Gamers of Reddit, what is your most intense or heart racing video game moment?

  1. Definitely. A close second to that (sticking to the series) would be the ending sequence in Halo 3. Probably my most memorable Halo moment.

  2. That library level was horrifying as an 8 year old. I wouldn't kill shit I just ran and ran through it all. The first scenes through the helmet cam I was like nope nope nope.

  3. That shit had my 7 year old heart racing. I remember beating the game, and replaying every single mission over and over again except 343 Guilty Spark.

  4. I thought the part with the statues was way creepier. That part in the game when you had to go through a large empty room to listen to a tape recording that was in the far corner. When you turn around, the room is full of statues. That made me jump off my seat.

  5. Try fighting the very first Big Daddy you encounter on the hardest difficulty. Shit was damn near impossible. The only way I was able to take him down was that I had structured the entire level to be a gauntlet for the Big Daddy to chase me through. Almost every camera and every turret was hacked and I had practice ran through the entire level multiple times just so I knew where to run at any given moment. So fun but, MAN that took forever to do.

  6. Where's that witch at? I'll crown that bitch so quick with my pump shotty. That's if I'm playing well. Otherwise I completely miss and she fucks me up :(

  7. I think the most intense part of night in Dying Light was how dark it actually was. In most games when it dark you can still sort of see, but here it was pitch black.

  8. [spoilers] Nah man, the thing that's really terrifying in that game is the babies... I legit had no idea what they were, so I was casually walking through a building when suddenly I hear a kid crying. I assumed it was a side quest, so I followed it and saw a kid hunched over on the ground. I walk over... and almost go into cardiac arrest from that god damn scream! Those things are pure evil!

  9. Have you played the invasion mode, or whatever it's called, where there's one super-zombie controlled by a player? Fighting a really clever player who's faster and more agile than you and can kill you in one hit is nuts.

  10. I have contended for a while that Dying Light is the best zombie game that has ever come out. Not because the story is good (it's not), but because the multiplayer is absolutely perfect and the single player is truly gut wrenching while you are still low level.

  11. As someone who doesn't do horror movies, but loves space survival thrillers, pretty much my entire first time through Dead Space.

  12. I loved dead space. Dead space 2 was fun as hell too. I will never forget how at the beginning of DS2, you find another live human being super early on and the dude just stares you down as he slits his own throat. So freaking creepy, really set up the rest of the game to be a mind fuck

  13. Dead Space was the first game that ever got me to stop. Somewhere around Chapter 7 I remember pausing the game, putting down my controller and saying "Okay, I can't do this anymore" and I didn't go back to it for about a week.

  14. That game goes from 0 to 100 pretty quick in the beginning. Running down a hallway from your first Necromorph, get to the elevator, you're fin-- OH GOD IT'S FORCING THE DOOR OPEN!

  15. Best part is that it doesn't rely on jump scares. You are just on edge the whole time. That game is a masterpiece of atmospheric horror.

  16. The Runescape wilderness the first few times I explored it as a kid. My heart would be beating kick crazy the entire time because dying meant losing my armor

  17. Omfg back when I had full rune(g), some level 12 asked me to go kill demons with him in the Wildy and I went with him. Of course, I died and I was so heartbroken cuz I spent ages cutting Yew trees to sell so I could get that armour. I literally thought that little bastard lured stupid 12 year old me there so he could take my shit but he actually prayed on my grave enough to let me get there in time and get my stuff back. Thank you random level 12 guy wearing the green cape and iron armour with that stupid bronze helmet

  18. Aw man, this brings back memories. In fact, let me share the a little story, about the runescape pied piper.

  19. Runescape wilderness was my first online PvP experience too! It was scary until I started carrying around the runes I needed to teleport back to town.

  20. Way back in middle school I was playing with my friend, I don't even remember if he really had great stuff on him. These 3 guys were sitting in the wildy (before there was a notification/moat before you enter) and dropped 1M in front of them and just said "You can have it if you come get it". Well my friend had been practicing magic at the time so he just telegrabbed the 1M from the edge of Varrock and walked away while the other guys immediately followed him and were saying they'd report him etc. such a glorious moment

  21. The sephiroth fight was the first time in a videogame where I felt like I legit won the fight instead of my character winning the fight for me. I felt like the keyblade master and not someone playing as the keyblade master. That's when I learned the joy of difficulty.

  22. Gen 4 was my first. I didn't know there was a champion. I thought there was just the Elite 4. So my (already heavily under-levelled) team somehow gets past the Elite 4...and then there's Cynthia. The music kicks in and you die in -3 turns because she's that powerful.

  23. The elite four in Pokemon Stadium for the N64 was RIDICULOUS. Took my brother and I ages to beat them on the 2nd play-through (I think that's how it was designed).

  24. Any time in the original resident evil where you're walking down a hallway you've been through 15-20 times and a goddamn zombie doberman jumps through the window. Fuck those dogs.

  25. One of the things I love about the Suicide Mission is the way it exists, not just in a vacuum, but in the context of the trilogy as a whole.

  26. Mass Effect 2 has easily the best finale to any game I've ever played. The suicide mission song is playing with Harbinger threatening your. "You have changed nothing. Your species has the attention of those infinitely your greater." Then the veeery end as the hundreds of Reapers emerge out of the darkness is honestly one of the most spine tingling moments I've had from any form of media.

  27. My first ME2 playthru Garrus died, to this day that playthru has never been imported into ME3. I ain't fighting no reapers without Garrus by my side whether my Shepard is fucking him or not, there's no Shepard without Vakarian gdi

  28. 100% came here looking for this. Such a good mission. I remember I had to have the game informer article on how to beat it and not get anyone killed right on my lap as I was playing it

  29. DayZ used to get the adrenaline pumping pretty good. Nothing quite like stalking a player for miles before taking the shot when they are stopping to drink water. The risk of losing your character if you slip up always adds to the stakes

  30. Came here to say this. I'll never forget my first 8-hour character. I hadn't seen a soul the entire time and then BAM, 4 man team snuck up on me in a military base.

  31. No game has ever given me such extreme adrenaline like DayZ did. Spending hours moving quietly through the forest, constantly scanning the ridgelines and trees for movement, not seeing another player for hours... then in a split second all hell breaks loose and you're bleeding out on the ground taking fire from god knows where while your buddies are yelling in the mic and crawling towards cover.

  32. The fact that you didn't even need to slip up to die was big for me. No amount of checking your surroundings could guarantee you won't get shot by someone hiding in the bushes as you went to cross a field, road, or crest a hill or whatever. The fact you could die any moment from a gunshot 200m away and there was nothing you could do was a constant load on your chest while playing.

  33. I came to day DayZ too. Good lord did that game get me wired up. I remember the tents area in the mod where people would go to and I was outside of one and could hear people inside talking about being ambushed. My mindset went from worrying about being hunted to realizing I was the hunter in that moment and even while I took them out I was scare as hell for my life!

  34. Arms 2 days mod vanilla . Spawn with a flash light and 1 bandage. This was hell. I always played at night and only found the makarov.....

  35. That damned fight between Smough and Ornstein in Dark Souls 1. To this day I still think that is one of the most ridiculous fights in all of gaming. The mixture of pure rage and excitement you get as you get close to finishing off one of them while avoiding being smacked by the other and that knowing you still have their soon to be supercharged friend to deal with is exhilarating. Then when all is said and done and they have fallen THAT is what video games are made for.

  36. I liked not knowing about superfriend mode. "YES, I finally got one, now one on one shouldn't be too difficult... oh shit."

  37. Jesus between the SA-X encounters, the nightmare boss fight and ridley's high pitch screaming fusion is one scary fucking game

  38. The bit right after you get the Space Jump, where you have to drop down on it then run like hell, was literally the scariest minute and a half of my childhood.

  39. Story time: Was at a local Sm4sh tournament for the first time. Was pleased to hear that my main, DK, was a rarity in the area, but this one Dr Mario was praying he faced me, so he could show how easily he could cape DK's recovery. He got his wish.

  40. I almost died of heart failure the first time I dove to the bottom of the icy northern sea in Skyrim. I heard rumors that there was a giant sea monster that had a chance to spawn, but I never saw anything.

  41. That's better than in Oblivion. There's a random dungeon that has a random little puddle. Except, the puddle is super deep. As you swim down, you realize that this "puddle" is something like 100 feet deep.

  42. Oh god, is that where you're in the hallway jumping on the boxes and the thing starts chasing you if you fall in the water. Or am I thinking of a different game? I just realized that part is literally just the floor is lava with ghosts or whatever it was.

  43. The first time I played Minecraft and went into a cave. For months I'd refused to go down there because I was scared of creepers.

  44. nothing beats the first Minecraft experience. It can never be re-created and I'm not gonna lie it bothers me a little.

  45. the sound effects in that game were what really got to me about spelunking in the beginning. even if you're on peaceful, the ambience in those simple-ass square-ass bleak-ass caves is enough to put an unsuspecting new player on edge.

  46. The first time night hit, I hadn't even figured out that you had to HOLD DOWN to dig, so I was out in the open. I still remember exactly where I was, and I remember getting shot, but not knowing what was doing it. I imagined some hermit-type dude for some reason.

  47. They frighten me no matter my level so I usually sneak up on a rocky ledge they can't reach and shoot fireballs at them.

  48. Arma 3. When you're pinned with your fireteam on a factory roof by CSAT fire and you're trying to find an escape route but you have to wait for your medic to treat your guy that got hit. And the worst point is that around the factory is an open field which is a fucking huge killzone. At that point we decided to take our two pickup trucks we had a decided to give it a go. Surprisingly we actually survived but we got ambushed by another goddamn CSAT squad and we got 1 casualty.

  49. When I was a kid playing Ocarina of Time, I could not handle the rooms with the Wallmasters. It's silly; they're easy to avoid and not terribly dangerous, but there was something about that anticipation that was just too much for my 10 year old constitution to handle. I would literally get as far as I could in a dungeon, then pause and wait several days for my friend's older brother to come over so he could run through the room for me, at which point I would take the controller back and keep playing.

  50. Being in the fields at night for the skeletons was terrifying. It took little kid me a while to realize they keep respawning, and I had no choice but to run for my life. That was kind of a mind fuck for an inexperienced gamer.

  51. When you're on the final track and lap of a cup in Mario Kart, in first place, and you hear the terrifying sound of a blue shell slicing through the air; you know it's a race against time to get to the finish line.

  52. Fuck man. When you're near the finish and you get royally screwed by a chain of shells that takes you from 1st to last before you can even react.

  53. Most intense – finally getting within 1% of downing a raid boss in World of Warcraft after weeks of bashing your heads against a wall and the raid starts losing people until it's just you (a squishy rogue) and your defensive cooldowns and you have 10 seconds left to do as much damage as you possibly can.

  54. Every once in a while that would happen to me as a paladin healer with like one person. Here I am healing a warrior or something through a boss that already murdered the main tank and two off tanks.

  55. First time jumping my super into combat. I thought I had it under control until the fight was over and I realized I was basically vibrating.

  56. The 2016 DOOM had some of the most intense moments I can recall in my 20+ years of gaming. Every fight I was on the edge of my seat, heart pounding out of my chest. Between the terrifying enemies, sound design, eye watering graphics, perfect frame rate, and level design it was an extremely visceral experience that I will never forget. Goddamn I should play that again....

  57. 2016 DOOM is a great tribute to one of the most revolutionary games ever. I felt like a little kid again.

  58. That part is so drastically different from almost everything else in the game, but that's exactly why I love it.

  59. I hated that they would respawn. If I could just kill them once and not have to deal with them again, I could totally manage.

  60. I managed to take the rolling mine you use to play with Dog through that entire level. My greatest video game accomplishment.

  61. The original Resident Evil. Playing by myself at night, no lights on, and that damn devil dog jumps through the window in the first hallway.

  62. Recently in Battlefield 1, my team was on the final defense point on Soissons, the 'tanks for everyone' map. In the mud and smoke we fought off the entire invading force of tanks and men with one of the fiercest fights I've ever seen. Bullets flew, artillery pounded the ground, dirt and blood everywhere. Tanks exploded all over the place. It was glorious and tense.

  63. Isn't that so beautiful when your team works together? Haven't played BF1 but I had that in BF4 a few times. You do things you didn't know you could do, see things you will never unsee. It changes you forever. mmmm

  64. Even that moment at the end of the fight, where you have set a trap for him and you know it will work, I still stressed the fuck out seeing the way he was running at me, that confident, unnerving stride like he was 3 tonnes of pure, evil muscle like a silverback ready to just completely scramble your shit. I almost forgot to detonate the explosives at the time.

  65. Killer Croc was fine for me, it was the fucking mutant Great White in Arkham City that got me so bad. I legit could not play the game past that point for a few years. Major phobia of sharks and the like, no bueno.

  66. When you are the last alive on Search and Destroy in Call of Duty or last alive on Counter Strike and the bomb timer starts ticking.

  67. Oh man, this should have much more upvotes in my opinion. Seriously, when your whole team is down, you're all that's alive with your entire team's eyes on you, and you're in a 4v1 situation, that's really when you gotta start thinking fast and pull off the win. And if you do, you feel like a damn action hero knowing that you just beat the odds with everyone watching.

  68. Gta vice city mini helicopter, bomb placing mission. When you are just about to finish it and you run out of time.. Fuck that.

  69. I was about to post what you stated man. I loved that game and thanks for sharing a great memory of heart pounding awesomeness playing the Last of Us

  70. True that. Except I get really nervous when I play a friend whose in silver (i'm in plat). I think just SC2 all the time

  71. The first video game I beat was Kirby's Dreamland for game boy color. I was super pumped, so I put on the Lion King soundtrack and danced around to "I just can't wait to be king" several times. Probably the most excited I ever got, but then 7 year-old me was a little spaz.

  72. OT of a rocket league tournament game. We went into it tied 0-0 and played essentially an entire game of OT. After losing that game I was so shaken I didn't play for a couple of weeks

  73. It took me until my proud-mode playthrough on KH2.5 (so like 12 years after beating the game initially), to discover that both X AND Triangle blocked the lazers and you were playing as BOTH Riku and Sora defending together.

  74. This boss battle has made every qte in every other game just dull since kh2 was released tbh. That shit was intense.

  75. A few moments in the original half life. When you first see the soldiers and the music kicks in. Or when the tentacle alien bursts out of the ground. Or when you get a glimpse of the sea monster hurling someone out of the water and snatching him mid air.

  76. When the dinosaur would chase me on Crash Bandicoot, the sound of the giant footsteps (clawsteps? pawsteps?) of the triceratops as I'm frantically jumping over tar pits will stay with me forever.

  77. Running from carnage in one of the Spider-Man games, Jesus Christ that was the most stressed I'd ever been in my life. I'm pretty certain I didn't breath on my actual successful run

  78. You mean in the Spider-Man game for N64/PS1 where the Carnage symbiote and Dr. Octopus combine and chase you through the exploding base?

  79. For me in CoD 4 it has to be getting the mile high club achievement, that feeling when you land the headshot on the last guy after countless attempts and 2 broken controllers

  80. I'd say it was immersive but not adrenaline pumping. Like, I completely felt like I was in the game but at no point did I have to pause because my hands couldn't stop shaking.

  81. In WoW, during Cataclysm we were raiding 10men HC Firelands and I was the designated flyer on Alysrazor. We were making good progress but around 4-5% the ground team fucked it up and wiped. We just begun the flying phase so I had a few minutes when I took no damage whatsoever.

  82. I'd just smoked a joint and spend a good five minutes crouched below the window where you spawn just psyching myself up.

  83. When you're doing a nuzlocke run in any Pokemon game, and the opposing trainer's Pokemon uses rollout/fury cutter

  84. Vault of Glass, normal mode. It has only been out for a week or so. We'd bee trying to beat it, pouring hours into it trying to get it done. Countless wipes at Atheon.

  85. Starfox 64's Area 6 always gets my heart racing, especially the music. Their terror just keeps rising as you penetrate layer after layer of Venom's defense systems and they're completely helpless to stop you. The level just makes you feel like a total and unstoppable badass.

  86. The end of Halo: Reach. Kept waiting for something... Someone to save my team and I. Slowly, as everyone died, and then I was the only one left, I realized that I was gonna die. Still tried my hardest to stay alive as long as I could.

  87. Was playing Arma 3 in the early hours of the morning and it wad one of my first times playing it. Got stormed by a tank and a squad of other guys when we were bunched up in a house. It was awesome but super scary too

  88. The Kate bit was so unnerving. The game gets you all comfortable , like "hey , you fucked up? Just rewind!" , then goes "Jk , you van't rewind and you're trying to get someone to not kill themselves!"

  89. Tf2 is a glorious game whether you're good or fucking suck you fucking fuck it's always a good time.

  90. Turning every corner in dino seemed like nothing ever happened, and yet I always thought there would be a fuck off T-Rex round the next a 8/9 Y.O it would trip me the fuck out

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