What is your cat's name?

  1. Mine is named Nora too! We have another one who is a tuxedo named Bigfoot because he has extra toes. I think Its called polydactylism or something along those lines.

  2. Only 7? Pssh, rookie numbers. Pooter, Tigger, Granger, Leotard (Leo), Baghera (Baggy), Wobbles, Bobby Socks, Tater, and Athena.

  3. That's what my cat growing up was named. He passed a couple months ago at 16. When we found him as a little malnourished kitten, he was sooo tiny.

  4. I wish we could add pictures here. My beautiful baby was named “Rabbit” because she was pure white with gorgeous blue eyes. She passed last October from cancer. I took the most awesome pic of her, Shame I can’t add it here.

  5. Tinder because when he sees you he lays on his back and spread open his legs… said it as a joke, next thing you know I was giving him a forever home with me and kept the name

  6. I lost my Lou a month and a half ago. He was my favorite boy in the whole wide world. I hope they’re out there somewhere together. Hugs

  7. This name is so funny. Like its cute but its super funny. Imagine someone asks: “what’s your cat’s name?” and you just stand there, dead serious, and just say “waldo”

  8. My pets have nothing to do with my passwords, but I had the same exact thought when I saw this post.

  9. Our orange and white boy is named Apollo. Our new one, just adopted today, is an orange girl named Freya.

  10. I almost adopted a cat named Beef who had long grey hair and his tongue was always sticking out. I swear he never blinked, either. He also had six toes on one foot. Yep, in accordance to the description, he was quite a looker.

  11. Mars. She was the second of two cats I've gotten recently. First was Jupiter who I adopted and came with the name. Which fits because she was the Destroyer of Worlds who was fond of me and only me. Then an orange tabby showed up and to stay with the naming scheme she was named Mars and it fits.

  12. We have Minnie: a 13 yo tortoiseshell, Alice: age unknown, we think about 6, a mostly white and orange rescue, Archie: a 4 yo large, more orange than white, part main coon, and Samuel: a 5 month old siamese mix.

  13. Lord Stanley Jonesy LeMew and King Bose T'Challa Lugosi. I added Lugosi fairly recently. It fits.

  14. Thomas O’Malley, O’Malley The Alley Cat (quite literally his full legal name, might I add.)

  15. Zoran. Named after Thor's personal chariot maker in Norse mythology. He's a little crack head who always has the zoomies

  16. Millie. But we have many other names for her (Mildred, Millicent, Fatty McCatty). My favorite is Newman; she is, umm, portly and somewhat unlikeable. Like Newman on Seinfeld.

  17. Her name was Guinevere. I had to surrender her to a shelter a few years ago but still think about her nigh on daily.

  18. I’m got a Pawl (he likes touching things with his paws.) and a Bentley (he’s got a tiny bent tail. Very cute.) and a Kitten (big eyes, permanent kitten features just bigger.) and I used to have a Myca (short for My Cat.)

  19. Jugemu-jugemu Gokōnosurikire Kaijarisuigyo-no Suigyōmatsu Unraimatsu Fūraimatsu Kūnerutokoroni-sumutokoro Yaburakōjino-burakōji Paipopaipo-paiponoshūringan Shūringanno-gūrindai Gūrindaino-ponpokopīno-ponpokonāno Chōkyūmeino-chōsuke

  20. Milkshake & Vardy. We also have a cat that comes and goes as he pleases and my nephew named him CoD (call of duty)

  21. Her full title is Miss Fluffy Slinky, and shes a darling. But she goes by Slinky, and is the most polite ever.

  22. Tozze. It makes sense if you put it in my language, because Tuss/Toss means Wad for us. He is a norweigan forest cat aswell, which explains a lot. I dont know why we put the Z instead of S. Maybe just to spice it up a bit.

  23. I can't give him a name since he is not exactly my cat, he roams my neighborhood and sometimes spend time in my backyard because i give him food.

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