Couples of Reddit, other than sex, what are some hobbies or activities you and your SO like doing together?

  1. My wife and I rarely cook together but invariably the one who's not cooking is sitting at the kitchen island and talking with the one who is cooking so we get to spend a nice hour or so just chatting about our days and whatever comes up.

  2. I met my wife at a board game club. Nearly all of our dates were to a board game cafe. We have a board game collection of about 200 games filling an entire wall of bookshelves.

  3. Finding your soulmate is awesome but finding a soulmate who’s also into art and practicing it together is one of the best things in life!

  4. My girlfriend is building a Halloween diorama, and I helped her with some of the difficult and tedious parts. We enjoyed every second of it!

  5. I just enjoy existing in the same room. It's nice to always have someone to bother with your random ass thoughts.

  6. My wife and I largely ran out of random stuff to share on regular occasions so we've just started making noises together. It's random and meaningless but we still get to connect and share the company.

  7. My wife and I were in the living room the other day just relaxing. She was reading something and I was looking at my phone. Suddenly she looks up at me and says "hey, can I ask you a question?" I say "sure..." and she goes "don't you feel like the word SHOES should be spelled SHEWS?"

  8. He started telling me about something involving a TV show the other day. After a minute he stopped himself and said "But you really don't care about this.". And I said "But I care about you, and it's important to you." So I laid down and cuddled with him while he told me about how excited he was that he found out that Adult Swim had made a final season for Samurai Jack after it was cancelled on Cartoon Network and how he was watching it and this one part brought a tears to his eyes, and then he laughed at himself for crying over a Cartoon.

  9. This has to be the top answer. I married my soulmate because we were perfect for each other and could just be in a room not doing anything in particular but be happy. I miss her.

  10. Yes, definitely this is the best answer, when I was living with my GF (now ex) this was the best part about living togheter, talk for hours, seeing YT videos or playing videogames, or just stay in bed for hours. It's nice to have always a person to share all your random ass thoughts.

  11. We both love date nights so we always think about something to do. Half the time it’s going out for dinner but other times it’s mini golf, escape rooms, axe throwing. Always something new

  12. Try ABC dates! We started and Covid kinda fucked it up but it was fun and we intend to start again soon. Alternate finding a date that starts with each letter, C for Cooking Class. P for Paint and Wine night. Etc. I am secretly documenting a picture from every date and going to make a book of them all

  13. This hits me. I just told my wife how much I miss showering together when we were younger in our "hippie" days. She got in with me the other day and lit me up man. Just holding each other no sex.

  14. Showering together is nice, but something we do as a treat maybe once a month is take a bath together - he sets up candles, a speaker, and bath salts, it's really sweet. He used to do it for me if I had a long day or was stressed out, but he knows I like him in the bath with me. So he'll stay in for about 20 minutes or so then he'll let me relax on my own.

  15. I wish someone would fucking scrub my back for me. You know. That one spot you can't really reach yourself.

  16. My wife and I shower together more than we shower or bath apart. We wash each other’s back, but it’s not a sexual thing. It’s more of a “tell me how your day went” type event. We may hug and kiss some, but it’s more consoling, massaging, loving hugs to let each other we are here for one another at the end of a long day. It’s kind of the one time we are both unplugged and able to destress. She has knee problems, so if her knee hurts, sometimes I pee on it.

  17. My wife and I love this! Cept living in an apartment means tiny showers and at my height I barely fit. That's what overhead showers on vacation are for.

  18. I love showering with my bf! No phones, no distractions, and like you said mostly non-sexual. It’s the most intimate non-sexual time in our relationship and always the BEST conversations.

  19. Intimacy, like that close one, equals trust. At this precise moment in my life this is the most precious thing I can have.

  20. We play xbox. We have ran through the Halo campaign start to finish multiple times together, but because Halo 5 is an awful piece of shit with no couch co-op, we started finding new games. We are currently 90% of the way through the first borderlands game and loving it.

  21. Me and my SO enjoy titles like Overcooked, and Moving Out, as well as many of the 2d platformer Nintendo makes. Super Mario 3D World, was excellent on the WiiU together, as was Hyrule Warriors.

  22. My SO doesn't really play video games and still enjoyed playing Unravel Two with me! It has a lot of co-op strategy and it's quite beautiful

  23. If you're interested in the switch at all, you could try Pikmin 3. It's coming out at the end of month and it's got co-op for campaign (which comes in 3 difficulties) and challenge modes too. Granted it's not a shooter, more of a RTS/collectathon and if you got a switch already you can test the demo to see if it's your cup of tea

  24. My SO and I play COD zombies together. We started with the Black Ops 1 Easter eggs (there’s another couple we play with when four players are necessary) and are working on the Black Ops 3 ones right now. Definitely good bang for your buck if you wait until a sale, which happens pretty frequently!

  25. Play outlast and take turns with the remote it’s really fuckin fun with others I wish I wouldn’t have played it before I met her

  26. Borderlands is the best! Borderlands 2 is amazing also, if you are almost done with the first I highly recommend playing the second one together next!

  27. Borderlands 2 is an amazing couch co-op game. We have spent the last 2 years playing it and we're not even finished yet with all the DLCs! I'm a chic and I LOVE that game.

  28. Running races. I complete (not very fast) marathons, and a couple years ago, my wife decided to do a 5k to try it out.

  29. In my experience running its always the guys that say they are "slow" that are the blazers. "Oh yeah, I'm pretty slow this year" runs a 6:45 minute pace on a half marathon and goes mountain climbing the same day. No joke

  30. I feel you. Ours are now 15, 12 and 11, and it is the BOMB! Put in the work to raise them to be kind, rad humans and they’ll get along, help run the household, and be really fun humans to hang out with in a few years, I promise. You got this.

  31. I have 7 kids. I'll tell you one weird thing was that out of all the amount of kids having 3 was the hardest. I have no idea why, it was just so hectic.

  32. I love my 2.5 year old and 1month old... but I'll be honest, I miss life with my wife before them. Things are particularly hard this year because we can't even do date nights.

  33. Before this year? Nothing. We were always very different people with very different hobbies who respected each other’s interests but never pushed to do things together other than the basics like watch movies and make dinner. This year everything changed. With quarantine and both of us working from home we suddenly had tons of extra time and energy to spend together and we genuinely struggled for a few months to figure out what we wanted to do with that. Our solution was pretty weird. We made a Cottagecore Instagram account. It’s a hobby that plays to BOTH our skills and interests, but also pushes us to grow creatively. He had always wanted to get into photography. I’ve always wanted more excuses to get dressed up and be goofy. We both love exploring new outdoor spaces. Most weeks we spend talking together about what we want to shoot on the weekend. I pick out outfits and props, he scouts locations and gets inspired with more ambitious technical photography skills. Then, we publish the photos to Instagram and we both get to enjoy other people enjoying them. It’s weirdly wonderful and the highlight of an otherwise awful year.

  34. I don't know what this is but I love your excitement about it and that y'all found something that works for you as a couple!

  35. My man gets up early and therefore sleeps early. He normally falls asleep on the couch. The other day he was apologising about it and I said I don’t care if you fall asleep on the couch, I’m just happy you’re next to me. He said: that’s why you’re perfect for me bc you really mean that. And I do. I just like him being near. Is that creepy?!

  36. I feel this so much. Just being in company exclusively together, so I can just randomly hug and kiss him. Lockdown has REALLY motivated me to begin saving money for a home, I don't even have a job but I'm already planning bank savings accounts for it lol

  37. I know it sounds lame, but during long car rides we will play the "I like about you" game where we just take turns saying things about each other that we admire.

  38. In the spring of our marriage: enjoyed attending antique auctions and sometimes buying things for our mostly empty house. Downhill and cross country skiing. Staying at B& Bs. Symphony, plays, pops, fine dining, taking classes, cooking at home. Volleyball. First 10 years.

  39. Playing minecraft! Sometimes when she doesnt want to play minecraft, we do solo BR in warzone where we debate what to do together and alternate between turns

  40. We like marathoning Netflix together. Our favorite to watch is Lucifer. We actually set season release days aside and make a day of it lol

  41. That worked great for Lucifer, but when it came to The Good Place she kept jumping ahead an episode or two when she got off work before me. I ended up in the other room playing xbox while she wrapped up season 4 just so I wouldn't see any spoilers.

  42. We love game dates. We don't always like the same games but we play games separately together - if that makes sense.

  43. Cooking and camping! Cooking is great because you get a reward for your efforts at the end. Camping is great because you get a little more uncomfortable together.

  44. Kayaking, going to the book store, binge watch movies and tv shows, trying new restaurants,playing with our dogs, making random playlist for random car drives.

  45. Talking our dog to the dog park, driving anywhere and we love eating a good meal! (I know basic but we are happy :)

  46. We both like bonfires, especially around this time of year. Some days we will just come home from work, sit out back by the bonfire, and just be.

  47. We have discovered that watching movies is a 1000x more enjoyable when we speak for the dinosaurs, godzillas, or other characters that don't speak. We recently watched Godzilla 2014, the wife spoke for godzilla and I spoke for the two MUTOs. Laughs ensued.

  48. back when i was smaller i used to do this w/ my brother when we were watching movies and it was fun a f

  49. We like date weekends where we stay the night in a fancy hotel and spend an obscene amount of money on food and wine. We're usually too stuffed when we get back to the room for any sexual activity, so we save that for morning. We also play board games, do gardening, and are constantly doing home improvement projects.

  50. Asking 'what do you want for dinner?' Or 'what are we doing this weekend (as far as entertainment)?'

  51. I wouldn't say that's not fun for most, I know tonnes of people who would rather spend their days hiking or being outside around the yard.

  52. Honestly we are straight up dog perverts. We go out of our way to go dospotting, and we love going and finding good parks just to see the dogs. We can't have our own so this is the best we can do.

  53. Definitely go with "dog flaneurs" instead. Has more of an air of Parisian mystery and sophistication and less an air of beastiality.

  54. After our kids go to bed we jump on our PS4's or computers and play video games together. He's much better at every game than I am but I'm getting better and we make a good team.

  55. Playing videogames together (sometimes build up LAN setup), playing and take care of with my pet rats, watching movies, going out for other activities like swimming and so on, trash talk.

  56. We will sit on the couch peacefully watching shows or playing games for hours. Then one of us will randomly start poking and prodding the other person, including trying to poke nipples and boop on the nose... It's really frustrating when you're the person being randomly pestered, but the person pestering is usually laughing their ass off.

  57. Realizing we make a really good team. Just today my girlfriend and I were at the vet. The veterinarian couldn't handle the dog and she went back to calm the dog. I couldn't have done that.

  58. Painting, cooking, going for walks, doing acid together, talking about nerdy stuff together. And like that other guy said, just being in the room sparks joy.

  59. That list took a sharp left turn there... Acid huh. You could have said you enjoy taking trips together...

  60. Rock climbing is a great couples sport! You need a partner to do it no matter what, and it’s fun to be able to belay them and have them belay you while going up these rock faces and spending time outside

  61. Playing pinball, playing Path of Exile, short to moderately long hikes, road trips, watching Jeopardy & nature/science documentaries, listening to music & going to concerts, really good meals.

  62. Sex is actually an activity we don’t do a whole lot. Neither of us are super big on relying on it. Both our top two love languages are quality time and physical touch so really we just spend a lot of time sitting next to each other doing our own thing. He enjoys to play video games on the weekend so he’ll play those while I sit and watch or do homework. We also love to cook so we often times cook together different meals from scratch if we can and just spend time in the kitchen. He’s in the military and I’m in college about to go into graduate school so we don’t have a lot of money or time to go out and do stuff all the time. We’d love to spend more time outdoors hiking, but we’re both so tired from the work week and it’s so hot where we live + there isn’t a lot of good terrain where we live. We’re hoping to move next year and if I get into school where my top picks are, we’ll have more outdoor hobbies to participate in.

  63. My girlfriend and I are in different cities, but when we move in together in the next few months and covid is done - she wants to take hip-hop dance classes. I'm a big awkward white guy and can't wait.

  64. 27 years and we still do most things together. Watched football last night. Had a picnic on Saturday.

  65. Deciding what to have for dinner. Its become a tradition to keep passing the buck until someone gets pissed off with the other and makes a choice.

  66. Video games. Card games. Writing together. Streaming together. Have a big like for butterfly museums and really anything video game related. I got really lucky in the shared hobbies group. And cant really get enough of her POV on things and she seems to reciprocate that. So it's rare we're ever bored together. But there is never enough time. Maybe 2 to 3 hours a day on a good workday.

  67. I was just talking to my GF about this! We’re doing long distance right now, and the second to last day we had together we went hiking with some friends, explored a part of the city around her, ate a really nice lunch at a park, but the part that was best was after, when we went home and showered, and just lay in bed together holding each other. Doing things is fun, but so is doing absolutely nothing and just being with the person you love.

  68. I was playing Among Us one night while in bed and she decided to watch me play. She’s never played any video games in her life. She was immediately hooked and is now obsessed with the game and we play it all the time together. I don’t know what I should introduce her to next, but my inner gamer is excited for us

  69. My wife has been unable to have sex for the past 3 years after her cancer treatments. We talk, play video games together, watch movies and TV, hang with our friends, take care of our pets and home. Although not being able to be intimate like that can be sad sometimes, its one of the last things you should worry about in a truly healthy relationship. We share our lives together, both the good and the bad.

  70. I've heard it's a fun activity. Been a while since it's been a staple in our house though. Hence the post.

  71. Insulting each other in extremely subtle ways. For example just this morning i called her a lazy good for nothing bitch and she called me a fat and useless piece of shit.

  72. I realized after my ex-girlfriend left me that I like to do gardening too. And I'm probably better at it too because I know how to install drip irrigation.

  73. Playing games. Sometimes we play them together. Sometimes we play separate games in the same room and just talk about whatever.

  74. We shoot together, sometimes she even goes racing with me. Bowling, driving range. I like paintball she hasn’t tried it yet but wants to. Wine tours. Cooking, going on motorcycle rides. ( she doesn’t have her own bike she goes as a passenger)

  75. We got a fish tank just into lockdown and it’s been such a bonding experience for the both of us since! We usually spark up a smoke and just sit, watch the fish and talk about anything and everything. It’s such a great way to unwind. Although we now have 4 (soon to be 5) tanks up and running, two of those are 30g and 55g so my living room has been overtaken

  76. The wife and I play call of duty all the time. I think she feels a little closer to me doing something she knows I like to do (before she got into it). The things she says when’s doesn’t understand how she died or when someone is being a troll is hilarious

  77. Watching movies, playing games (we usually play some mmorpg), swimming, planning our future house with a small home made music studio to have fun. 13 years together and we still enjoy many things.

  78. We are an active couple: Hiking, camping, running 5ks, walking, mountain biking, live sport games, dancing. I'm sure there's more.

  79. I read books to her. She has ADHD and dyslexia (but she refuses to do anything about that last one) so she asks me to read to her since she has a difficult time doing it. We go to school 5 hours apart so we just Skype before bed and she says that she loves hearing my voice and thinking about a story. We just started the first Percy Jackson book and she really likes this one so far :)

  80. We and my lady love going for walks together. We live pretty separate lives because of school so the times we go on walks are really nice just to BS and only focus on each other.

  81. Being goofy with each other most of the time, no children has definitely helped us stay together for almost 23 yrs. We do many of the same things and we are major big time heads. We have so many shows we like to watch together. Being goofy and our strong bond has kept us together all these years.

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