It's 12:01am on Dec 31st. The text "Simulation Ending in 23H 59M" is scrolling in the sky. What's your plan?

  1. I think I'd just wait it out, try to enjoy the last 24 hours of the simulation. Never know, I may have a body in the real world that I'll wake up in.

  2. Fuck that. I’m changing the difficulty raising the dialogue volume and lowering the sound effects. Adjusting the brightness. Turning on subtitles. Reading the hints etc. also playing way more mini games.

  3. You start over with all skills retained but the difficulty of that bitch Karen is significantly higher

  4. What, the same game, you fucking crazy? I'm gonna see what other titles are out there, this shitty thing requires way too much grinding and playstyles are crazy unbalanced.

  5. I’d probably be skeptical and assume someone somehow did it to fuck with people. But I’d spend the day with my wife, just in case. No crazy bucket list stuff. Just spend time together.

  6. who's going be selling? It's the apocalypse dude, dealers are going be going through their stock like it's nobody's business.

  7. How old are you? 'Cause is the only thing holding you back is the health propaganda, there's plenty of relatively healthy adventurous life choices to make.

  8. I got mushrooms, I got acid, I got tabs and aspirin tablets. Im a brother when you need some.good weed to set you free.

  9. Probably the screaming and crying from all your neighbors who are having nervous breakdowns about the sky message.

  10. This is interesting though. Will the simulation shut down in waves? Or is it whatever your time zone is- so for some people it'll just be like 7 am on the first or something?

  11. I'd have sky control spawn some clouds real quick to obscure the message then have sentience maintenance do a search and replace on all simulated human memories to purge any recollection of the message. Then find out which of the simulation team is responsible and prepare a disciplinary. It happens all the time, the power goes to the admins heads and they have to stage this sort of god level prank; burning bushes, making deities appear in toast. Anyway the simulation ends July 29th, 1200 GMT.

  12. It was a niche product that didn't get any support from the devs, hence all the bugs and absurd imbalances.

  13. Probably go to the park with my 1 year old and have a blast playing with him....then we would go home and eat all the pizza rolls possible. What will be will be. So I'll just do what makes me happiest 😂

  14. A worldwide screech of terror and laughter fills the world. The collected screaming and laughing can be heard to everyone. As the song continues playing, everyone is too busy dancing to realize the impending doom speeding towards them.

  15. I'd be eating and drinking a lot then finding someone to have sex with. Afterwards, I'd go back to eating and drinking until the clock ticks over.

  16. Honestly, I'd probably cry for a bit. Then I'd wake up my wife, go get both of my girls and put them in bed with us and stay there holding them and loving on them for as long as possible.

  17. This is what I was thinking too. Just thinking about losing my husband and kids is enough to make me a bit weepy...

  18. I'm one of the few people I know in my direct family that can stay remotely calm in that type of situation. So I'd be holding them, trying to convince them it's ok while internally begging god to forgive me for all of the horrible depraved things I've done in my life. Also I'd throw in a specific request for one particular person in my life to be left behind, to live a long life completely alone, after all of the rest of humanity was shown what an absolute peice of garbage they were. I'd wish this just so they could experience a fraction of the pain and loneliness they've caused to multiple people.

  19. In this scenario the hookers are dumb enough that they didn't read the message on the sky or do they just have great work ethics? Same for the dealers. Why do they even care about money?

  20. Go inside with my family, create a giant end-of-the world playlist for when it gets closer, and just try to enjoy it the best I can.

  21. I don't know if you're actually curious but as I recall the top contenders for what was supposed to happen were giant meteor and magnetic poles flipping (geomagnetic reversal).

  22. I can’t believe I had to scroll this far to find a Hitchhiker’s reference, though I expected it to be something along the lines of “grab my towel and flag down the nearest Vogon ship”.

  23. Would jump in my old rusty bmw, drive to my lovely gf, tell her that I really love her, even if she might be part of the simulation and that I won't ever forget the wonderful moments we had together

  24. Seriously can not stand it when people start something with "I know nobody.. bla bla" no you don't. Bad habit. Stop that.

  25. Eat all the pizza and drink tons of beer - I have Celiac, but it is the end of the world, who cares if I shit my pants? Also, play with a shitload of puppies.

  26. Considering I'm not religious: assume that this is some sort ad campaign being tested by cellphone service companies and start making a plan to make my own company if that proves to be true. One that doesn't allow any ads.

  27. Rob as many banks as possible and buy as many chicken nuggets as possible. Eat as many as i can until i die or slip into a coma.

  28. Realistically: if I saw that in the skies, I'd Google it. I'd probably find people confirming it's the end of the world and people denying it. Depending on the sources and all I'd assume the world is ending for real, I think, or at least that there's a good chance it's ending for real. I'd call my mom and my brother. Maybe I'd text some of my friends. Then I'd stay home with my dogs. I'd text my fuck buddies and see if they'd be down to come over to have sex, but honestly I don't think I'd make the effort to go to them. I'd really just spend time with my dogs, and eating and drinking stuff I like.

  29. Buy stocks. Everyone will be panicking and in the early hours the market will be fucked. If the world does end, no problem, I won't be there to worry. If it doesn't end, the market will go back up and I'll make good dosh.

  30. I want to say something cool but honestly I'd probably just spend the last day of my life paralyzed with existential dread and freaking out

  31. Well I would be devastated not because the fact that nothing is real, but because there are things I didn't get to do yet, promises I wouldn't be able to keep

  32. It doesn’t say what it’s evaluating. Could be a final test. Now having it confirmed I could be watched and recorded at all times, I prepare myself for the simulation exit and return all trays and seat backs to the upright position, or whatever that is for a simulation.

  33. Probably find a way to get up to the Comic Sans font in the sky and change it to Times New Roman then wait peacefully and die content

  34. Listen for the sound of about a hundred lightshow drones. Companies go pretty far to grab attention these days

  35. I would say “Thank God this shitty life is gonna be over and I’ll just wink out of existence” and go back to sleep

  36. Go outside and help all the people being victimized by scum who'd give up the facade of morality/sympathy when it was no longer necessary to fake it.

  37. Have sex with my husband. Then, have the whole family come over (open invite for close friends) for some really good food. Put on a classic comedy. Blow some coke and drink some beers. Basically, live it up & be surrounded by my loved ones.

  38. Weep with relief and tell all of my loved ones a code phrase we can use to meet up if we exist outside the simulation.

  39. Pending I'm in New York when this happens, I would calculate the fall time after jumping off the Empire State building and time my jump to where I'm mere centimeters from the ground when the timer hits 0.

  40. Steal my parent's car, drive 20 over the speed limit at all time all the way to the town my crush lives in and bang her.

  41. Yeah, spend the time with my family. And eat as many chimichanga-style frozen burritos as I could stuff into my guts 😁

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