What's something everyone should experience at least once in their life?

  1. I feel like contentment is just a general feeling of satisfaction which facilitates moments of happiness which of course come and go

  2. This is all I want. Such a simple and yet impossible thing. I can live without joy, riches, fame... hell I could live without love, I already have been my whole life.

  3. This. It's crazy to think that I may never have that. I've loved and been loved but not on a deep and mutual level and I can't help but feel envious of my married friends but I'm sure some of them say the same thing about being single. One of life's greatest misses (cue single tear rolling down cheek).

  4. I wish I didn't mess up so badly so we could still love each other. Now we're just strangers who have nothing to docwith each other ever again.

  5. I've been part of a community choir for the last year and a few of us make a habit of going out for drinks after rehearsal. I've skipped several of our last outings because I've been struggling with depression and social anxiety, with my brain telling me things like I'm not part of this social circle and I don't belong here.

  6. I have two. One is seeing a starry night sky, no clouds, no light pollution, just a beautiful night sky. Or better yet, the northern lights. Second is seeing the view from a mountain peak. People always talk about how ugly the world is, but I think these two things really remind you of how beautiful earth is too.

  7. I was 13 and went to see my aunt an uncle up in the white mountains in Arizona. I said to my uncle "I thought you said it'd be a clear night" he replied

  8. The night sky in the middle of the Atlantic qith nothing around for 1000miles and more is the nicest thing I ever saw and even after seeing it for 3weeks it was always a blessing to see it every day. Also I feel like a sunrise just hits differently

  9. If you ever have the chance, look at a dark night sky with night vision goggles. More stars than you can imagine. It’s awe-inspiring.

  10. The mountain view is incredible both on a clear day and when the view below your feet is clouds as far as the eye can see.

  11. The first real mountain peak I had was winter in the alps. When we went up and saw the snowy villages in the valley glimmering through the fog it was so fairytale beautiful, I started to cry. Just because. Aesthetically overwhelming. Never forgot the sense of awe and thankfulness, I felt in that moment.

  12. The sound of it snowing. I laid on the ground, in the snow at night in the Alaskan wilderness, in December, it's so peaceful ❄️

  13. It's like... The Ultimate Quiet and all you hear is snowflakes going pshhhhhh...And then when you walk away it's like crunch, crunch, squeak. :)

  14. It’s a special type of quiet, im from Michigan but it still is so peaceful, I once rode my bike during a blizzard, worst/best decision ever

  15. So many things.. For me, I would once like to see the stars without light pollution, if I can someday afford to go to one of those places on Earth! I'm getting old so odds are not good :(

  16. If you’re in the US, the midwest is a good place. I’m only like 1.5 hours from a major city in a town of less than a thousand people and we see stars every night. depending on where you live, find a tiny town outside of the city and just go on a clear night. you’ll see so many!

  17. I took a friend to see the ocean for the first time, something I had seen regularly since I was a child. He was awestruck and we just sat there watching for about an hour.

  18. id go one further and saying everyone should see a reef teeming with life , honestly its something , the colours are something

  19. Love this. Grew up blocks from a beach, hard not to take it for granted at times when you don’t know any difference

  20. Everyone should experience the joys of traveling to a foreign land at least once in their lifetime, even if it's just to realize how much they love their own toilet. Imagine discovering new cultures, cuisines, and the thrill of trying to communicate with locals using just charades and a phrasebook. Trust me, it's a life-changing experience that'll give you a new appreciation for your home and a killer accent to boot.

  21. Lived in Japan for a year. Experiencing bidets for the first time made me realize how much I hate my own toilet.

  22. Many of my fellow Americans just need to step outside of their bubble and realize just how much they’re being screwed over, and how stupid it sounds to everyone else when trying to defend it. Healthcare can be low cost, taxes can produce tangible QoL improvements, guns regulation isn’t always about just taking your toys away, resisting climate change doesn’t have to be an inconvenience …. Honestly it’s hard not to keep going.

  23. Legit can't remember the last time I woke up with gusto. It's been a long few years 🥲 but we got it.

  24. Like the feeling you might get the day after a lottery win, when you're driving into work in order to resign with immediate effect?

  25. I do that most days. It's always a good day when I wake up above ground. I have another opportunity to spend time with my wife who is my best friend and my children.

  26. I had today off. The dog let me sleep late. No plans, no need to change out of my pjs. Watched a movie I'd been wanting to see plus a couple I've seen over and over. I woke up looking forward to today and it did not disappoint.

  27. Even if it's only for a short period of time: full financial independence, while being single. You can pay your own bills, you have your own place, and you have full freedom over your free time. Whether it's staying in and binge watching Netflix, or going out and sitting amongst strangers. Your time is your own. No kids. No spouse or significant other. I find this is when you really get to know and understand yourself.

  28. I had this for four years and it’s one of the accomplishments I’m most proud of. I loved living on my own.

  29. This is my ideal life, for the rest of my adult life. Don't want no kids, they cost a lot of time, money and patience. Not to mention growing a strong foundation of relationship with your partner and kid/s, and that isn't a guarantee too. I wanna spend my life on me, do all of the things in my bucket list.

  30. never experienced but just reading this, it feels like something everyone should indeed experience. nothing beats the ability to be selfish with your time, money, space and your own life in itself. i truly wish to live like this soon.

  31. Dont get me wrong, love my wife and kids to death, but fuck me i miss just being able to be selfish with my time and money

  32. The next one that can be seen in the contiguous USA is April 8, 2024. If you miss it you'll have to wait till August 23, 2044.

  33. In 2017 there was a solar eclipse that stretched through the majority of America, it was really cool. Unfortunately I wasn’t in one of the areas where the moon completely covered the sun but it was still cool to see it nonetheless.

  34. I've experienced every one of the things in the top twenty comments or so, except this. Good to know I still have something to look forward to. Man, I really need like, a new bucket list, if I almost checked off all the items on my current one. Why would a total eclipse be that life changing though? Does it look any different from nighttime? Or nighttime with a bright moon?

  35. Kinda did that today. Stood up to a insane friend I've had for years, vented to someone I've been having fun lately with, became friends with that person even tho I was embarrassed as hell, could barely talk for hours and kept being anxious and scared and embarrassed because ✨severe social anxiety✨ but now I feel relieved and happy that I'm actually friends with that person now

  36. Gratitude for being alive. And i don't mean it like after a near death experience. Im talking about the epiphany you get doing the simplest task or after a bad day. The sudden realization of being alive and be able to feel however you're feeling at the moment is something everyone should experience and be grateful of.

  37. Last year I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. In the days and weeks leading up to my kidney removal I would get up early and just sit outside on our porch swing and watch the sunrise. So many mornings I just sat in silence and realized how much I would miss the sounds of morning birds, the breeze, the sun touching the tops of the trees, and the rest of life waking up. I realized how much I would miss living. I couldn't imagine not experiencing life and everything it brings you in every moment if you only take a moment to appreciate it.

  38. This is something I have been making a serious conscious effort to do every single day multiple times a day at the tiniest of things and it has genuinely made a massive positive impact on my life

  39. On road trips through the Midwest, I play a game called Transition. It’s where we try to find a cow “in transition” which means the cow is either getting up or sitting down.

  40. Not the same, but similar: I showed up to jury duty and there were easily 200 people reporting for duty with me. They gave us numbers and told us to bust out our books or whatever to kill time while we waited the hours/days for our number to be called.

  41. Another culture. And I don’t mean as a tourist where you have all the comforts of home. To fully absorb and immerse yourself in the lives of that culture. To eat their foods, drink their drinks, and do as they do.

  42. That is why there are foreign exchange student programs. We have hosted 9 students over the years, each for a full school year.

  43. As an American, an extended stay in a foreign country. Being stationed in Europe for several years was mind-blowing. You really cannot grasp the completely sheltered, ethno-centric bubble that we Americans live in until you are able to spend some extended time outside of it. Also, as an American it is difficult to grasp how truly ancient Europe is, and similarly, I noticed that non-Americans have difficulty grasping how truly enormous America is.

  44. Everytime i go to a Lions game, it makes me wonder how similar those coliseums wouldve been to a football game. I get this thought everytime, its interesting that you would bring it up

  45. Agreed. Went night diving on my honeymoon in Bonaire and saw the ostracods (little bioluminescent shrimp) lighting up the water all around me. The most beautiful, magical thing I have ever experienced.

  46. I have a weird one....when someone is in hospice and needs 24-hour care, if possible, take them into your home, learn all you can about what to do so you don't need hospice coming out whenever something comes up.

  47. Go camping. Spend some time in the wilderness with no electronics, no demands and (hopefully) no stress; just detach from the modern world for a short while and enjoy the return to nature.

  48. Being well and absolutely disconnected. No phones, no GPS. I last had that experience in the early 90s. Being somewhere with someone you trust and the two of you are the only people who know where you are and what you are doing.

  49. Heartbreak...it sucks and is one of the absolute worst feelings you can imagine but it helps if you experience that younger in life rather than at say 60 because it helps you grow as a person!

  50. i actually posted this yesterday somewhere in respnce to a slightly different thread, but anyway - it depends on the type of heartbreak......

  51. What it's like to work a busy shift at a restaurant - can be any role, waiting tables, bussing, cooking, hosting. Everyone should have one evening where you are trying to serve and cater to dozens of people at once. You should know how it feels to bring someone the wrong dish or spill a glass on someone. You should know how it feels to work hard af and get no tip, get told to take something back like it's your fault, all the normal things that happen during a busy shift.

  52. I was a line cook at a busy, high-end restaurant back in college. I subsequently spent several years working in war zones. Working in a kitchen was not as stressful as war, but it wasn’t that far off either.

  53. Isn't it incredible how fast an ostensibly well-developed, civilized adult can turn into a psychotic toddler when something goes differerently from what they expect in the world of food service?

  54. Customer Service In general. Anybody whose never worked in what is a customer facing job like that... Its such a valuable experience and perspective to gain.

  55. I've been in front and back of the house for 15+ years. I've seen wait staff take a lot shit from people, it's not for everyone, you need thick skin to do it, also watched customers come into the kitchen and lay into kitchen staff, unreal.

  56. Any busy retail location would do - one where they have to deal with shitty customers who demand the world from minimum wage staff. It would be eye opening for a lot of people.

  57. Being in a poor part of a third world country. We have all seen poverty on TV, but it is a very different thing when you are standing in the middle of it. You then realise how lucky you are.

  58. Plenty of westerners go to Asia or Africa for this purpose. I understand it’s a way to realise how lucky you are etc. But at the same time its almost like going to the zoo and looking at the poor animals and saying I’m glad I’m not locked in a cage like them. Something about it just doesn’t sit right with me.

  59. I did shrooms for the first time a few months ago, took 3.5 grams in the form of a wonderful tasting chocolate bar and had the best night of my life. I was playing every instrument I owned and saw colors that I hadn't seen before, listening to music on my couch with full surround that felt like multiple lifetimes in the span of around 6 hours. Everything I looked at or listened to felt new and life-changing, and even now I look at that experience fondly. I did it a second time with a close childhood friend because he wanted to experience it for the first time as well, and I swore I was a captain of a spaceship while we had space jazz music playing in the background and all the lights turned to a low black light effect. I haven't done it since, don't see a reason to, but those 2 experiences were beautiful in their own right.

  60. Folks considering this should do their research, though. Mushroom trips can be very challenging, and not everyone is going to be ready for that or know how to create an optimal environment for it.

  61. Taking care of and being responsible for at least one living being other than oneself. “Having” something isn’t nearly as significant as actually caring for it.

  62. The silence when you're in the middle of the Woods and it start snowing, most peacefull fealing i know.

  63. Business class flight. I was lucky enough to be upgraded for free on my recent flight between London and Toronto… I don’t think I can actually go back to flying economy again.

  64. Real, true failure. How they recover and learn from it (or don't) is the character they bring forward.

  65. Temporarily dealing with a disability of some sort to have compassion on those who have them full time. Life is difficult enough. Try it with handicap

  66. I'd sub this out with just meeting, interacting with disabled folk. You don't necessarily have to experience an impairment to understand that, and a temporary impairment isn't really comparable to a permanent one.

  67. I miss my dad now. I see him once or twice a year but the last time I saw him I didn't give him a good hug before he left :(

  68. This offends me. I never had a father! J/k... It doesn't offend me. I never had a father BUT I get to be a father and I am gonna give me kids a hug as soon as I get home because of your reply.

  69. Fuck man, mine died last year and i miss that one hug we always exchanged when he picked me up from the train. Shit sucks

  70. Watching a meteor shower - around July / August there is the Perseids meteor shower which is amazing to watch. Sitting in your back garden or in a park / field watching the stars on a warm, clear night is just so relaxing and calming. There are many other meteor showers throughout the year but Perseids is the one that is most comfortable weather / temperature wise

  71. the extreme lows of depression. because when you work through it and escape it’s like seeing the world in 4k. your truly value what it like to be unconditionally loved, you gain empathy for others and their journey/ struggles and most importantly become a better human.

  72. Nah I don’t want anyone to experience the extreme lows of depression. It sucks and you can gain empathy/better yourself without it.

  73. The author Walker Percy phrases it beautifully. I’ll post it below but I’ll also warn that it’s about suicidal ideation so if that’s a touchy subject for you, please keep scrolling and pay me no mind!

  74. Process the animal they are going to eat. Going to the store is so easy with aisles of meat and produce that people seem to have become unaware where all that choice comes from. I've processed chickens and rabbits so far and will eventually move to deer and maybe a cow to get an idea of the process. Sitting in a chair plucking feathers and scooping guts really makes you appreciate just how much work goes into a bucket of chicken wings. I know they are pretty automated now but they haven't always been and who knows if they always will be in the future.

  75. I would love to try this but I have a feeling ill never be mentally able to. I've heard that they tend to amplify your emotions rather than simply improve them and my mental state is usually pretty unstable. I hope one day I can experience it but I doubt it'll be worth the risk.

  76. I'm gonna say no to this one. Sometimes people can get severe mental health issues after experimenting with hallucinogens. Some people have no issues, but it's hardly something "everyone should try."

  77. I disagree with this one. For one I have done several hallucinogenic things but some people just don’t like the feeling of being not in control of their own body or thoughts. I also don’t feel like it changed me in any groundbreaking way it was just fun. There are definitely people out there who are fine with living in the real world forever (I know, crazy).

  78. True love (which is impossible for me but i hope to experience to be in unconditional love) it's the best feeling

  79. International travel (and not just a resort somewhere)…broadened perspective and smacks you in the face: we’re a lot more alike than we are different.

  80. Hearing a song you can so perfectly relate to that sends you through an emotional rollecoaster of goosbumps, tears, laughter, love, appreciation, etc.

  81. A job that society deems 'unskilled', e.g retail, janitorial, warehouse, etc. Too many people are so disrespectful to those whom without, society would collapse.

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