Vets of reddit, What is your opinion on using polysporin on dogs injuries?

  1. I’m not a vet YET technically but I feel like I can still answer this. A SMALL amount of polysporin is okay. It’s not recommended to use a large amount because the dog could lick it off and have a bad reaction.

  2. Definitely not a vet, but coconut oil is really good for that. Dogs can lick it off and be totally fine, and it soothes their injuries as well as heals them

  3. Guys never used reddit till now so any help please. My 9 year old dog has a cracked rib. Vet looked over her and gave us painkillers. Only problem we are having is she is refusing to eat anything we try. She hasn't eating in 3 days now and is back at the vet tomorrow. Shes drinking plenty of water and now and again she has a little energy burst but it's the eating part that is worrying me.

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