Which franchise gives the least fucks about it’s diehard fans?

  1. I do think a lot of the hate towards them became an exaggerated meme at some point, and they have managed to increase the quality of their games / reduce excessive microtransactions. But I'll never, ever forgive them for their response to criticisms of Battlefield 5.

  2. I don't get this. I find playing mario kart online fine. When people complain about this do they mean lack of games to play online or the service itself?

  3. Why retail? They just added boosts and mounts to classic. The fabled land where people wanted to get away from the micro-transactions and shortcuts in retail.

  4. Have to disagree with you there, I think the storyline has alot of effort put into it and I think they've done an amazing job, unfortunately they don't have as much time to do certain things as well as they used too can agree that's dropped as the expansions go on but the reason for that is more effort is doing into the present expansions because the bar is always raised.

  5. I was trying to get my head around who would be a diehard government fan, then I remembered the Trump supporters

  6. I'm kind of split on that. The fans wanted a Championship as much as the players. Plenty of the diehard fans probably really don't care how they got it, since MLB is going to keep recognizing it. Not saying I approve of what they did, just saying I'm not sure how much this fits the question in teh end.

  7. Dice. Don't know if it was because of EA but they promised us gold bricks with the last few games and we got piles of shit

  8. EA is responsible for delivering the games. DICE makes the games. They're not allowed to do anything without EA's permission

  9. Until Sonic Mania was released, the Sonic franchise. They kept making mediocre to terrible Sonic games, while an entire scene of fan-made games built up, comprising the sorts of games Sonic fans actually wanted. Then Sega finally got it, and let fans make Mania.

  10. You could pretty much say Sega as a company. It's like they forgot they have IPs besides Sonic and Yakuza.

  11. I disagree. I feel A lot of Sega’s bad decisions and lack luster games is them trying to appease their fans and failing to understand what it is that they actually want. Sometimes it works out like with Colors, but most of the time they fail.

  12. And they are only just now bringing the 1 and 2 remakes to something besides mobile. 6 or 7 years later. They should just give the 2d universe to whitehead and let him do whatever.

  13. Star Wars was never uncommercial. I mean, Lucas was a pioneer in licensing tie-in products, but it only really became a customer service experience recently.

  14. I mean during the sequels yeah but now dave faloni and john favro in charge its going to get a whole lot better (Mind my spelling I'm dumb)

  15. No, because Star Wars fans have literally no idea what they actually want. They released a movie that was pretty much a collection of fan theories and it turned out to be the worst in the entire series... and the one that pissed off fans the most ended up being one of the best.

  16. Nah, I loved the sequels, and Mando was awesome. I’d say we’re in a Star Wars Golden Age right now

  17. Magic the Gathering. They have been running a 10 year experiment in seeing how hard they can pander to every audience that doesn’t play their game while simultaneously ruining their game through power creep in nonstop guileless cash grabs.

  18. Yep. I got into Magic during the most recent Ravnica block and it was awesome, but it seems like WOTC would much prefer pushing high-value, unbalanced cards over producing a well designed game. Oh fun, let's watch everyone build decks around a $50 card...yay...

  19. Still fucks me up that we could’ve gotten a game directed by Guillermo del Toro, designed by Junji Ito and starring Norman Reedus, but we just didn’t 🥲

  20. Yes, i broke my controller today out of frustration because i was trying to just enjoy myself and some dipshit in a jet had to ruin it

  21. They know the fans are rabid and all they have to do is make it look like they are competitive enough to make the playoffs.

  22. Game of Thrones. Well, the writers anyway. Everyone else who worked on that show put their soul into it. The writers betrayed them, the show, and us. Those guys shoulda swallow their pride and admitted they couldn't finish the show and handed it off to someone who could.

  23. Assassins Creed. Spent so many games establishing a wild sci-fi lore and they opted to ditch most of it because it was becoming too difficult for new players to jump in. They’ll figure it out.

  24. Pokemon is a franchise begging for a wide open sandbox based game yet they've instead gone down a hand holding color in the lines path.

  25. It’s not that GameFreak doesn’t listen (they do), it’s that Pokémon fans are just impossible to please. I enjoy all the games, people get so up in arms about nitty gritty details in every generation.

  26. I got my account reset by r* after a guy trapped me and dropped millions on me. No fucking recourse or way to appeal. Never played online again.

  27. Gearbox/Borderlands at this point. One of the most anticipated games of the past few years and they completely ruined it. Characters were shit, story was shit, little bits of politics thrown in for the sake of it, gunplay and movement was the only redeeming qualities but then we had terrible DLC to round it off. Oh and a second season pass which was overpriced after the rubbish DLC 4 that a lot of people including myself were angry at for various reasons. If you want to throw in other GBX games then you've also got ACM which was one of the biggest scams in gaming history. But that's another story.

  28. BL3 had the best gameplay and the worst writing imaginable hands down. The new vault hunters grew on me though. They're fun. I could go into a huge tirade about the writing though, dunno if this is the place for it.

  29. I disagree Disney or more accurately Kevin Feige has done an amazing job with Marvel properties. They just keep having hit after hit. The villains are getting better and now they have a bright future with the Fantastic 4 and the X-Men. They have constantly hit the head of the nail with casting. With both no names and well known actors/actress. Things just keep looking up for the franchise.

  30. Rock Star in general. They make awesome games and ignore the non-online players since they already have our money. Red Dead Redemption 2 storymode is so fantastic but the cut content and lack of updates is super frustrating.

  31. Pokémon. Feels like its recent games don’t have the polish we saw in the Nintendo DS era. Also, too much dialogue, still incredibly linear, and not enough challenge for its older fans

  32. Nintendo. They try to avoid the distribution of games that they aren’t even selling anymore, they take down music when they don’t offer another way of listening to it, and they still haven’t added the froggy chair to New Horizons.

  33. Gotta be the Knicks. Never seen a passionate fan base so actively hate their owner and show up ever game despite the franchise being a dumpster fire for the last 20 years

  34. Disney, you can pour thousands into them and they won’t even address their issues with their company currently. Especially in the making of Milan 2020

  35. Someone already took Pokemon so imma say Sonic. They're so entirely out of touch with their fan base. In their recent Sonic Direct, the biggest announcement was a remake of a game that had been mildly received at best, and the majority of the news was merely Sonic making cameos in other completely nonrelated franchises. Then they put in an ad for a "Sonic in the Tokyo Olympics" set of minigames that in any other time would have been merely a meh inclusion, but with all the controversy surrounding the Tokyo Olympics it really makes Sega just seem like they don't quite know what they're doing. The set of Sonic merchandise they announced is hella cringy at best. The showcase did a good job at showing how pathetic Sega's attempts at doing something right with Sonic are. The one decent thing with Sonic that happened recently was Sonic Mania, but that was only good because it was the diehard fans of Sonic that developed it, not the Sonic team lol.

  36. I honestly think this is a good thing for storytelling. Just focus on telling a good story, don't cater to the fans. For example, The Walking Dead show was a dumpster fire of plot armor and bad writing. The comic was a fucking masterpiece.

  37. I'm painting a target on my forehead but Star Wars. The new trilogy was literally designed to destroy Star Wars and replace it with a soulless doppelganger

  38. Honestly, it's probably a good thing they didn't do what some of their most diehard fans wanted.

  39. Insurrectionists: We committed treason like you asked us to, Donald, but now we're in jail. Won't you give us a presidential pardon?

  40. Fortnite, no doubt. Literally destroyed the game to pander to unskilled players (which I understand nets them more money, and is legitimate). But the hardcore among us who loved the early seasons just got shit on by greed, and now I’m sure they’ve lost a huge player base they would still have today if they hadn’t pandered.

  41. I'm someone who bought the game back when it was just Save the World and the battle royale mode didn't exist. Imagine how I feel lol

  42. nintendo, example: fan: I want to make a cool zelda hack and publish it to the internet, oop it got to popular guess Imma get a cease and desist from nintendo

  43. Synder's hand was finally forced. He once said I(or maybe it was we, can't remember exactly) will NEVER change the team name. Basically a team doesn't rebrand in like weeks. The Cleveland Indians are planning to change their name, but expect it to take at least a year or two, and since they aren't being forced they will keep the current name. Synder was going to lose sponsors so he HAD to drop the name.

  44. EA like the others when u grew up on 2005 battlefront, battlefield 2, and need for speed and watch how they slowly suck everything out of their fans is brutal... Blizzard may take their spot soo tho

  45. The Dallas Cowboys, Jerry has been a nightmare Owner and there's no stopping since he's a effing vampire..

  46. Not going to name names, but there is a certain company with a certain sci-fi fps franchise that doesn’t know how to count to 3.

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