being generally liked by most people (that I know off).

  64. Pele has to be up there. Whether he's the greatest footballer of all time isn't important (Maradona for me) but his importance as a global sporting icon, up there with Ali and Bolt, is huge.

  65. Queen of England. Not just people mourning her death but people who have to replace all the currency with her face on it.

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