Which celebrity can we all agree is attractive?

  1. This sub is always thirsty as fuck. Every question is "NSFW". I swear every post is from a sexually starved college student.

  2. My grandson would go around singing Gaston songs and had little adventures with his playmobile guys and Gaston was always the hero.

  3. Mathew Bomer in White Collar is a good looking dude, even as a straight male his attractiveness is pretty damn hard to miss.

  4. Hell yeah. When I first met my gf we were asking random questions and she asked who my celebrity crush was. I said Matt Bomer. She laughed and said I could tell her my real celebrity crush assuming I was not saying a females name to hide it. I said Matt Bomer.

  5. I'm no celeb super fan, but I have to admit the first time I saw him, I was like "Who is that amazingly hot, perfect specimen of a man???" Whew - he is incredibly good-looking.

  6. Matt Bomer, Henry Cavill and Dr Evan Antin. They are all different versions of the same man. I’d take any of them.

  7. Pierce Brosnan somehow collectively got all of Ireland's "handsome" in a mug that he keeps on sipping from every now and again.

  8. Although I will concede that Brosnan is the poster-child for "growing old well" and is arguably better looking now than he was in Remington Steele, whenever the subject of "best looking Irishman" comes around I am contractually obliged to mention Colin Farrell

  9. OH MY GOD YES, when I was young all my friends were fawning over Legolas and I was the only one who had a thing for Aragorn. Just that very first scene in the pub - I was already in love.

  10. She is drop dead gorgeous in The OC. In an interview she said her now husband Ben Mackenzie (Lead role of The OC) didn’t pay much attention to her when she introduced herself.

  11. She was such a babe. Even as an old lady she aged like fine wine. And she was smart, and kind. Its so rare to find a trifecta like that in a human.

  12. I love the episode of Toast of London where Toast hangs out with John Hamm & thinks he turned gay. He later finds out John Hamm is so charming he has that effect on everyone.

  13. I was looking for this! I remember my mum started watching supernatural way back when it was new, and it was like DAMN. I could never understand those who favoured Sam, Dean was always the chef kiss of my heart.

  14. Such a fine specimen of a man. That scene where he mimed "Eye of the Tiger" was completely joking around but looked damn good doing it. I'm a straight male who hopes he catches the eye of this tiger. Raawr.

  15. He's also a really good singer, it only makes him look even more unreal, it's crazy how attractive he is in pretty much anything he does or wears.

  16. YES! I met him in real life and holy moly!!! TV doesnt do justice with how handsome he really is in real life. Like drop dead gorgeous. Also, he's a lot more compact (??)

  17. My friends asked me if there was a 50+ year old man that I find attractive. There’s quite a few but Hugh Jackman is at the top of my list.

  18. I always thought Catherine Zeta Jones was stunning… Probably my favourite female face when I was younger. I’m totally straight but I appreciate beauty no matter the form.

  19. In the The Mask of Zorro she is just STUPID gorgeous. I remember being in awe of her in that movie as a kid.

  20. THANK YOU I was gonna say her too. But honestly I just love her voice, one of the most attractive voices out there. Her and scarlet Johansson have fantastic voices

  21. "Sebastian Stan! Oh man! Let me tell you something: when you see a guy this good looking on the streets, he's gonna get arrested because he's killing all the ladies. Pow pow! Pow pow pow!" - Anthony Mackie

  22. I think Anthony Mackie said it best: Those steel blue eyes let you know where home really is.

  23. CA: Winter soldier Stan could literally split me in half and I’ll apologize for the inconvenience of cleaning up my dead body.

  24. Sebastian Stan. He has a wonderful smile. There’s a scene in TFATWS where he just woke up and saw Sam’s nephews playing with the shield and he smiles and it is hands down the most beautiful thing in the world. I melt every time i see it.

  25. Thanks for this, I was in disbelief that I couldn’t find this name. Mildly disappointed that I had to scroll this much.

  26. I saw her a little while back in person at a movie opening. As she entered the theater, in a dress cut up from here to Cleveland, my wife tells me I audibly gasped then giggled like a school girl.

  27. I used to work with an older gentleman (~63 at the time), he was a lovely, salt of the earth type. One day after lunch he dragged me into the lunch room to show me something. There was a newspaper with a picture of Kate Beckinsale in a very flattering red dress, she looked gorgeous. He said to me " Just look at her, I may be old but I'm not dead yet!" He went up a notch in my book that day!

  28. Everyone talks about Obi Wan Kenobi but nobody talks about Moulin Rouge. I don’t even like musicals, but it’s probably my all time favorite movie.

  29. It's his smile that gets me. Everything about him is average, and then he smiles. Doesn't matter if he's playing a baddie or a goodie, that smile is transcendent.

  30. Not to mention that, on top of everything else, he consistently gives the impression of being the nicest human.

  31. This guy is so good looking and comfortable under his skin that he makes me want to workout. I don't know, big bro vibes or something

  32. He is SO fine in his 30-40. I mean younger him look kinda douchy, maybe i cannot get over his role in "Not Another Teen Movie".

  33. reading this made me realize I had a dream about him last night and in the dream I was thinking "GOD, HE'S HANDSOME"

  34. When he was a newer actor I showed him to a bunch of friends, so they could be awed as I was, and not one person thought he was even attractive! I was excited to find an actor I knew was going to blow up before he got very famous, and all my friends disagreed. Felt like I was in the twilight zone, man

  35. Natalie Portman is the reason I work out. I have this fantasy where we start talking at the Vanity Fair Oscars party bar. We exchange a few pleasantries. She asks what I do. I say I loved her in New Girl. She laughs. I get my drink.

  36. Into the Blue would have been a totally forgettable movie we’re it not for the underwater camera work on her. Had me purring like a catfish

  37. She's so hot. I never thought I'd see the day when I thought aunt may was hotter than Mary Jane, but my god, it isn't even a contest.

  38. I told my wife, when Cavill came out of the water in Superman, I was gay for a whole minute.

  39. Casino Royale’s Vesper Lynd is the best character ever, and Angie in Dark Shadows is amazing. Don’t even get me started on The Dreamers

  40. My wife and I went and saw The Suicide Squad and we couldn't get over the fact that no matter how shitty they tried to make Idris Elba look, he is still just an unfair amount of sexy.

  41. I loved her in the 90s as Scully, but her more recent role in Sex Education had me completely fucking enamoured with her. She has aged like fine wine.

  42. Why tf I gotta scroll all the way down here for Mr Handsome himself. He’s got pretty boy looks but also looks rugged at the same time it’s insane.

  43. Every one knows Alexandra Daddario is gorgeous but has anyone else know about Matthew Daddario? That man's made out of a whole block of sexy.

  44. My sister has never been what you’d call lustful. One night my son and I were at her house watching something and Jason Momoa came on. My son said to my brother-in-law, “Yeah, I just don’t get what chicks find hot about him.”

  45. Now I’m not gay but if I where in a room with Jason Momoa I wouldn’t be totally straight rather.

  46. Unlike other celebrities that require a shit ton of makeup, Alicia Vikander seems the type of girl that if she woke up in the worst hangover of her life, she would still look naturally beautiful.

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