Question about mental health, as it is important. How are you feeling today?

  1. Horrible. I don't do anything anymore, just waste the day away on YouTube or reddit and wait for something mildly exciting to happen. I barely speak, and I am extremely self conscious.

  2. Try to beat the rut today. If it’s safe in your area to go outside, take a small walk. Talk to some close friends, family. Hell, even people on here are willing to help, if you ask. Important thing is to find the ways to pick yourself back up.

  3. I felt like that for about a year since being laid off. One thing that helps me is trying to learn something new even if it's something silly . Maybe go check out today I found out on YouTube it should get your brain going. Then once you're a little energized head over to edx and check out free classes.

  4. Could be better. Im getting anxious about my road test since I only have one attempt left before I need to get a new permit.

  5. All good. It’s normal to get anxious before a test, especially if it’s driving. Calm drivers always make it out.

  6. a little bit better after seeing this so thank you. I hope you and everyone who reads this is feeling okay. Never be afraid to reach out if you need to

  7. Overall, not great. I was hoping I'd feel as good as I did last night today so I could get some writing done. That's obviously not happening. Maybe SpaceX will lift my mood with a test today.

  8. Sometimes the inspiration isn’t there yet, but it’s good to not try to force yourself to do something creative.

  9. I know, I live with my parents and it's good to see them more. But I have not seen any of my friends except virtually for more than 3 months and it's starting to get me exhausted on an emotional scale.

  10. You should ask for help. Of course, I’m not a doctor, so I can’t give you medical advice legally, but ask around.

  11. I’m sorry to hear that, but I am also wishing that your day goes the best, even if it starts out the worst.

  12. I’m at the lowest point in my life I could say. My sensory processing disorder issues have heightened. I have severe OCD (no I’m not a germaphobe) depression, anxiety, trichatellimania and some autism....

  13. A little depressed with tinges of paranoia. It’s ok, I just have to keep checking the evidence in case some of my opponents are actually out to get me. I am only a small player in the political game of hardball but there are a couple of opponents with different goals than I have who might try to spike me or bean me. Such is life.

  14. All good friend. Focus on your favorite hobbies, and those haters, who may be there, won’t stand to see you winning.

  15. i don't wanna, honestly. but i'm gonna exercise for an hour and then microdose. and hopefully that dose helps for two weeks. or something gives.

  16. Not really good tbh. I don't know what I'm going to do with my life. Out of job for 8 months now and not able to find a new one with the crisis. Plus the absence of social life and interaction with friends is depressing.

  17. The pandemic has definitely left a big thorn in everyone’s side this past year, but within that, we have found new ways to have more social lives virtually. Even if you FaceTime a friend or family member for a few minutes today, it can really help.

  18. My ex blew through 80k in the last year and is now broke. Somehow it is now my responsibility to make sure she doesn't lose her apartment and can continue to eat. So not great.

  19. That’s not your responsibility to help someone who is definitely financially irresponsible. If it’s for a kid, I can understand, but a past relationship? Definitely no.

  20. That’s because you’re not a stupid person. You’re a smart, unique individual that can overcome any problem. Even boredom.

  21. That sounds pretty toxic. You can’t have it both ways. If he wants you to be completely open, it should be so without backlash because he doesn’t like what he heard. Communication is key.

  22. Like a wet stinky towel is on my head and I can’t do anything to help get it off. Or like a dirty trash can filled be sad soup. Or like I’m carrying a bag full of shít. It’s hard to describe what depression feels like. But today it’s bad.

  23. It’s alright friend. Soon, the decision making will be in your hands, and I’m sure you’re gonna make the right ones to benefit you.

  24. there is a pretty bad situation going on in my family that i have zero control over that stresses me out constantly, other than that i'm alright

  25. Time to separate yourself from them. Block their number, their media accounts, everything. Even their damn email.

  26. Always a challenge to climb back to the top, but once you get there, you won’t regret having to fight for it 💪

  27. Good. I just started a new program at school yesterday and was able to knock all my homework out pretty quickly so today I can just chill. Also, stoked and nervous for a job interview I have tomorrow.

  28. Nice job! Remember to get there about 15 minutes early, and have at least 3 questions on hand about the job.

  29. Not well. Physically I have a cold and taking antibiotics while awaiting covid results. Mentally I am stressed and and anxious. Got bad news yesterday that my new insurance will not cover my mental health provider. I lost it broke down crying. My therapist whom I've been seeing for past 2 years has been the only therapist I ever connected with and treats me like I'm a daughter basically. I'm worried about not being able to see her. Undef her care has been longest in my life since age 13 that I have not been hospitalized for my mental health 2 years without prior to being her patient I was in mental hospital multiple times a year. 3 years ago I had a serious psychotic episode where I almost shot myself in head but lowered gun just in time to shoot a 9mm hollow point defense round through my thigh was in er for 3 weeks then mental ward for 2 weeks. I have so many other attempts or injuries in my past besides the gun incident too. I'm scared that all progress my therapist and I made these past 2 yrs will be wasted that I will back track. I'm 32 f btw So much trauma multiple abuse from young age etc for clarity my current professional diagnosis is borderline personality disorder, complex ptsd, schizoeffetive disorder with did traits and general anxiety disorder.

  30. Don’t give up hope. Even if you think people don’t care, there will always be people that love you. Your life matters.

  31. Well let me put it this way... im kind of done with life cause i cant seem to find out what to do with my life i seem to be in an endless loop of trying new things and never really getting into anything (i gues inhave started reading alot lately) and because of this covid BS i csnt get a job (my only "marketable skill is being a cook and i no longer want to work as a cook neighter) im tjinking about trying to school again but im doubting myself over it... yea thats about it.... And also yes mental health is very important...

  32. I'm great. I'm participating in one of the most competitive entrance exams for college in my country, and yesterday I got accepted for the second (and last) phase!

  33. I feel like it was a mistake to ever live. I feel like nobody in my family really care how I feel. Y’know, the usual

  34. I know the feeling. I try to distract myself with engaging conversations, whether or not I’m a part of said conversation.

  35. That’s good! Follow your dreams to your CAREER. Jobs are just a short stop to the next great inventor.

  36. I feel ok today. Weekends I am generally anxious out of my mind, but that may be due to the snow/pandemic shut downs. How you doin'?

  37. I’m doing fine, but there’s something weird going on. I’m not sure why but if a stretch I seem to just pass out for like 5 seconds and wake up on the floor.

  38. Not good. My anxiety is worse than ever. Its at the point where it takes alot of energy to conplete any kind of task. People call me lazy, but its not that, never has been. And with that comes a quite big depression. And Im not really on good terms with the one person I used to share this kinda stuff with

  39. You know you’re not a lazy person. You are, like most people during these times, in a rut. Find that one thing to take you out of it, and you should feel better. Maybe even get back to the normal pace of things?

  40. Blessed and Happy. With the shit I came from I should be dead or in prison. But instead I'm happily married and employed and I haven't had a bad day in 3 years. Now I ask, how do you feel reader?

  41. Do what you gotta do to feel better. You’re fortunate to be able to take charge and not sit around.

  42. Pretty good actually, I got a good night sleep, I read for about 45 minutes last night so that explains why. I went on a walk after lunch with my dad and schools been good.

  43. Anxious about having and possibly failing another pre-op Covid test. I had Covid in early November but since my doctor didn't want me leave my house to get tested, I'm getting conflicting info. My husband works in a hospital and contracted it and brought it home. My doctor decided to assume at the that time that I was positive too, as I had all the same symptoms.

  44. A covid scare like that would drive anyone crazy, but be calm. Soon, this pandemic is gonna roll over, people will get vaccinated, and we should slowly go back to order.

  45. You belong. Your place in this world is perfectly aligned. You just gotta find the right spot to fit in.

  46. I just turned 40 this year, and I have been finding out that I feel nowhere near as "liberated" as I did in previous decades, and I find myself regarding the darker side of life more often then I like.

  47. It’s perfectly fine to be who you are, regardless of outside opinions. Don’t let negativity sway you away from who you are. Own it.

  48. Frustrated. School is starting soon. I can’t study well at home. They don’t allow international students back in and now I feel like I’m wasting money on nothing but zoom classes that I don’t even attend.

  49. I would recommend finding a public library in your area. Always a private space to study up, and no loud distractions.

  50. I'm doing just fine. I got a drastically new haircut at the beginning of the year and I feel so sexy now :) I've been feeling so much better about myself since the haircut. I started dressing differently too, more myself, I've started taking better care of myself. When life returns back to normal I'm gonna be a totally new me. Watch out.

  51. i feel like if i could ever get a gun id paint the walls with my brains. other than that im alive. sounds like a joke but its hard to be serious about myself when i feel like life is a joke and we are all slaves to the coorperate, money hungry, nonsense that runs our world and they dont give a fuck about us, nobody does but the ones who also suffer and people close to us. i love you all but god damn why are some of you so horrible. cant we just love instead of be peices of shit. being a peice of shit is too god damn easy stop being pussies and start TRYING to care about eachother and understand we are all fuckin different and we all need love and we all deserve love. even you heartless cunts, thats why youre heartless, you lack the love you need. dont become hollow and take the easy route. im still alive cause i see how harmfull selfishness can be, and im a lucky fuck. i have people who care and i care about them so i stop myself from again attempting to "paint the walls" its a struggle but fuck i just want you all to be happy. my scuicidal attempt was out of desperation with no solid plan just a 50/50 coin flip cause i knew a gun would be too effective. i was numb and needed something different to jump start me again, drugs didnt suffice but seeing my family and friends in that much pain made me realise its not worth being selfish. i had to toy with my life like you might joke about jumping off a roof cause work sucks. i resent myself for that day, and im still sorry. the majority of people in this world has turned most of our lives into a joke. and i just started to take them seriously, like a damn fool. we were all metaphorically "raped at birth" lets stop fighting eachother and fight the people keeping us down. hope i made some sense cause i just cut my heart open and let it bleed onto the table. help me fight to beat these fucks in control theyve done enough damage no need to damage ourselves and our neighbors.

  52. Hmm, I don't know. Uncomfy? I felt fine earlier, and then in band one of these creepy guys I know was right up on me with his mask pulled down and every time I asked him to not get near me he came closer. I mean, I have a guy friend there that threatened to beat his a55 if he didn't get away from me, so felt pretty safe with him around, but I'm a little scared of that guy as he's getting more bold.

  53. Tell someone immediately. This behavior is the start of something that could end badly. Please, get someone notified in the school.

  54. I hope you can get in contact with them soon. They seem like companions for life, and everyone needs at least one person like that.

  55. Have you try to find the things that make you tense? You may unconsciously think about them, which may distract you from sleeping. Try to unpack some issues you’ve been having, and maybe try to resolve them, too.

  56. I've been all over the place today, mentally speaking. I live alone, and the isolation is really starting to fuck me up.

  57. Try to get out sometime for a walk, and talk with other people. Humans are sociable. We’re not meant to be alone and inside for a long time.

  58. I don't know why I feel like shit. I say I'm fine but I'm not fine. I'm dying inside and all I see are demons.

  59. Focus on what you do best. Favorite pastime, favorite person to talk to. Don’t trap your feelings inside, because they will explode at some point, and it’s gonna get ugly.

  60. Decent I suppose, much better than yesterday. Got two long walks in today, so my endorphins are up. Just really stressed/irritated about classes still being online.

  61. All over in due time. It’s not something we can control, so let’s put focus on the things we can.

  62. More or less punching myself in the face because I'm freaking out about whether or not the job I just got is the right job for me

  63. If the job is something you enjoy, you’ll know. If you don’t, there’s nothing wrong with starting over.

  64. I’m tired of peoples shit. School with covid is shit driving my sister evrey where she demand has been pissing me off and teachers dumping massive assignment on me twice a week has been shit.

  65. While schooling seems tough, it’s not too bad as long as you organize time to get things done. Definitely talk to your sister about the driving though. If it’s making you feel uncomfortable, it should be brought up.

  66. Better now than this morning. Spent maybe the first hour of the day in tears, but talked to a very close friend who helped pick me back up. I’m tired, and I’m lonesome, and I’m supremely impatient—but all in all I’m not bad. Will have a tasty dinner later and relax with some games and tv, and maybe talk to the guy I’m flirting with, and life will go on.

  67. Tomorrow is a new day, and today is yesterday’s tomorrow. Take steps tonight to make your day better tomorrow.

  68. Your future is the combination of your favorite career, and the effort you have put forth to doing it. As long as you focus on the future, and shape it how you want, it should be good.

  69. Sit-under-the-table scared. I was doing okay, but the guy I was seeing sexually violated me yesterday and I’m not over the panic attack. I haven’t slept all night. (I’m bipolar, and I’m worried this will trigger an episode)

  70. im ok. school is kind of on top of me. my entire cycle is good mood in the morning, and it either gets broken up by me fucking up or i just remember my problems and can't let go of it

  71. Incredibly stressed. Moving day is Saturday and I have to work every day until then, so I’ve had little time to prepare exactly how I want/need and I’ll have little help on the day of.

  72. That’s rough, but do the little things you can to prepare. Maybe the night before, you can start packing, but leaving room to get a good nights rest as well.

  73. Talk to people to help you get out. People are always willing to help, even if you feel like there isn’t someone to talk to.

  74. Not too good tbh OP. Been feeling really depressed, hopeless and passively suicidal for a few days now. Been having a hard time with my ADD and can't focus on college work, getting badly behind, which has me feeling angry at myself. Confused af about what my interests are and what I want to do with my life. Lonely af with quarantine too. Life just feels like a bad dream.

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