[Serious] Redditors who have been kidnapped, what was your experience like? Are there things you do now that you would have never done before?

  1. Just curious, but how did he win after 'kidnapping' you? I mean, I'm glad he did for your sake, I'm just surprised.

  2. This kind of happened to me, except my dad had talked to my mom about it. The first time my mom went to rehab he gave her a second chance. When she had to go back, he scooped me up, took me to Disney World for awhile, and then took me back home with him. I don't know if they worked something out or if he just took me; but I'm pretty sure my mom didn't fight it because she knew she'd never win, and he would've taken it to court. I was pretty upset when I found out (I didn't know until the end of that summer that I was going to live with him from then on), but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. If he hadn't, my mom would've kept deteriorating and I would've ended up on the streets, probably flunking school. Instead, my mom realized how bad she had fucked up and got herself off drugs, and I got another chance. Now I have a good relationship with both my parents, and I'm starting college this month.

  3. My nieces went through something similar. My brother is mentally ill, and my sister in law is an alcoholic. She told my brother to kill himself and he gave it a go. While he was in the hospital recovering (he's never really been the same, but that happens when you try to OD I guess) she spirited the girls away to Idaho for about 6 months, maybe longer.

  4. When I was maybe 10 or 11, my neighbor kidnapped me. She was this single woman in her 50s who was always super, super nice to me. She was always on her porch, and she'd wave when I came home from school. Anyway, I was walking home from school and she was waving as usual, but this time she was beckoning me over. I went up to her porch and she asked me if I wanted some meatloaf she made. I fucking loved meatloaf and she seemed harmless, so I said yes. I expected her to come outside with a plate or something, but instead she called me in and told me to sit downstairs. I felt weird about it, but I followed her into her basement and sat down on her couch. She brought me a plate of meatloaf and I watched Pokemon 2000 on VHS. She had a freezer with those tube popsicle things too. After I ate, I told her I needed to go home, and she told me my parents called and asked her to keep me while they ran errands. I felt weird about it and suspected she was lying, but I just kinda went along with it.

  5. Even though what she did was obviously not ok, I gotta commend you for not getting weirded out and Instead realizing that woman needed someone around. If I could afford it I would give you gold

  6. You were a very kindhearted child. I suspect she was really lonely and missing her child. Not that it in any way excuses what happened. But you were so very kind to visit with her after that.

  7. It's stuff like this that just washes away the black and white image portrayed about crimes like this. Definitely doesn't make it right, but it really complicates the wrong. Heavy stuff man, thanks for sharing.

  8. So you were young enough to fall for this, yet your parents just accepted that "you went home with a friend after school" without them freaking the fuck out?!?

  9. Although the neighbor clearly did wrong, this story shows the motivations very clearly and compassionately. Most likely because your neighbor knew you and your family, she knew how it would affect your family.

  10. That's really sad. you were a sweet kid but if I were your parents I've been very pissed.

  11. I posted this on a different account I don't remember the password for. This is a long one, but it gets good. 2 years ago, I was very hungover on a summer saturday in Manhattan. A girl I was seeing at the time was angrily getting her things together and proceeded to storm out of the apartment, which was shared by myself and four other guys. My old roommates had moved to a new apartment the night before. There are boxes and miscellaneous crap everywhere. I'm laying in bed, dying. It's around 9 or 10 am. About five minutes after the girl storms out, theres a knock at the door. She must have forgotten her phone charger or something. I get up in my boxers, walk across the living room where all the unpacked/half packed shit is, and open up the door. Behind the door was one of the scariest faces I've ever seen. Very beady eyes, thick mustache, scarred up face, balding man in his 50's. I was holding the door slightly ajar. Since it wasn't who I thought it was, I stepped behind the door a bit to hide my pale ass body, and stuck my head through the crack. He asked if Billy was home (one of my old roommates). I told him that Billy had moved out the day before. With that said, he put all of his bodyweight into the door, sending me flying back. this dude was enormous. As I was recovering from this and trying to think why someone would be so angry with Billy, this gentleman open-hand slaps me so hard I hit the ground. I am now awake. My new houseguest identifies himself as Big Tony, and demands to speak with Billy. I go into my room (right off of the living room where Big Tony is now setting up shop) and put on pants and grab my phone. Tony has already made it very clear not to call the police, or try to run out of my apartment or I might fall out of the window or get shot in the knees. Apparently, Billy owes him a lot of money. I call Billy, who says he never heard of Big Tony, and Billy is convinced it's a joke. Tony asks for the phone, where I hear Billy telling Big Tony to go fuck himself and to get out of his old apartment. Tony is now upset, and starts telling Billy that his roommate (myself) might get hurt if he doesn't learn some manners and come to the old apartment. Billy hangs up. Tony, for some reason took a liking to me. He apologized for the slap, gave me cigarettes, and said he hoped that this would all work out. He constantly comments on the fact that I'm living like an animal (since theres shit all over the apartment), and asking if me and my old roomies watch betting sports. We never watched sports, never had cable. He asks if Billy's last name is something which it isn't, and then asks if Billy is from somewhere that he isn't, and than asked if Billy is enrolled in a university that he isn't. I inform Big Tony that I'm fairly confident he is in the wrong apartment. Just as I'm getting him to back off and believe that there might be more then one Billy living in an apartment building, there is another knock at the door. "If it's the cops or your parents, I'm the maintenance guy". (My parents were coming to help me move out that afternoon). I open the door, and it's Henry, another one of my old roommates. I inform him he's picked a bad time as he's already waltzing inside to get some things. Tony poses as my uncle for a few minutes, before I intervene and tell Henry that this giant man is looking for Billy, who he believes owes him money. "Henry, do you guys gamble?" "Yeah, we gamble all the time." We played dice/cards a lot. I try explaining to Tony that we don't gamble on sports, but now we have to go through the whole gambit again. After another half hour of questions with Henry, Tony is back to believing he is in the wrong apartment. He calls his "coworker" to get a picture texted to him, it's not Billy. Okay. I tell Tony good luck and try to shoe him out of the apartment. No, it's never that easy. Tony wishes to take Henry and I out for coffee and doughnuts, his personal apology. I refuse. He won't have it. I'm in a Starbucks ordering doughnuts and coffee, which we consume in a nearby park, and listen to Tony's stories. Half an hour later, he says we can leave (at this point it didn't seem like we were being kept though) and we head back. Naturally no one believes us. We have a party in the old/pretty empty apartment. I stay at a friends place in the building, and wake up to knocks. Straight up 'Nam flashbacks. It's my buddy Tom, who also lives in the building. He tells me someones outside looking for me. Great. I get dressed, and head outside to find Big Tony, who gives me a grocery bag filled with Beer and Cigarettes. Tom and a few other friends from the building come outside and we drink beer in styrofoam cups on the street whilst listening to Tony's stories. Everyone believes Henry and I, and if Im ever in Tony's neighborhood, I should call him for dinner on him. TL;DR- I got Big Lebowski'd.

  12. This happened a while ago when I was 6. I come from a third world countries and at the time, kidnappings were at an all time high. We lived in a fairly nice neighbourhood, no kidnappings there, no theft, great neighbours. We felt pretty safe and therefore, my mom wasn't too worried. Our house was a gated residence so we had a front yard and backyard. I was out one morning in the front yard, playing with some toys while my mom was inside working or cooking or whatever. Someone knocked on the front gate, me being a dumb child decided to go up and ask who it was. It was this fairly old man who asked for some water, me being the nice, helping child opened the door and was snatched immediately.

  13. Out of this entire thread this is the only story of someone who was actually kidnapped. So glad you ended up being OK though!

  14. My kidnapping starts out about the same. Third world country, all time highs, and my parents weren't worried. I was actually 6 as well. When I was kidnapped though, they wanted me sexually. I remember being in a stranger house tied up, and managing to climb the pole I was tied to so I could slip the rope over the top. I ran out the front door with them right behind me, and managed to get out down the street. They vanished.

  15. Not much like the other stories here but my ex boyfriend abducted me from my parents' home when I was 19. Threw me in the trunk of his car and drove off. About 8 hours later (A lot happened in between, including me getting out of the trunk and into the back seat) the police spotted his car and engaged in a high speed pursuit. He crashed into a tree, served about 4 years, and is out with a wife and three kids now.

  16. I'm not sure if this technically counts as kidnapping, but I was held against my will whilst something terrible happened and I couldn't leave. First off, just to establish that I'm a man in my 30s now and even though this happened 20 years ago it still manages to get me sometimes. Basically I was 16 years old and had run away from home. Looking back there wasn't a good reason for me running away. My childhood wasn't terrible and I was just acting out because, well, I was a bit of a shit back then. On the 2nd night I found myself in the city centre, just sort of wandering around near the bars and clubs, in awe of the "sophisticated" young adults who were well dressed, groomed, getting served drinks and basically having fun. A white van pulled up alongside me and there were 2 guys in it. One of them asked if I wanted to get a drink and being a naive shit-for-brains I told him "yeah, sure". He got out of the van and went inside a bar to get a drink to bring out for me (I was too young to get in or get served - Even for a 16 year old I looked really young). Once he was inside the bar my common sense kicked in and, sensing danger, I walked away. About half an hour goes by and the same guy pulls up beside me. This time he is in a car and his friend is gone. I apologised for taking off and made some excuse for why I did it (Can't remember exactly what I said). He told me not to worry about it and we started talking. He told me that he owns a fashion store and if I wanted to he could get me kitted out at his shop and get me into some really good clubs. Because I was a fuckwit I thought this sounded like a good idea and I hopped into his car. We got to his store and needless to say it was not what he made it out to be. It was in a rough area of the city and even before he pulled the shutters up it was obvious that this was some cheap discount sportswear-type place. I started to tell him that I changed my mind and he bundled me inside and pulled and locked the shutters behind us. He started to try and kiss me and I said either "I don't want to" or "I want to go". He grabbed the back of my hair really hard and pulled my head back and snarled "Do you wanna fucking die? Is that what you want?". I had never been more scared in my life and I don't think I have been since. Needless to say he raped me and it was fucking brutal. The whole time I was imagining that he was going to pull a knife out and kill me whilst he was raping me. I don't know why I thought that but it was a thought that I couldn't get out of my head and it made the whole experience even more terrifying. Once it was over all I could think of to do was be extra nice to him so that I could maybe get out of there alive. He made some comment about having raped me and I responded with something like "what are you talking about? You didn't rape me I enjoyed it" (I cringe at this now and even though it was my survival tactic I still kinda hate myself for saying it). Anyway, like I said I was super nice and friendly to the point of normalising what had happened just so that he would trust me enough to let me go. I told him that I was really hungry and asked if we could go get a burger. He said no and this time I begged him and said I hadn't eaten in days. He reluctantly agreed, opened the door and started to pull up the shutters. As soon as he did I fucking bolted as fast as I could and didn't look back. I returned home to my family shortly after that. Never told them what happened though. So yeah, I'm very cautious and wary of people's motives. I would never completely trust a stranger like I did back then which isn't a bad thing I guess. In a way I was pretty lucky - It could have ended much worse than it did. TL:DR; Voluntarily got in stranger's car, was held captive and raped, managed to escape.

  17. Holy shit! Glad you are OK now, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Honestly the "you didn't rape me, I enjoyed it" line may have saved your life.

  18. This makes my heart hurt. A similar thing happened to me. This was well before cell phones and I was young and dumb and being a 13 yr old girl, thought I knew the world and could conquer it. I was out of town with a friend and her dad and we went to another different town to a carnival. I met a group of 16 yr old boys and thinking I was cool, hopped into their truck and took off with them. We ended up in the middle of nowhere at a farmhouse and 1 of the boys stayed behind with me while the other 4 went out shooting. The boy took advantage of me and raped me. I didn't even really understand what had happened. I kept all of my fear/tears/screams inside because I didn't know what would happen if I freaked out, alone with all of these strange guys. I asked them to take me back and during the hour long drive back, I was punched in the face because I started to cry and started to tell the other guys what had happened. I had a bruise on my cheek for over a week and basically told people I'd been messing around and been hit with a lamp (so stupid.) When the boys dropped me off I'd been gone for over 4 hours and she and her dad were frantic to find me. When I got home I didn't tell anyone but my friend that I was with and my mom overheard our phone conversation. She got the cops involved, but they assumed I was lying and nothing ever came of it.

  19. I was raped by my abusive girlfriend in high school. She had a knife, and I kind of just went into shock. I grew up in a small town of around 300 people, and things like that just didn't happen. Rape, in general, didn't happen, but people didn't even think female-on-male rape was physically possible.

  20. I know I shouldn't but I like it when it the stories of the confrontation ends in coma for the kidnapper.

  21. I'm glad the kidnapping attempt was unsuccessful and I'm glad your dad beat the crap out of that guy.

  22. I remember playing out in my front yard while the adults were on the front porch that was concealed by some tall bushes on the side facing the street. While I was playing, some guy pulled up in his car asking if I saw a cat around there. I stood up and asked him what it looked like and he said he had a picture with him and motioned for me to come look at it. Right away everyone on the porch stood up and screamed "NO" at the same time while my dad ran into the yard to get me and bring me inside. The guy in the car slammed the gas pedal and peeled off immediately and my dad couldn't get a look at his plates. At the time I had no clue what the hell happened and why they didn't let me look at the picture (They tried telling me, but it didn't really register to me how serious it was). Years later we had to watch a movie in school about not getting into strangers cars and the exact same scenario played out in the movie. It all came back to me and I was completely stunned realizing that I could've been kidnapped.

  23. It's popular where I live to put stickers on your car showing your kid's name and sport or activity they're involved in. It's also common to put up stickers representing family members, etc.

  24. My mother kidnapped me. My parents were in the middle of an ugly divorce and my mom was a stay-at-home-mom. Since she depended on my father for money, she assumed she would lose me in the custody battle.

  25. So back when I was around 7 or 8, my family went to visit our home country of Pakistan. Anytime anyone from the USA comes and visits PA its kinda of a big deal depending on where your going....where we visited was a small village of maybe 200 or so people and so word gets out fast that "RICH Americans" are coming. This makes us targets as people believe we come with pockets full of treasures and gold and money. Anyways, so I'm with my cousin who at the time was also 8 at a sketchy ass arcade place. Sketchy because it only had like 3 games and it was located in the back of a beat up mini store. So I'm playing and my cousin tells me its time to go but I was so into that the game I did not want to go....he leaves and I stayed. As I'm playing these 2 guys come into the arcade room and just start watching me play and start giving me comments on how good I was and when I responded back, I responded back in English not the native language of Punjabi....so they knew I was an american. Next thing I know they grab me the hands and tell me to come with them. All I remember is crying my ass off while they dragged me in the day light in front of other people to some house. Once at the location an old lady, who i assume was their mother was frantic ass fuck and asking who I am and why and I crying and why am I there. The guys told her to pretty much stfu and nothing and threw me into a room. I remember just standing at the door of the room and banging and crying for what seemed hours and every now and then they would tell me to stfu or they would hurt me but I kept crying and banging lol. After what seemed like many hours, the women/mom/ opened the door and told me to run home. I booked so fast out of there but I had no fuckin clue where the fuck I was. I just ran and when ever I would see a kid or a women I would ask where the arcade was because I knew how to get home from there. Pakistan is notorious for what they do to little kids..especially young boys. Young boys are used for sex and trafficking and so reflecting back on this incident I would say I was one lucky kid because god knows where I would be today.

  26. I met a man online who was around my parents age, he pelted me with compliments and told me how pretty I was and everything a teenage girl wants to hear.

  27. I was drunk and leaving a club at 6am. I didn't want to walk the 3km home in heels, so when a guy I had spoken to earlier in the evening offered to drive me home I thought it seemed like a good idea. He had been nice enough, and it was way more convenient. I got in and he asked my address and then started driving in completely the wrong direction. I said i was uncomfortable and wanted to get out, but he told me not yet, and my phone died so i couldn't call anyone. He drove me over the border and another man gets in the car and brings me a coffee with him which they insisted I drank. We drove around for about an hour until they stopped in a carpark of a rural disused train station when they dragged me out of the car, threw me onto the grass at the side and the second man raped me, then the driver forced me to suck him off. Then they dragged me back to the car and threw me into the backseat and started driving again. They eventually stopped at a petrol station and locked me in while they got out. They came back and gave me a pack of cigarettes and €50, but still wouldn't let me leave. Then the car wouldn't start. When they got out to check the engine I got out and ran. About 200m away there was a guy gardening and I asked him how far it was to walk back to my city, because I was fairly sure we had stayed in the general area. He said it was 5km away so I asked if he could phone me a taxi, which he did and I went home. In all it was about 7 hours I was with them.

  28. When i was 20 i was stuck at a party with a heap of drunk idiots and fights started happening so i wanted to go home. My phone died and I didn't have keys or my wallet on me so i decided to walk home across town at midnight.

  29. Fuck. This is the shit women have to worry about eh... It never clicked until I went camping with some friends a few months ago and a girl who we didn't know said around 2am "I was reluctant to drive into the middle of nowhere with 3 men I've never met, but you guys are cool and this is a good night, thanks." That simple sentence made me realize the shit women have to deal with every day because of the shitheads out there. I'm happy you're okay.

  30. I'll tell y'all some things that happened while I was trapped. On my first night in the house, we had a nice, proper meal. We sat at the dinner table, each with a plate with mashed potatoes, meat loaf, corn, and a piece of bread. I drank milk, and the couple each had some wine. Sounds nice, right? No. Both of my feet were hand cuffed to the legs on the chair. I also had some kind of rope like security around my chest that wrapped around the chair. I didn't want to eat because I was physically sick from the trauma of the day..... When I refused to eat, I was slapped across the face. I was also told I couldn't be released from the table unless my plate was completely empty. A few slaps and lots of tears later, I had force fed myself everything off of my plate. Then, I was forced to eat some kind of dessert. I don't remember what it was, but we did find out after the trial that they were putting sedatives in my supper to ensure I didn't have much mobility in the night, which didn't matter because I was handcuffed by my right foot to the bed each night.

  31. Over the summers I work at a camp and we ask that for check out the person who drops off the child leave names of those who can pick up the kid and can't if any. Then when check out does happen we ask that everyone show a photo ID and sign out the child. I've had instances where people were not on the authorized check out list so we have to call to confirm with the person who did the drop off. Thankfully it's always been they forgot to leave the name of the person. We have had many kids though who we can't even post pictures of on our website because of the possibility of this. Ive heard parents grumble that they have to go back to their car to get their ID and others who state that they are very happy that we are as strict as we are. It's a scary very real thing that I am so sorry you had to go through

  32. I had to use my fingerprint and a code to get my son from daycare and they wouldn't let him go with anyone unless I had told them ahead of time who it was and they had their ID on them. I loved it, even if it seemed a bit excessive.

  33. I had a family member going through a divorce try to pick up his kids from school. The school informed him that they had been told by his wife that he wasn't allowed to pick up the children and that there was a restraining order against him. No such restraining order existed. He had to threaten the school to produce the restraining order until finally they agreed to give him his children. Edit: I am so sorry that TrashPandaBros had such a traumatic time.

  34. Familial kidnapping is far far more common than stranger kidnapping, but it's the stranger danger that makes the headlines. When I was a young teenager, after the first time my parents "reconciled" following a separation, I found out that my dad had applied for passports for himself and the kids without my mom's knowledge or consent. He was also learning Spanish and had an interest in Central America (we are Canadians). I don't know if he would have gone through with it, but after that, I knew I wasn't going anywhere with him.

  35. I was five years old. A neighbor called me in while I was in my front yard playing. He locked me in his basement for four months, tortured me with a knife and a saw, and raped me daily.

  36. Used to go running in my area when I was in highschool. I've had older men offer me rides and follow me around - driving really slow back and forth past me giving me the creeper eyes. I've even had women try and offer me into their car.

  37. I created and alt to answer this post and once I'm done I will log off and never return to this account.

  38. Your story is heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing...you sound like a very strong person and I'm happy you were able to go on and live a relatively normal life.

  39. I was forced to march in front of a BOV with 20 other people who had been rounded up by the VRS. We marched and camped with them for two weeks and were used as human shields around vehicles and outposts, about four of us were shot, three of us had died before I was taken to give stitches to some sort of officer who had a gash in his leg and I was able to negotiate my release and the release of one woman who I had marched with who was also able to pay.

  40. I caught a ride to the beach with the wrong guy. Nineteen, in college, knew this guy from a country club where we both worked, had even kissed him a few times, nothing major, but he offered me a ride down to OC, so off we went. I was planning to meet friends. Didn't happen.

  41. I was a programmer who went to work in Iraq in 2007 and was held hostage for over two and a half years.

  42. i'm leaving out a lot of details but the bare bones of the story is this.. 8 years ago (it will be 9 years ago in sept) i was kidnapped off the street along with my female friend. we were both in our late teens. me- 19, she- 17. we were held in a filthy old house by an old married couple and raped repeatedly for days. every door and window had several locks on the inside. after a few days they forced us into a car, with guns pointed at us. they took us deep into the woods. its was so hot, and so humid. they shot her. i snapped and bashed the mans skull in with a rock. the wife took off in the car. i kept smashing and smashing his head, even tho he was long passed dead. i was in shock and stayed with the body of that disgusting man, and my deceased friend for almost two days. i was dehydrated and weak. i couldnt bring myself to leave her, but dehydration won and i started wandering down the dirt road. later i learned that i had walked 7 miles before reaching a small gas station/ burger place. the employee called 911 and gave me water, a cheeseburger and paper towels. i dont think she knew what to do. my shirt was sticky and hard from the dried blood and greasy brain matter. police questioning, is tedious and repetitive. getting a rape kit done was brutal. they gave me a pile of medications.. antivirals- just in case he had HIV or HPV.. antibiotics because he could have had all sorts of STDs/STIs and i was shredded. 2 doses of Plan B, because if that disgusting excuse of a man impregnated me, i would have killed myself. there is no real justice in the american justice system. it feels like it happened a million years ago, just a distant nightmare. this trauma has impacted every relationship i've had since then in one way or another. i no longer have nightmares, but thats probably because i take a metric-fuckton of xanax. talk therapy was not helpful for me. i'm broken now. i miss my friend every day. so many regrets. sometimes on hot, humid, sticky summer nights for a moment i remember with 100% clarity the feeling of slick, greasy brain matter splattered across my face, neck, shoulders. its hard to wash out of hair. i didnt feel clean even tho i bathed with scalding hot water and dish soap. it should have been me that died.. she was braver than me, and had so much more potential. i have scars on my knees, my hands, my shins and my scalp.. i lie about how i got them. writing this was hard. now.. i always carry a knife, a handcuff key and a multitool. i have no idea if it would have helped us or not. but i feel like i need to have these things with me.

  43. I was kidnapped in February of this year by a local gang and held for 95 days. Sunlight, sunlight and real food are what I missed most. The gang had broken into my home last year and stole about 30-40 grand so the leader thought they could get another payday by doing it again this year. Except this year they only found about 1500 bucks and a some weed. I was let free after 95 days... 95 days of being treated like an animal humbles a person. I've changed alot, I started two legitimate businesses as soon as I was let free. I'm going to leave this country at the end of this year hopefully otherwise I am positive this gang will come back for a third time. No reason they won't if they've already come twice. Im afraid of what might happen the third time.

  44. Hmm, not a kidnapping per se but definitely was held against my will. I actually posted this story on the thread about being sure you were about to die, but it didn't get much love so here it is again for moar attentionz.

  45. Wow, I can't believe you (and she!) are still willing to see her family after what they did! How did she not cut them off completely?

  46. You still see those people? Jesus Christ. I don't think there's anything an SO could do to make me go near them if that happened to me.

  47. That's fucking awful but honestly, what is wrong with you that you would still see them? If your girlfriend insists on seeing them after what they did to you then she doesn't love you. That's severely fucked up.

  48. I apologize for the shitty mobile formatting. I was (kinda sorta?) kidnapped by an ex boyfriend of mine when I was 16. He was waiting for me in the parking lot of my workplace. I had closed and was one of the last people there. My remaining two coworkers were in the windowless kitchen, listening to music and cleaning up, oblivious to anything happening outside. I proceeded to turn on my car so it could begin defrosting and went to the trunk to put my bag (I always changed in to clean clothes before leaving work since I didn't like to smell like fryer grease) away. While I was at the rear of the car, my then boyfriend exited his vehicle, turned off my car, closed my drivers side door and locked it. Taking my keys was a common power play for him, so I asked for them back and planned on leaving. He got back in his car and I made up my mind to let him go and to call my mother to bring me my spare key. Unluckily for me, I had left both my cellphone and my wallet in the drivers seat, and now my car was locked. I was standing in the bitter mid-winter cold, in thin leggings and a sweatshirt, in the dark. My ex (who we'll call L) was in his car telling me that if I didn't get in he would leave me to freeze. To avoid being in a parking lot alone in the cold, in the middle of the night I got in. He proceeded to drive erratically while threatening to beat me and dump me somewhere that "no one would ever think to look." He drove for maybe two hours to some pretty remote areas around large bodies of water and I genuinely feared for my life, as I had no idea where I was and no form of identification on my body. L's father was also in law enforcement and I have no doubts that if he actually would've harmed me no investigation would have come from it. He eventually took me back to my car, physically shoved me from his vehicle and threw my keys at me. After that, I obviously left him and got an order of protection. After that experience, I was far more cautious and still feel uncomfortable in situations where I do not have my phone or some sort of transportation easily accessible so that I can get the fuck out if I need to. TL;DR- I was kidnapped from a parking lot by boyfriend who threatened to kill me and dump my body.

  49. I'm very sorry this happened to you. And it's not "kinda-sorta" kidnapping; this was a straight up abduction.

  50. When I was 13-14 my aunts friend spent several weeks grooming me, then took me to another part of the country.

  51. I was kidnapped by my own mother when I was 2 years old. Obviously at the time, I didn't know bc she was my mother. I remember traveling alot in the city, mountains, whatever. I went to school once a week and thought that was normal and I would ask her sometimes where is my father. She would replied he left us and didn't love me at all. (Idk if this matters but my mother is black and my dad is Spanish.) Ofc I would start crying and she'll told me to move on.

  52. Back in the 80's when I was 11 I was staying at my cousins house in South Florida for the summer. We were outside playing basketball when my cousin went inside to get a drink. A car pulled up and the guy driving yelled over to me, saying he was trying to deliver a pizza and asked if I could help him find an address. I went over to the passenger side of the car to hear him better and told him where to find the street he was looking for. He reached over to open the passenger side door and said I should just show him because it would be faster. He even promised to give me his tip for the help.

  53. Funnily enough I got kidnapped by my auntie. I live in the UK - Liverpool and she lived in London. My mother was a raging herion addict and prostitute. Me and my brother were severely neglected. So my aunt comes along and I thought me and my brother are going on a mini holiday, it all seemed very exciting. We would get actual food on a plate, 3 times a day, clean beds to sleep in and a garden to play.

  54. Back when I was on drugs and homeless I was flying a sign on a street corner when a guy and his girlfriend and baby pulled up next to me. They said something about driving around the country and I thought I heard that they were transporting stuff from state to state, and I thought they asked me if I had ID, so I told them to pull onto a side street a little further up and I would meet them. They pulled up and I got in, we made normalish small talk about drugs and whatever, then they gave me 100$ to go shopping and get some new clothes, cause I had been wearing the same clothes for a while at that point and I definitely smelled bad. The woman stayed with me while I shopped and she seemed pretty cool, plus they had a baby so my brain couldn't process that they would harm me. After we got done shopping they took me back to their hotel where they had 2 rooms that connected, and the one I was staying in had a young looking, very pregnant girl in lingerie on the bed. As soon as I saw her I knew that I'd gotten myself into a fucked situation. They told the girl to watch me, and they were going to get food and come back. The girl said they had a trick on the way over, and asked if she should let them choose me or her. And the guy said "give her to them, they'll break her in". I was scared but I just went into the bathroom to shoot the rest of my dope. When I came out the pregnant girl gave me the rundown, she said as long as I don't struggle or cause trouble they'd bring me dope and all I had to do was turn tricks. I told her I didn't want to, and she said that didn't matter. When the first trick got there he chose me, and I just laid back and let it happen. Which happened a lot during the 3 days I was there. The second night I started trying to pack my stuff and leave, and the guy heard the pregnant girl yelling at me, so he came in. He had a gun and he stood in the front of the door. He hit me in the face with it, and held it to my head while I sat on the ground crying. He said if I ever try to leave he'll kill me, then went through my backpack and took me ID, and said he'd kill everyone at the address on my ID. So I stayed for another day, but the next night when the pregnant girl was showering, I grabbed my backpack and ran. Sometimes I still worry that they'll come to my parents house, which was the address on my ID. My parents dont deserve that shit. But it's been 2 years so the worry has faded. I wish that situation helped me pull my head out of my ass and get sober and get my life on track, but it didn't right away. I am sober now though. I still have nightmares about it, and every now and then I'll think I see the man or hear him in public, and I'll run out of where ever I am and cry. I know that this whole thing was entirely my fault, which is the worst part for me. I was too busy trying to get high and kill myself to realize that I was in serious danger. The prospect of having a bed and getting to eat and being supplied drugs clouded my brain so much. I never went to the police, because I was just a junkie, and even though I'd never been arrested for prostitution or anything, I knew that they'd think I wanted it.

  55. I'm really sorry this happened to you; and it wasn't your fault. Someone took advantage of you, used you, and blamed you for their exploitation of you. You didn't deserve this. If you're in the US or Canada,

  56. Not sure if it would be considered a kidnapping, but I was held against my will when my date insisted we swing by his place really fast. After being raped, forcefully cleaned (to remove potential evidence I guess), he dropped me off in the middle of nowhere.

  57. I (27F) was kidnapped by an ex boyfriend when I was 21. I had moved back to the US after several months abroad after I graduated college. I ran into him at my cousin's gym and he played nice. He's shown no real signs of violence before I'd left but had gotten into drugs while I was gone (I learned this later). We did lunch a couple of times when I returned and he was upset I hadn't told him I was moving away or coming back, but seemed to understand I didn't want to get back together.

  58. When i was 7 years old i was playing outside and car kept driving up and down the street for what was most likely 15 minutes. He pulled up next to my house and asked me for directions. He grabbed onto me and luckily my mother saw what was happening and grabbed a shotgun and came out and shot into the air and the guy speed off.

  59. I was drugged, kidnapped and then tortured, and raped by random strangers while at a restaurant for my husband's work party. This happened less than 2 years ago. I don't remember hardly anything from the kidnapping because of the drugging but the experience was .. beyond life altering. I was talking to my husband's coworkers- blinked- and opened my eyes disoriented, outside, in the dark. At first I didn't realize the deafening sound I was hearing was me screaming. I can tell you what it is like to go into survival mode- my own voice in my head walking me through the panic. I fumbled around in the dark (mind you this is all on security footage) trying to open doors to buildings, doors to cars, anywhere to get out of the cold and to hide from my captors (who were scared off momentarily by my screaming.) I finally was able to focus on a neon sign in the distance and realized where I was. I started at a dead run home- no idea that I am naked. Again my memory blacks out while I'm watching the sidewalk pass under me. Even though its a small town and there were apartments lining the street on both sides no one reported my screams- so someone came back and got me. I can't even say for sure it's the same people the second time. I was missing for 4 hours without clothes while it was 35 degrees and snowing and raining on and off so the fact that I didn't have hypothermia is another mystery. My husband was with the police, combing the exact downtown blocks I would be found on just a few hours later. I don't think I'll ever know where they took me, if they let me go, or if I escaped. My memory picks back up about a half mile down the street, when a police car pulls over. The officer knows my name and asks me what time it is. I've lost several hours of time. I am almost zombie like in my responses as if nothing is wrong. Then he asks where my clothes are and I meltdown looking at myself standing on main street naked like a real nightmare come to life. I don't even realize the nightmare is just beginning.

  60. I was snatched by my dad in broad daylight. To give some background: I'd spend the school year with my dad in the Pacific North West and the summer with my mom in the Midwest. Spending my summers in the Midwest was pretty much the height of my life back then. It was my vacation from an abusive, violent, manipulative and unpredictable father. Life almost felt normal while I was there.

  61. Wrote this before just going to combine my two posts about it. Part one My twin and myself were kidnapped by my father when I was ten and taken to Lebanon. It was complete hell for 6 years, was not allowed to call my mom and other siblings back in the States. Was beaten and underwent extreme psychological abuse. Just typing this brings tears to my eyes and I havent even scratched the surface of the torture we went through.

  62. It was fall of 1976 when I was 6 & my older sister was 8, our father and stepmom kidnapped us and took us to their home in Washington. The day he took us started out as a trip to the Gateway Arch, then changed to another tourist site as his excuses for us not to cause trouble. We didn't know him or his wife well at all, this is the first time I can remember ever meeting my bio dad as our parents were divorced before I turned 2. The only reason they took us was because they found out that our stepmom wasn't supposed to be able to have children and apparently really wanted them.

  63. When I was around 14, ninth grade, I went to a friend's house after school with another girl; three girls total. My friend lived with her grandfather, but he wasn't home at the time. The doorbell rang and she went to answer it. I was curious, because I was never allowed to answer the door at my own house. I peeked around the corner and listened in on the conversation. There was a man with a clipboard in uniform. He said that he needed to read the meter that was in the garage and asked if she would let him in. She started to open the door. I ran to the door and slammed it in his face, no explanation.

  64. NSFW This is a bit late and will probably be overlooked, but here's my story: (It is a bit long, but I don’t want to just tell my story, I want to help if I can.)

  65. My wife's father ran a drug empire in eastern china near Myanmar, and when she was 6 years old, some rivals kidnapped her for 6 mos until he paid the ransom. This is all she is willing to tell and I don't push the matter anymore. To this day, she doesn't like crowds, closed spaces, frist story residencies, chinese people, or her father. She's also deadly afraid of dogs, but I think this might be cultural.

  66. Tl;dr: Abusive ex boyfriend took me into the mountains while upset I broke up with him and I thought he was going to keep me or kill me.

  67. When I was in 4th grade, I was on the bus headed home as usual but we had a substitute bus driver that day. Well he must have been having a real bad day... About 10 minutes into the ride home, he picks up the bus's PA and proceeded to tell the bus full of K through 5th graders that we were all bad kids and we were not going to be taken home as punishment. Btw, I'm 28 now, so this is before anyone would have a cell phone on the bus... But anyways, he drives us around for an hour or so. We're all pretty much shitting our pants and yelling at the bus driver. My friend gets the idea to start yelling out to anyone he sees out the bus window. Everyone catches on and starts doing the same. The bus driver sees what we're doing and had a come to Jesus moment. He must have panicked because he pulls a u-turn in an intersection and finally proceeds to take us home. Needless to say all the parents were out in the neighborhood looking for us. My mom and another mom down the street get us all in the car and head to the school bus headquarters and called them letting them know the situation and that we were calling the cops too. Watched my mom tear the boss of the place a new one. The bus driver eventually shows up to drop the bus off and promptly get arrested. Pretty ballsy to kidnap a whole school bus full of kids...

  68. When I was 5 and my sister 3, we were out on the grass across the corner from the flat we currently stayed in. A group of young guys with weapons descended upon us and grabbed me. A girl we knew grabbed my sister and took her home but I was lead by these guys into one of their flats and locked in a room with one of them. He gave me a pop up book and fiddled around on the computer, occasionally trying to get me to go over and 'play'. I kept ignoring him cause this book was about vampires and I loved vampires and he eventually went to the toilet. I escaped through a window, got home and was grounded for being after curfew.

  69. In the mid 80's, my sister was 4 years old and playing at the courtyard in a gated apartment complex my parents were living in. My mom was in the kitchen but she could see my sister from there and in one second that she got distracted, my sister was gone. My mom sprinted downstairs and her motherly instincts told her to run towards the parking lot and she saw a little blonde head being taken inside of a running car by two women. My mom yanked my sister off one of their arms and the other one started saying, "oh we thought she was lost! we were gonna take her with the police!" at this point my mom was full of rage and sucker punched one of them while holding my sister and started shouting "Police!! help!" the women got in the car and left. The car didn't have a license plate on it. My sister told my mom one of the women called her from the gate and asked her to open because she was carrying groceries. Kids are so innocent, even if you educate them to not trust strangers. Please always be on the look out!!

  70. I was around 18/19. My first BF had broken up with me so it was odd to see his vehicle outside my parents home one night. I was coming home from either work or a school function.

  71. Someone attempted to kidnap me when I was walking home by myself once. This was about 4.30 in the morning, in a city in England. He started talking and walking to me, I was polite but wasn't interested in going back with him or whatever he was offering. Anyway, I thought he had gone after I refused, so I carried out walking. Out of no where I hear running and he's come from behind and slung me over his shoulder, taking me in the direction of where he said his flat was. I managed to kick and kick until I got him in the balls and he dropped to the floor and I ran off. Shook me up for a long time after.

  72. My father kidnapped me from my adopted parent (he lost custody years prior). He took me out of kindergarten and then never put me back in school. I don't remember much. I just remember that he took me to Ohio to be with his new girlfriend, leaving my family and friends behind. At this point, my father had been a stranger to me, my last contact with him being in my infancy.

  73. You're more likely to be taken by someone you know. My dad kidnapped me (7) and my baby sister (1.5) when she finally trusted him enough to let us see him again. He took us across state lines.

  74. I was only 5 and it was a familial thing. My mom let me visit my out of state family. my step dad wanted to take me out for a day. refused to give me back. memories are fuzzy but I remember being put in a closet with his dog when the police came and being told he'd bite me if I made any noise. everything turned out ok and I'm a fairly well adjusted adult but we have family back east that keeps asking me to send the kids out to visit and I can't do it.

  75. When I was around 1-2 years old, I was kidnapped for a few minutes. I obviously have no recollection of the kidnapping, but my parents told me a bit about it. We live in a fairly affluent residential community, in a third world country. Here is what they've told me:

  76. I used to sell weed. Dudes i was selling to kidnapped me for like 20 minutes stabbed me and almost killed me. Over an eighth...i dont sell weed anymore

  77. I was driving in a semi remote area in the Northern Territory. Myself and some guys had been out for a bush walk, I was driving a van and 4 of the guys were snoozing in the back.

  78. Well, I (18F) was kidnapped by my step father. Never exactly liked him. Can't say I knew he was no good but I just didn't see anything in him that was likable. I had a doctors appointment and we took a bus to get there since my mother had to work. I was only five at the time, and they'd been married about a year, she was pregnant with his child, so I guess everyone assumed he was trustworthy. Anyway, we get to the doctor and leave. He decides we'll take the metro (public transportation for those who may not know) to go visit my mother at work. So we get on the train and go see her. Now, this I'm not sure of exactly what happened, either she gave him her keys to her car so we could get home sooner, or he took them and left with me while she wasn't looking. Either way, he stole her car and me. For three days i was locked in the car with no food or water (except a hersheys chocolate bar) while he molested me. On the second day we went to a house where he said a friend of his was coming with us. He didn't answer his phone so no he didn't end up coming with us. I didn't understand the whole situation, and while what he did felt yucky, I didn't understand that only bad men do that. Well, to cut the story short, he took me to the home of our pastor and his wife and they convinced him to leave me with them. Once he left, they cleaned me up, fed me, and raced me home. If there's anything I'd do now that i didn't think to do before was to tell the police about his "friend" that was supposed to come with us, and try to get someone's attention while I was with him. My understanding was, he's my step dad so there's no way he is actually hurting me. Like, bad people are the strangers that try to take you, right? I only realized that this wasn't the case when a detective asked if he touched me and where based on a little cartoon drawing of a silhouette of a child's body. My experience wasn't exactly violent. The only time i remember him being rough with me was asking if I would touch his... You know, and I said no. So he grabbed my arm yanked me to him. He did ask me to put it in my mouth but everytime he'd ask, I'd say "tomorrow" which surprisingly worked. Other than that it was relatively calm. It did mess with me for years once I understood everything and it still does but for the most part it doesn't affect my life anymore.

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