The last person you searched up on Google has sex with you, who would it be?

  1. "UNLIMITED POWER" he yells as he whips out his shriveled old man dick and sends a bolt of evil lightning into your anus killing you instantly.

  2. At least you could die happy knowing that large subsections of the internet are very jealous of you for being fucked to death by a symbiote

  3. I scrolled pretty far to see this one. I was surprised most of the top comments aren’t people who’ve been in the news, most of em seem like jokes though

  4. You're not alone. My vagina just sealed up at the thought. I'm almost full term with a baby, ain't no way it's coming out now.

  5. Mine was almost Elizabeth Olsen, but the reddit post before this one was about Chris Wallace and it changed my life trajectory drastically.

  6. Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was arroused in it, I came in it. I didn't fuck in light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING!

  7. Have you seen the filter that turns you into the opposite gender? Somebody used it on Jimmy G and gawd damn that WoMan is hot

  8. A Dutch tennis player qualifying at Wimbledon who was warned her outfit wasn’t white enough…de Vroome was her name.

  9. You googled that after seeing this thread, hoping it would work didn't you? Sorry bro, your last google search was still John McAfee.

  10. Well i had looked up 'obama is the throat goat' for the meme but idk if that counts. Before that it was gonzo (the muppet). The reason makes it even better, had looked him up because someone in another askreddit comment had mentioned their ex or something had a dick that looked like gonzo's nose and i didend know who that was.

  11. I was talking to my wife and she had never searched her own name on Google before to see what results were returned, so I did it to tell her what came back.

  12. Well I guess I'm now batting for the other team but I ain't mad. Duncan McLeod of the clan McLeod. Forgot his name already.

  13. The girl who is cyber bullying my daughter. We’ve thought about calling the cops, but given her age, I would be the one being arrested.

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