What’s the most embarrassing thing a parent has done to you?

  1. For those who didn't grow up in a time where you shared a phone - with multiple extensions - with your parents, consider yourselves lucky.

  2. Lmao my dad was worse I distinctly remember having a conversation with my best friend over the phone about a boy I liked and my dad just chimed in with "oh who's Jackson??" because he'd just been listening on the other line the whole time.

  3. Had my first boyfriend in middle school and brought him home one time. At one point my mom made him bring me my clean laundry. And by that I mean a single pair of pink High School Musical underwear. I cried from embarrassment but he was actually pretty cool about it and comforted me. Then he cheated on me.

  4. My dad, influenced partly by Bad Boys 2, decided to mess with my boyfriend on my first date by acting like a hard-ass. He filled a whiskey bottle with tea, and when he answered the door he chugged the whole thing while staring my boyfriend down, then tried to break the bottle over his own head. The date was canceled due to the hospital trip, and I became known as the girl with the batshit insane father. "Don't concuss yourself this time" became the running joke once I was able to get a date again.

  5. I want to know what the hospital people said. I know when my partner had an oral allergic reaction to my rats and his face started swelling up like those pics of dogs that ate bees, the health center staff was.......highly entertained. My ass was sitting there in the waiting room like "yes. He understands allergies. Yes, he knew he was allergic to them. Yes, he insisted on petting them. Yes, he had an oral allergic reaction to them because he was feeding them tiny pieces of a gummy bear by pinching pieces off, then ate the rest of the gummy bear. Yes, i am questioning my assertion that he is very smart."

  6. When I was a senior in college I was working a part-time job. They offered to make my current position full-time once I graduated. Before I got a chance to respond my father found out and contacted my supervisor expressing concerns about the offer and the fact I was still in college. How my father found out still boggles my mind but when my supervisor told me that my dad called him was probably the most embarrassing thing either of my parents have done.

  7. After I submitted a job application to a manager when I was 16, my mother barged up and started going on and on about how I was really shy and not much of a people person.

  8. When I was 8 (yes, 8 years old) I was OBSESSED with the new Charlie's Angels movie with Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lu, and Drew Barrymore.

  9. She googles my boss's phone number, called him in his office, asked him to put me on the phone. In his office.I was in a meeting with a client, I didn't answer her call on my cellphone, in the middle of a work day.

  10. Same thing happened to me. My mom called my boss to tell him that my house(company housing) has a leaky roof and am depressed about it. she wonders why i didnt take up that permanent job there. I was humiliated.

  11. Something similar happened to me at my first "grown up" job. It was my first day working reception at a vet clinic (I had been promoted from kennel worker). I was still a little nervous about the procedure and if someone would ask questions that I didn't know. Apparently my mom told everyone at her work about it and had one of the guys call up to mess with me. I answered the phone and he started crying saying his dog was dying and he didn't know what to do, that he didn't want to lose his pet and just making it sound like an absolute emergency. I panicked and was like ok sir I'll get the vet please hold. Of course then he started laughing at me and said it was just a joke, I think my heart had already sank all the way to my shoes at that point so I couldn't even be relieved, I'm just glad I didn't get a chance to contact the vet for the fake call.

  12. My late mom got worse and worse about this as she got older. Chatting through church services, movies, tv shows, using a loud voice in otherwise quiet environments, like public transportation, etc. Like, did that part of etiquette fall out of your brain at some point? You taught two kids how to act right, and now you're off the hook? My sister's college graduation--my dad, my now-husband, and I all ignored her, so she proceeded to talk to everyone around us through the entire ceremony.

  13. Unfortunately this isn’t a “fun” story. When I was 16 I had a big birthday party at our house. It was wonderful. I got to invite close to 30 friends including new people from school. My dad made sure to have my favorite chocolate mousse cake as dessert. It turned into just a bunch of teenagers having a great time and talking.

  14. I had a male friend come over after school, and my best friend/neighbour was going to join soon after (they were dating at the time). Anyway, be get off the bus, start walking down the alley way, and notice my mom pull out of the drive way. So we walk up to the car and I ask where she’s going.

  15. Im 21 and my mom still tries to order my steak for me. I ask for medium rare and she says “no hell have medium” and i say “no...medium rare” and she goes “okay, whatever, thats fine”

  16. My 350 pound mother streaked in front of my boyfriend and my friends for 100 bucks. I was only 16, and that image still haunts me.

  17. Bought me a diary, encouraging me to write in it. Later stole said diary, broke the lock off, forged a bunch of made up "crushes" in there, and then read it aloud at the dinner table to humiliate me.

  18. When I was 10 or so, I was struggling with being too big for kids' clothes and too skinny for most juniors' clothes. I was trying on this dress with a mesh area around the neck in the department store dressing room, and it was so big on me that my nipples literally showed through the mesh part that was supposed to be around my collarbones. Kids that age are moody, so I just lost it in frustration and started crying. My mom was like "Oh, just let me see" but I didn't want her to see because that meant showing the whole fitting area my nipples. Finally I showed her and when she saw how upset I was, instead of comforting me, she decided to mimic me, fake-cry in my voice saying "OH MY GOD EVERYONE CAN SEE MY NIPPLES" and flash everyone in the dressing room.

  19. My parents (southeast asian) told one of my best friends (who is a girl and caucasian) behind my back, that if she was the same ethnicity as them, they would ask me to marry her.

  20. I was dating a lovely guy from South Korea. We hit it off and everything was great up until his mother called me and told me that her son, a 37 year old man, was no longer allowed to date me because I was white and she would never allow him to marry me.

  21. My Vietnamese best friend’s parents, also did this to him and a mutual friend. I guess that this is common among Asian families?

  22. It was my 16th birthday and my family went to a fancy Italian restaurant. The staff came over to sing happy birthday to me and my dad started singing along loudly in a bad Italian opera kind of accent (we are not Italian). The staff was so stunned they just stopped singing. The other customers around us laughed and applauded and the staff just walked away. I was mortified.

  23. When I was young we had a pajama day at school but I always just wore my boxers to sleep. Well obviously a kid can't show up to school in just underwear but I was too little/dumb to understand that. Why my mom allowed me to go and even drove me there, I have no idea. It was the most embarrassing day of my life, and the school had to call my parents to come pick me up halfway through the day

  24. i'm so sorry you went through that, i've had actual nightmares of going to school in my underwear, that's so fucked up...

  25. That is sooooo not right. I developed early too, and it’s bad enough when you’re the only girl in class with boobs without someone pointing it out. I can’t even imagine going through that.

  26. Saaaaaame! I'm 5'11" and a fucking Amazon. I had my period at 10, D cups at 11 and I was always the tallest girl. I was made fun of a lot though in Middle school but my dad was the one who always commented on my figure and talked to his pervert friends about it. I do not speak to my father anymore for other various reasons but the mentality that shit does for a kid is fucked up.

  27. Tell everybody at Thanksgiving dinner at her boyfriend's house about my tween bout with anorexia. I didn't want to be there in the first place, and she just kept going on and on about how I had carrots for dinner for a year until I had to shout at her to stop.

  28. Ugh that's the worst. I remember when I was sick I was in an awkward conversation with my dad's work friends about chocolate, so to fit in I was like 'lol yeah chocolate's great'

  29. i'm recovering from binge/purge anorexia. at my worst (puffy cheeks, bursting blood vessels, emaciated limbs), this sort of thing happened. my sister made shrimp scampi and everyone was raving about how good it was. i joined in, then my mom said, "it won't taste that great coming up." for dramatic effect, my sister pounded on the bathroom door an hour later talking to me about how hard she worked on that dish while i was trying to wash the puke smell out of my mouth

  30. I was 13 and waiting for a ride with my sister and parents at Dollywood. Across the way, two very pretty girls about my age were smiling at me. I smiled back and acted all cool because i was a skater boy with skater hair and my vision street wear and some shirt with a skull on it or something. It was working too. The girls whispered to each other and giggled and one even waved at me. Then my mom reached her damn hand in my face and popped a pimple right there public. The girls were aghast. I was humiliated. I have never forgiven her.

  31. I have a Dollywood story too! We were with a church group and my parents were along because they wanted to extend our family vacation in the area. My father was walking around with us and I had wanted to ride a ride--I couldn't find him after the ride so I headed up front at the organized meeting place like we had been told. My parents and most of the church group were there. My mother starts yelling at me for running off and spanks me in front of everyone. I was 13,

  32. My mum pulled up my skirt, causing me to involuntarily flash a room full of people, at a Christmas dinner. I was absolutely mortified. She wanted to check for self harm scars on my thighs, apparently. I've never self harmed before. She should not be allowed to consume alcohol.

  33. Even drunk that sounds like a bad idea. Why not take you into a Goddamn bathroom? Or wait till home? Or maybe just not do that at all?

  34. At a wedding, my mom pulled up my dress cause apparently my bra was hanging out. She yanked it hard enough that my ass cheek was hanging out for a second but of course tons of people saw. As I was leaving this random women yelled “the whore of the wedding.” I was with my whole family so it’s not like I did anything. It was just the second my butt was out.

  35. My mother insisted on seeing exactly what I bought for clothes to make sure they weren't too baggy until I went away to college. When I was 17, we were buying jeans at the Gap, and when I wouldn't basically do a fashion show for her for every pair of pants I tried on, she crawled her 58-year-old self under the door of the dressing room where I was trying them on. I'm a guy, and the dressing room had a line out the door. Everybody saw. Everybody heard.

  36. Mom made me call my 8th grade social studies teacher at home to ask if I could use him as a job reference. He lived with his parents still and i asked for him by first name. He waited for me at my locker the next day to tell me never to phone his house again ( parents house ) and never call him by his first name again. Didn't get the job either. Mom denies this ever happened and claims she would never demand I do something so strange.

  37. I came home from school with head lice. Instead of telling the teacher, who would send a letter home to everyone without specifically naming which child they noticed had lice, my mother rang every person in my class that she had the phone number of. She would have a chat with the parent all "yeah she has head lice so you need to check your kid". I probably got it from someone in my class and the whole class likely already had lice but kids don't realise that so the whole class were calling my dirty and saying I infected them. It was horrible. I was hysterically crying while she called people

  38. I had lice in 7th grade. My mom was really nice about it, but the whole fucking process was mortifying without your mom blabbing to everyone. I still get really upset if someone tries to put a hat on me that isn't mine, or whatever. If it ever happened again, so help me, I'd just shave my fucking head down to the skin no matter the length of my hair.

  39. Still slightly better than the alternative. There was a girl in my 2nd grade class who we could obviously tell had lice. The teachers didn't want to listen to us because they had just done a lice check and she was clean, must have picked them up right after the check. Finally one day the girl sitting behind her said she could see the bugs crawling in her hair and asked if she could sit somewhere else. Teachers aide came over and didn't even need to touch her hair to see all the lice crawling around.

  40. Holy shit, what's wrong with your mom? How would she just ignore you hysterically crying while she did that?

  41. When I was in my early 20s and living at home my father took a business call for me. People say we sound exactly alike on the phone, so when he was mistaken for me he ran with it, and was an ass to the caller.

  42. I have aggressive Crohn's that started showing up around 8th grade. My mom took me to all of my Dr. appointments, which were all pretty embarrassing, because no teenage boy wants their mom involved in their butt related illness. One particular visit, we were about half way through the appointment, when she whipped out a Cool Whip tub. Turns out, the following night I used the bathroom and it didn't all go down, so she thought it would be helpful to load that up in our poor people tupperware and haul it on into the Dr., so he could look it over. He had the confused/"what am I supposed to do with poop in a Cool Whip tub" face for a good 5-10 seconds, then politely dismissed it. Who'd have thought that there isn't any medical knowledge to be gained from fishing poop out of the toilet, refrigerating it overnight, and schlepping it up for an office visit.

  43. Omg, this reminds me of this time I was caring for this 12 yr old girl & her mom (I’m an ER RN) and mom had brought her daughter in for constipation. Mom was really over the top with worry but it’s her kid so I cut her some slack.

  44. I will say someone I know was trying to get a diagnosis for digestive issues and their doc told them to shit in a bucket, put it in the fridge, and bring it in to the next appointment (3 days hence). The doctor's office provided the bucket and detailed directions.

  45. When I was a senior in high school I had left the lights on in my truck all day and had to call my dad to come jump start my car. Now my father is 6'1 and has a very large belly. Motherfucker rolls up in cloth shorts and no shirt to jump start my car.

  46. This is why my family has a specific whistle to locate one another. Its very useful since my parents never notice texts when they're shopping

  47. My mom was pretty fucked up, so I have an endless list. The one that comes to mind right now is the time she sent me to go pick my younger brother from the pool. I, being a 13 yo active kid, joined him and started playing with his friends instead.

  48. I feel for you, my mom is also a crazy jerk. I haven't told anyone other than my fiance but I have been have suicidal thoughts and have been really depressed lately and I'm even taking time off work. . When I told my mom she said: 'Why do you tell me you have suicidal thoughts, I can't do anything about it, I can't save you,"

  49. In like 5th grade, there was this girl I was friends with and we would always joke around and make fun of each other. So one day my mom was picking me up from school, and me and the girl were walking out together and she said, "see you tomorrow dumbo!" (I had big ears as a kid, thankfully I grew into them). My mom heard her say that and wasn't having any of it. She stormed over and started yelling at her, saying things like, "don't ever talk to my kid like that again! How would you like it if kids made fun of the freckles on your face?" She started bawling. I was so fucking embarrassed my mom was yelling at this innocent little girl in front of dozens of kids. We left and I didn't talk to my mom at all on our way home.

  50. When I was really young, maybe five or so, my dad got into a conversation with the cashier at the movie rental place. I had to pee but every time I tried to get his attention he brushed me off. I ended up peeing myself and he didn't notice until we got in the car and it smelled like pee. At least he was apologetic when he asked why I didn't tell him and I explained what happened.

  51. This exact thing happened to me but it was at a baseball game and I was sitting next to my crush. My mom kept telling me to wait just a minute and I couldn’t wait any longer. She then got upset with me because I, apparently, could’ve held it in longer. Right mom cuz I wanted to pee all over myself. Sure.

  52. Everytime I made a mistake, big or small, my mom would tell my grandma. Then my grandma would proceed to tell the ENTIRE family so when we had meet ups, I would never hear the end of it.

  53. My stepmom decided that all my underwear were too stained. So rather than replace the old, falling apart underwear I'd had for years, she decided to get the whole family involved. The reason? Because I clearly hadn't been cleaning myself properly after using the bathroom. And I mean the whole family. Her mother, her sister, my sisters, and my dad all met me in the living room when I came home from school one day and they basically had an intervention about how I'm supposed to wipe my crotch after I pee to make sure my white cotton underwear stayed white for five plus years.

  54. One time a pigeon shat on my grandma after church when the service was over. “You motherfucking cock sucker” at the top of her lungs as the priest was shaking hands with people outside...I was 6

  55. When I was 14, my friend and I snuck out of my house to go to my girlfriend's house where his girlfriend was also. As soon as we were leaving her house at around 2 am, my mom and dad walked right into her back door in the basement. I was completely stunned. My dad was wearing just his boxers and a t shirt and my mom was standing there crying. Not because they couldn't find me, but because she thought I ruined my life for sneaking out. My dad started yelling at my girlfriend and demanded to speak to her father. He was already up though because he's a firefighter and he had no problem with us being there. He came downstairs and calmly asked "what's the problem"? Later, as we were leaving, my mom and dad made my friend and I ride in separate cars on the way home. When we got back to my house and went to bed, my mom walks over to me and says "You had your whole life going for you and you threw it all away!! "

  56. Lot's and lot's of things. I was ALWAYS sent to school with NO school supplies, no valentines day cards, NO snacks when it was my day to bring snacks, no birthday cupcakes for the class, no notes saying I saw the DR before school started AND TEACHERS TOOK IT OUT ON ME like I could drive myself to the store at 5-11 and pick these things up myself.

  57. I went to school at an outpatient mental facility as a kid. It was Halloween so the instructors let us paint our faces and do arts and crafts all day. I knew my mom didn't like Halloween for religious reasons so I just gave myself a cat nose with whiskers and made sure not to write Happy Halloween on anything I made. When my mom came to pick me up she screamed at me about how I knew better, made me go to the bathroom to wash my face, as well as made me throw away all the stuff I made, in front of everyone.

  58. My mom would call my school and tell them I’m not allowed to participate in any Halloween activities. I’d have to sit in the corner and watch all the other kids get candy and have fun. Have never been allowed to trick or treat

  59. A long time ago, my Dad was a policeman in one of the British forces. And not some tit-headed flatfoot, but the tazer-wielding fast car-chase sort. One morning he's doing a morning shift, on patrol in a big Land Rover, with ALL the toys of that era: multi-band radio broadcast unit, tannoys, and, best of all, a rear programmable LED board (so that you can type messages to the car behind you.)

  60. To preface this, my mom has a way with words, as in she doesn't always know what a word means but uses it anyway or she mispronounces things quite frequently.

  61. My mum thinks being a slut means being messy. I learnt this as she told my new opposite sex housemates at uni that I was "a bit of a slut".

  62. My dad discovered I was wearing thongs when I was 13 after he did a load of laundry and found a few in my wash. He came up from the basement wearing my newly cleaned thong as an eye patch and started acting like a pirate in front of my friends. He also had one of his drinking buddies over at the time that never let me live it down whenever I saw him after.

  63. Omg this happened to me with my grandfather. He found one in the clean laundry and made a point to tell the family present at the time how the tag had more fabric than the underwear.

  64. The first time my boyfriend came to my parents house with me my dad told him that they abide by the "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down" rule. 🤦‍♀️

  65. My mom and I used to try and embarrass each other. It was.fun. one day we were at Safeway and I was in the toilet paper isle and there was a VERY hot guy in there as well she held up a mega pack of toilet paper and yelled HEY SWEETHEART THIS WILL BE PERFECT ON YOUR SENSITIVE BUM. HOW'S YOUR DIARRHEA RIGHT NOW??? I thought I would die

  66. My family is like this. I'm in my late 20s so the playing field is level. I was helping my mom shop for Thanksgiving dinner and she made some snarky remark about extra small condoms when we passed the family planning aisle.

  67. Calling all the neighborhood moms one day when my younger brother noticed I was growing pubic hair at 12 years old. My mother made it a point of conversation to let all 10 moms know I was "becoming a man" and the calls went on for about an hour and a half - because apparently puberty is /that/ stimulating a conversation for the neighborhood.

  68. A guy I worked with got a call from his Daughter's school asking him to come and collect her. She'd had her first period and was a bit shaken up.

  69. This reminds me of when I got my first period and my mom told all her friends on the phone the next several days. Why do moms think this is cool? I have two boys and the second any hair sprouts or doors start locking at age 12 I DO NOT want to know. They can ask their dad about that. I’ll give them the sex talk but I’m not going to ask to see it or their....me time habits.

  70. so many times. One time when I was around 10, the whole family went to 6 flags over Texas. I rode the Texas Giant 8 times in a row with my dad. I asked my mom if she wanted to go on it with me even though she didn't like rides. We rode it. As we were finishing up the ride and it is slowly coming to a stop, she starts punching me in the side of the head, back of the head, where ever she could get me. She said it was my fault that she hated it. Everyone around us got really quiet and she yelled at me the rest of the way out until we were out of the park. I have never ridden it again. Kind of ruined it for me.

  71. That is straight up abuse. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully you are out of the house now!

  72. My mom sent in pictures of my awkward middle school page for the “baby pictures” section of my senior yearbook. EVERYONE else had pictures from the ages of 0-5, mine were middle school aged when I just looked generally awkward and terrible. To this day I have no idea what she was thinking or how she misunderstood the point of those pages so badly.

  73. Yelled at me about a band I liked--in public. Yelled about how they were Satanic, sang about devil worship, sin, sex, and were obviously evil.

  74. My mom is obsessive about house cleaning and hygiene. She has a three hour daily personal hygiene and grooming routine and woe be to those that interrupt it.

  75. When I was in HS, I was a pretty poor student. I walked out on my journalism final (I hadn't studied) and took my girlfriend to the mall on the northside of town, about 20 minutes away. My journo teacher called my mother, because she knew Momma TCInternet would sort shit OUT.

  76. My parents hosted a pool party at our house for all of their friends, and my dad's co-workers when I was around 8. I had to pee, so instead of drying off and going inside I just went around the corner of the house. My dad came out of nowhere, pulled my swim-trunks down and lifted me above his head as he proceeded to parade me around the backyard complete naked, screaming, and crying. Then he threw me in the pool in the middle of all of his friends. I was humiliated. I have never forgotten how I felt that day. I don't speak to my father anymore....not because of this, but this incident reaffirms my decision.

  77. When I was 3, we were on vacation in Cancun and apparentally I lost my swimming pants at the pool. Although I don't remember the actual incident, every family gathering they bring up how I ran around screaming hello to random people with my pants off and dick flopping around. They apparently let me do this all day until the security reprimanded them.

  78. 10th birthday, school is holding a McDonalds fundraiser. Everyone is there. Sister works at the McDonald’s and gets you a special cake for your birthday. Life is peaking. Mom is carrying out the cake with everyone from my class watching and drops the cake straight on the ground. Not only is 10 year old me devastated, but my mom then proceeds to start scooping cake off the floor onto plates and insisting that people eat it. Mom isn’t allowed to carry cakes anymore.

  79. When I was 16, I applied for a job at a restaurant near the house and she insisted on going to the interview with me. They didn't hire me.

  80. How did she genuinely think that would end? Like, what was the best outcome in that scenario she had mapped out in her mind? That they were gonna stop things in the middle of the interview and just make you the district manager of that restaurant?

  81. 19, walking on the boardwalk with my Mom while on vacation. Glancing at all the butts in swimsuits. Mom catches me looking, then loud enough for everyone in a 30' span to hear,

  82. I went to a funeral either in middle school or high school for one of my grandparents on my dad’s side. When we got there, one of his old friends was there and so was his old friend’s daughter, who was really hot and my age. I immediately thought, “holy shit, she’s hot.” Well apparently my dad did too because next thing I knew he mentioned out loud right next to her and about three other people that I must think she’s gorgeous and that I should talk to her (or something along those lines). Then realizing what just happened and said, “Oops I think I embarrassed him,” while I forced myself to laugh it off as the girl did too. Needless to say I was extremely pissed at him in my head, still don’t look back at this moment and laugh. Also I was pretty short when this took place so the chances of it working out were slim to none. But still, what the fuck Dad.

  83. I accidentally did this to my brother at our grandma's funeral, but mine was followed by "wait you guys aren't related are you..."

  84. Once at a convenience store I was waiting to get a donut out of the bakery case, the man getting his donuts asked if I was waiting for him to move My mom said “careful you’ll scare her”. (I was only waiting patiently, shy maybe, but not scared) The man then asked “what your kid is afraid of black people?” My mom laughed and he angrily left the store... 🙃 (Edit: to make it easier to read plus fixed a typo)

  85. Called my boss because a coworker made me upset. So both my parents called the Blockbusters I was working at (my first job and still at school) to tell them that I will not be coming into work that day. As a 17 year old this killed me.

  86. God my parents were always so pissed when I wouldn't let them go grab my schedule for me or things like that. I'm trying to act like a fucking adult let me deal with my own stuff lol

  87. My mum showed up to my job at Subway during the lunch rush on my birthday with some balloons, and got the whole place to sing Happy Birthday to me. Restaurant was full, and I had no way to escape.

  88. So I'm not the most fashionable guy. But I really like winter coats and tried to get the most fashionable ones I could find. So I usually had a few that I rotated through each season. Well when I was maybe 20 or so, we were going through old clothes to donate what we didn't need, and a friend of the family was gonna come pick them up. I had several coats on my pile, and when the friend came to get them she commented on that. My mom says, "oh he just has a coat fetish". Everyone was super uncomfortable, and I tried explaining that I just liked them. It wasn't a fetish. My mom apparently thought a fetish just meant you really liked something. Didn't understand, or believe when it was explained, that it was sexual. She then told me she'd mentioned my "coat fetish" to multiple people before..... Thanks Mom.... People probably think I creep around Burlington Coat Factory now.....

  89. I have a narcissist for a mom. One time when I was young, she offered to do my hair in the morning. I was really excited because she didn't ever offer to do this. She put rollers in my hair and after my hair was dry, I started taking them out. She saw me taking them out and freaked out at me about how ungrateful I was.

  90. My mother gave me lingerie for my wedding night. But that’s not all. She made me open it, in front of my future in-laws (who are veeery conservative Christians). Then she asked me if I wanted to try it on so she could “see if it fit ok.”

  91. Not me, but my cousin. Our last names start with the sound “sweat”. She was at a cheerleading competition and her dad (my uncle) yelled out “WAY TO GO SWEATY”. She said everyone at school starting calling her that after that incident

  92. My mom once stripped me and my sister naked and bathed us on the fron porch of our home because we got too dirty playing outside. I think i was 8 and my sister 5.

  93. My father tricked me as child into thinking that if I ate sprouts salad then they would grow out of my nose and ears. I was 6 I believed him till I was 10. He didnt once tell my mother why their son wasn't eating his favourite salad because he knew he took it too far.

  94. My mother decided to mock me during a particularly intense panic attack, going as far as to grab a camera and begin recording me while mocking and laughing more and more.

  95. My brother got the brunt of it as a kid as I wasn’t easily embarrassed. My brother was older than me, and in high school he was dating this girl who was rather rotund. My dad loved to call her “Ashley tree trunks” because her legs.. you get it.

  96. When i was a little kid out of dipers already i don't remember how old i was but i pissed myself while the neighbors were over so my mom took my piss soaked jeans off in front of them and tied them around my face

  97. My grandparents had a big wedding-style reception for their 50th wedding anniversary. They both had big families, most of whom were local, so there were a lot of people (200+ there).

  98. My father brought up all the porn I had been looking at in front of my friends, then mocked me for my choices of porn in front of them while they all laughed at me.

  99. They named me "Guy" and my father would always introduce me as "Little Guy". He'd say, "This is my son Guy. You know, like, I'm the big guy and he's the little Guy. He's a pretty happy Guy. My son is a smart Guy..." He relentlessly shamed me in that manner to pretty much any adult he knew or just met. I think he named me that, just for the joke value. I like my name, but I hated the shame.

  100. My elementary used to have Sports Days once a year. Whole day of outdoor games and sports activities set up that you do with your class. Always a super fun time. Parents usually volunteered to run the stations or hand out water and snacks etc. One year my Dad decided to borrow the mascot from the University he worked at, which was a big red dinosaur and come to sports day in it. I was absolutely mortified and so embarrassed I refused to be seen with him all day. Looking back I feel a bit bad about it, and think that was actually a super fun thing for him to do.

  101. My parents are both Deaf and have typical deaf voices - I can understand them but they are noticeable and difficult to understand if you're not used to them. We use BSL but they also use their voices with me. I'm used to being stared at in public with them and that's normal. That's life in a Deaf family.

  102. Not an actual parent, but my aunt is the CEO of the company I work at. She keeps calling me ALL the stuff she used to call me when I was a kid in front of everyone at work just to embarrass me for fun, even though everyone ACTUALLY makes fun of me because of that. A few examples of what she calls me : Babykins, stud muffin, silly willy, etc.

  103. 3rd through 6th grade, my mom was convinced that my friends would come over and steal my toys. My mom would then search my friends’ backpacks and pockets before they left my house. I didn’t end up with very many friends.

  104. Not my parent, but once when I was 12/13 we went on a trip to visit family and as soon as I got out of the car at their house, my aunt ran up screaming about how I had grown “little boobies”. She then pulled my shirt up to see them. In the front yard. In front of my entire extended family and 5 (all male) cousins. I legit wanted to die.

  105. I used to run improperly when I was a kid (I didn't swing my arms, I was not a coordinated kid, always felt clumsy). It wasn't until baseball in middle school that this became apparent, when I noticed people laughing at me. When I talked to my parents about it, even they laughed a bit until they noticed it was really bothering me. I had to get coached back into running properly by my coach.

  106. Only one of many as my father's an actual beast but ... Eating dinner with my parents and then bf Bf says something not to my liking Dad yells out at him: "you ain't getting any tonight"

  107. When I was little, me, my mom, and my sister were waiting in line for airport security or something, and it was pretty much silent. I whispered my mom I needed to pee and she said in her normal talking voice/slightly louder “YOU NEED TO PEE PEE?”

  108. Ugh, up until i was like 25, if my sisters or I ever went to a restaurant or store bathroom, after approximately thirty seconds my mom would BURST into the room and go “HEY!!! Are you okay??? What are you doing in there?? Do you need help? Are you having trouble????? Do you want me to help???”

  109. Compared to everything else, this is nothing, but my dad did that "wait until you try to open the car door then scoot forward a few feet, repeat 3-4 times" thing to me in front of a bunch of my friends and acquaintances, during a time in my life when I desperately wanted to seem cool.

  110. My mom makes loud derisive comments about my breasts being big at large family gatherings and then laughs. I'm in my 40s and she still does it. I'm a b cup. Not that huge surely?

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