What’s the most controversial thing you can say?

  1. Now, I’m the best hired gun in the West, but not even I’m willing to put my life on the line to defend you from the horde you have just called upon yourself.

  2. I honestly don’t care about both, you have your reasons. I just have a problem with people who shove it down your throat, same goes for hard left.

  3. 2 sexes. Many genders. At least 14, with six officially recognized, maybe five, depending v on how you count.

  4. This is so damn true. I love Reddit until people come on here thinking they have to approve of what I have to say for me to be on here. I could give a fuck of what people think no matter what my opinions are.

  5. Generally speaking, that's what we call God. We don't know what, we don't know where, etc. We just know he/she/it is.

  6. Mediums are fake. No one speaks to the dead. If someone could actually speak with the dead it would be an earth-shattering revelation that would make that person one of the most powerful in the world. Being able to communicate would be proof of some sort of life after death, something humans have been hunting for since the dawn of time. Yes many people claim and believe and have anecdotal moments about it being legit, but none of it stands up to scientific examination.

  7. “I thought about joining the military, but if a drill sergeant got in my face I would beat his ass”

  8. Religion is intellectual and cultural pollution and it only persists because people are either liars, stupid, uneducated and/or mentally ill.

  9. On top of how heartless people have been over the pandemic especially to the disabled. It's like suddenly realizing you're spending time with someone who genuinely doesn't give a fuck about other people

  10. So like, a little under 50% of us population right? All those people are bad people? Don't you see a problem here?

  11. Ah yes the boat I am currently riding around in. “You wouldn’t disown a friend because they voted for trump!” Said the friend I disowned because they voted for trump. This was kind of the cherry on top of some other bad behavior I was hardly tolerating. ✂️✂️✂️

  12. Controversial but true. They charged him with i think 3 different murder or manslaughter charges instead of just 1

  13. He'll get to appeal and leave prison in 5 years for good behavior and not being deemed a threat to others.

  14. I'm curious about that 1 sexuality part. You could argue transsexuality is a disorder, and the transexual people need all the love and help they can get, because they're dealing with a lot of internal conflicts which has to be devastating, yet you can't change your biological sex. That's a valid reasoning for me. 1 sexuality though? I'm as straight as it gets, show me a photo of a women I get rock hard, show me a photo of a dude I won't erect an inch. There are dudes that have experience exactly opposite of mine. You could argue that their sexuality is a disorder, I would strongly disagree with that (and so would science) but it would be a reasoning. 1 sexuality though? You think them people don't exist?

  15. Also to the religious folks. There is 0 evidence of any religion being true.The chances that any loving God would allow the holocaust or other awful things to happen on a daily basis is slim asf. Especially a truly caring God. If God exists , chances are it doesn't care. Its just your ego that thinks that you are worthy of an afterlife.

  16. You realize more people on earth believe in god than not? And among those 4 billion people I'm sure there is a lot of pretty pretty smart guys, who had thought about your holocaust question before and came up with an answer.

  17. Spoilt for choice really. Let's start with "fat girls should think themselves lucky if they can snag short guys" and let's see where we go from there, shall we?

  18. Once you’ve selected a grocery cart from the line, rolled it over the mats and into the store, you’ve committed to that cart, no matter how shitty the wheels are. You really throw off “I only care about me” vibes when you try and find a better one.

  19. Based on some previous times I've mentioned it on Reddit: Robin Williams was a notorious joke thief and if he was an upcoming comic today Reddit would hate him like Carlos Mencia.

  20. TBF, being a comedian might be one of the hardest professions to execute well today. Only good comedians now are ones that align with your also controversial opinion

  21. Fat people (except those with medical conditions) aren’t trying hard enough to lose weight and health at every size is dangerous. I was overweight myself, and the reason was I never worked out and wasn’t in a calorie deficit. My breathing was bad, couldn’t run a mile without doubling over and nearly puking. You can’t be fat and be healthy

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