What games have you spent literal months of your life on?

  1. My dad learned to play as a kid from his grandfather, and they'd bet a penny on each game. Sadly, my great-grandfather passed away relatively young, in his early 60s.

  2. Still playing these days. New mod called Project Diablo 2 has been recently released and it's brought the game back to life. Huge community already.

  3. I was looking for this one. I’ll plus one to it. Literally had to quit the game in the school year because of how much I’d play it. My first real video game. I credit my brother somehow conning our Mom into buying an M game when we were so young. “No battle.net until you’re 11” she’d say...

  4. I'll go from playing every day for ungodly amounts of time, to taking months or even years off before I touch the game again.

  5. Oh I was going to write this! But then Ghandi developed nukes and I had to focus on that for a while. That was four weeks ago and I haven’t slept since.

  6. Damn. 39th on the list right now. I have about 2k hours in Terraria. I only bought it because my son was on the way, and I wanted an entertaining single player game. I worked overnights, and played every night I was off lol.

  7. I still talk to some of my friends from club penguin to this day. Despite being an adult now. A lot of us from my friend group on club penguin still keep in touch more so than my IRL friends it’s nice.

  8. Same for me. I have 4673.3 hours according to steam, and somewhere between 2-3000 of those hours are in PoP. I have to force myself to play other games, and recently I've been successful, as I haven't touched Warband since July 23rd. I know I could easily get back into it anytime.

  9. Been looking for someone to say warband. A Clash of Kings is the mod that does it for me. My sweet sweet Game of Thrones roleplay

  10. Paradox games: CKII & III, EUIV, Stellaris. CKII has the longest hours I've logged for any game in my Steam library, well over 1500. Stellaris comes in 2nd at around 700.

  11. I can't figure out how to get in to those grand strategy games. Stellaris is great though, took me 80hr just to win my first game

  12. Halo 2 was the reason xbox live caught on. It was so crazy to play an online game with decent matchmaking on consoles back then.

  13. I'm going to finally play New Vegas this winter. Fallout 4 was good, but Fallout 3 is my favorite game. I'm on my 4th or 5th playthrough right now, I never gave New Vegas a chance

  14. I've spent years, not months, of my life on Smash Bros Melee back when I was a wee lass. And much like you, I still play like an 80-year old discovering the GameCube controller for the first time in his life.

  15. Yeah....the Sims is a life sucker. I have something like nearly 4000 hours on TS4 since I first got it, and no I'm not a streamer. Not proud of those numbers.

  16. I've been playing Sims since the original came out. I have over 800 hours in Sims 4 alone, I guarantee I've put a fraction of my life into that game

  17. I wish I could see my stats regarding playing time... I’ve been playing since Sims 1... and I’ve had plenty of binge days where all I did was play 10 hours of Sims 😂

  18. I love sims 4, but I’m not willing to spend my money on all those damn dlcs, it really hurts that vanilla game only feels like 25% of the game ;(

  19. Skyrim on Switch is like crack for me. I put about 170 hours into it while I was off work due to the shut down. I want more games like that on the switch.

  20. There’s something comforting about Skyrim. It’s not addictive like mmos, but you can jump back in and replay.

  21. I was laid-off in 2012 and played nothing but Skyrim for almost a year I have put in several thousand hours in Skyrim since then. I may have had a slight problem.

  22. GTA San Andreas. I’ve never been so immersed in a world that I would do anything from riding my bike, to flying a plane, or even dirt biking the desert this game had so many elements in a world that I can also shoot rockets while doing all three things. Fucking classic game and in my top 5 video games of all time.

  23. San Andreas and Vice City were fucking unbelievable when they came out. SA had a lot of cool stuff that they never used again, like the turf wars.

  24. This and Vice City. I don't think I ever completed the campaign for either one, I would just have so much fun running from the cops and fucking around with cheat-codes and guns.

  25. Specifically for me: San Andreas Multiplayer (SAMP) logged thousands upon thousands of hours on the roleplay servers. That shit was my life.

  26. Cities:Skylines. It has no real end, you just slowly grow and refine your fictional city and it’s story until you get bored with it. Then you imagine a new city.

  27. I was hospitalized for awhile and I bought Stardew Valley on the first day I was discharged. One of the characters, Shane, was in a similar situation so I spent my entire recovery period playing that game and getting better “alongside” Shane. I have around 800 hours on the PC version but I think I’m well into over 1000 hours since I also own it on other platforms too.

  28. I'm playing Stardew Valley right now. I didn't notice anything wrong with Shane, he's just a little grumpy. Did they update it and take stuff out?

  29. Same on Overwatch. Probably have about 1.5k hours on it. And that's with me quitting for a year, and playing much less this year after I came back.

  30. Me too. I still have that old $5 membership price. I'm one of those people who play RS3 not because the graphics are better but because I just never stopped playing.

  31. I’m surprised I had to scroll so far to find this! Literally every day with friend after school...and all nighters/weekends etc. Great times.

  32. I wouldnt say I hate myself for it, the one thing I would really like to do is find a community of non-toxic people who are at my skilllevel. That way I wouldnt have to sit through 45min of russian conversation every time i start the soloq

  33. I think the only plausible reason why I had to scroll down this far to find this, is because dotaplayers don‘t have time to spend on subreddits other than

  34. This is wayyyy to far down. So addicting. Games last like 30min to an hour and you ALWAYS have to go for one more. Like WoW PvP on steroids.

  35. Not exaggerating when I say ME2 saved my life. Played ME1 in 2009 and loved it, but 2010 was a really tough time for me, lost my job at the tail end of 2009 and pretty much all my friends, for most of the first six months of the year all I was eating in a day was a bowl of cereal and the free sandwich I got whenever I had a shift at Subway. Managed to spend low one month and had enough to pick up a used copy of ME2. Coming back to my Shepard and meeting all those characters and spending time with them again kept me sane. Pretty sure I've clocked almost 40 playthroughs by now.

  36. Same. I'm the kind of person that has to complete everything in the game so it takes me a while. I'm currently replaying ME3 (just finished Tuchunka) with 16 hrs after finishing ME1 (22+ hrs) and ME2 (35+ hrs). This is far from the first time I've done this, maybe my 5th complete trilogy playthrough. I really wonder how many hours I've put in overall with the trilogy sometimes.

  37. I had Link's Awakening, and I gave up when I couldn't beat the Eagle's Tower. A year or three later, GameFaqs was a thing and I finally learned how to use the wrecking ball to take down the pillars.

  38. I called Nintendo power for like $5 a minute at 2am to get hints. My parents would be pissed. Those were absolutely the best of times.

  39. I still have all of the maps my brother and I hand drew while playing Legend of Zelda in 1987. It was all condensed onto one legal-sized sheet with each screen drawn in alignment, with notes and connectors. We didn’t have access to any game guide info at the time.

  40. Borderlands 3 is an amazing game and you will love it but borderlands 2 will go down as the best game i have ever played. Especially the tiny Tina expansion.

  41. My wife got me a switch, so I thought it would be cool to bust out my old Pokémon sun and transfer all the mythical and legendaries I’d collected into that game... turns out it’s a UK 3DS, so I can’t connect the Pokémon bank to my US Switch Pokémon home. Not to worry, i can trade everything onto my wife’s US 3DS, and connect that to home, but wait- Pokémon sun crashes every trade and won’t even boot up half the time? Well, after two weeks I’m 130 Pokémon down, 90 more to trade. This is going to be a month long project before I even play Pokémon Shield...

  42. No kidding. I got into competitive breeding and shiny hunting and I've spent so many hours playing various Pokemon titles. I think between X/Y - SW/SH I've played close to about 2000.

  43. Same, well over two years played on just one of my characters, over 3 between them all. THough I had a habit of staying logged in afk whenever i went our or went to bed, so a good chuck of that time I wasnt actually playing

  44. Yup. More of my life than any game ever. Quit and rejoined three times. Played casual, pvp only, hardcore raiding, and floating. Don't regret a single moment of it. Best. Game. Ever.

  45. I build huge complexes and mansions in creative mode. I have a couple of individual projects that each have over a month's worth of hours.

  46. Minecraft is a game where you can truly spend years in it without getting bored. I've played since almost the beginning of Pocket Edition, and I still love the game just as much.

  47. It's good to see KSP on these! Sure, it's a time suck but it teaches a lot of people the principles of spaceflight and has probably inspired more than a handful of aerospace engineers.

  48. FINALLY! Someone else knows of the Papa’s franchise, my heart and soul. I’ve been playing since Taco Mia man

  49. I really had to scroll down to find this. I started remastered on my switch late last year and I’ve beaten it like ten times with seven different characters

  50. Same here, I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore gamer and I hardly ever complete most games I play. But dark souls just changed the way I think. In a way it helped me.

  51. 3000hrs spent on it, so... much... grind... I blame the orokin cells, the cryotic and the oxium (goddamn vauban prime and sibear).

  52. Cardboard crack: I never got into it when it was new, but someone talked me into a hand after the pub and a couple of lines a few years ago, and now I've dozens of fatpacks full of cards junking up the place.

  53. Subnautica is one of those for me where I can complete it and then just start a new playthrough the next day

  54. Shit, I thought I was done with stardew. Turns out putting it on mobile was a BAD move for my productivity. You mean I don't have to turn on my PC to play a few days? I can harvest blueberries WHILE POOPING?

  55. Played it for 9 years. There were times that i played 10+ hours on my days off. Probably don't even have fun playing it half the time lol but this was the one game that every one of my friends play.

  56. Friends and I played WWF NO MERCY on the N64 for nearly 10 years. We had long and heated rivalries with our created characters.

  57. Same here. I stopped playing when I realised it was more work than my actual job. I was a Providence resident 2007 to 2017.

  58. Red Dead Redemption 2. I’m on my fifth play-through and I still have yet to get 100% completion. There’s always something new to discover- it’s wonderful!

  59. No love for tetris yet? I've been playing since the NES version. There were so many times in my life when playing tetris was the one thing that could shake me out of my negative headspace.

  60. Diablo 1, 2 and 3 (with their expansions); Age of Empires 1, 2 and 3 (with some of their expansions); Command & Conquer: Red Alert; and Titan Quest (with expansion). I'm sure I'm missing some.

  61. So random story about animal crossing. My little daughter got scammed out of her crown by a jerk in online play. She was hysterically sobbing and I had no idea what tf she was talking about. So I went in her game to see what was up, she spent a million bells on this thing. So I grinded every night for a while when she was asleep for her to get a new crown. And that’s the story about how I got addicted to animal crossing.

  62. Im really surprised there aren't more comments with acnh. I'm very embarrassed by the hours I've put in.

  63. Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4. Skyrim and Oblivion. Borderlands 2. Minecraft. I’m very fond of open-world or sandbox type games

  64. I was awake for 25hrs and played for 21hrs during deep stone crypt, my team cycled, I kept going. Still haven't beat the 2nd fucking encounter and im not gonna play till Wednesday maybe thursday. Dsc does have my favorite armor set though, besides the helmet

  65. I got tired of it, but I’m inclined to agree. It’s got a special experience to it that I haven’t seen in other games. Some expansions are better than others.

  66. I was a day one Destiny player. Absolutely loved that game. It was like crack. When TKK came out I was literally raiding 3 times a week. I could probably still do all of Kings Fall without breaking a sweat.

  67. Can’t believe I had to scroll this far to find maplestory. I remember when there were only 4 classes and getting to level 30 was a grind

  68. Definitely MHW. 1200 hours in and just created a second save slot for it. Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen as well

  69. Word. I got a Switch just to play Zelda:BotW post-surgery... and ended up playing it for most of the rest of that year. I had to set alarms to remind myself to sleep.

  70. I am 47 and got my first gaming pc (It was a texas instruments computer, not really a gaming pc but it had a game cartridge slot) before Atari came out. The list of games I have played for months is staggering. But to answer your question, I would say Ultima Online was my first really deep time sink.

  71. I watched my dad play Starcraft 1 since i was 4 years old. (Yes, i’m South Korean) I started playing with him when I was probably around 6-7 and played until now, I’m about to turn 26. I played almost everyday for a large chunk of those years.

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