What famous person essentially cancelled themselves because they couldn't stop being stupid?

  1. Anthony Weiner. The absolute jackass loses his job (as a member of Congress) because he sends dick pics to someone not his wife and a minor. On the campaign trail for Mayor of New York, he does it again...and gets caught again. Because he's a goddamned moron.

  2. This is a really good answer. For a minute, he appeared to have so much promise. Sky's the limit sort of figure. Then what a staggering fall, and again, and again. Besides getting him "canceled," his stupidity arguably had a pivotal role in losing Hillary the 2016 election. It's one of those butterfly effect questions: What alternate world might we live in today if that moron could have just kept it in his pants?!

  3. Azealia Banks, she was projected to be the next big female rap name in the early 2010s after her 212 song exploded, and her EP received widespread acclaim, getting universal praise for her lyricism and style…but the woman is a literal sociopath, Rihanna was ready to take her under her wing and she completely sabotaged that relationship so fast. chick is a maniac

  4. Yes! I always think if that bizarre Twitter thread when she was invited to stay at grimes and elon’s house, then tweeting that even more bizarre apology letter. So much for a collab 🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. This always makes me sad because 212 is a legendary banger, 1991 is a great EP, but she's just fucking nuts. I wish she'd never gotten a Twitter account.

  6. She'll hate this, I'm not into recent rap, so for the longest time I was reading her name and confusing her with Iggy Azealia (who also have little interest in) particularly because - I believe I'm right in thinking - she lost some of her good will too.

  7. I keep hearing this persons name in threads like this and I have no fucking idea who this person is and why everyone knows them

  8. I heard he has psychosis. I'm not sure if that's true or if it's just PR to save his reputation, but if he actually is in a state of psychosis then he needs medical treatment and legally might not be responsible for the things he's done. I one time had a manic episode and did shit I should have gotten arrested for because I thought I was gonna save the world and I thought the cia was chasing me, but I never faced charges due to temporary insanity. I have bipolar disorder. I wonder if he's similar or if he's just a genuine piece of trash

  9. Dude would have been known as one of the greatest receivers in NFL history but he literally couldn't stop burning bridges and doing dumb shit. Now all he's thought of is the biggest running joke in NFL history.

  10. Steven Seagal. Was an asshole on the sets of the most dreadful B-movies and he still supports Putin and his weird propaganda about denazifying Ukraine.

  11. Steven Seagal has always been a piece of shit. Like, right away, starting out, he was just awful and somehow made it through while giving nothing really. Even during the action movie boom, his movies are so boring and bland.

  12. I really think people underestimate just how much goodwill Kanye had for so long. He spent a decade telling people he was the greatest thing since they put nipples on titties, and everyone was just like Yep, that's Kanye.

  13. Omg yeah. That was bad. This should honestly be a top one, especially since it is more recent and still on people’s minds.

  14. Living in Chicago at that time, there were two “how dumb could this guy really be?” moments for me.

  15. I think it will man he's gotten himself in a bad living situation with some small time streamers. I don't think he can recover from this.

  16. Not famous but James Charles should be in federal prison for the amount of times he’s been caught doing dumb illegal shit

  17. Yeah, honestly. You can't sexually harass minors whether you're a cute twink or a creepy old man, shit's never okay.

  18. i was looking for this! just saw another thing about how he’s been harassing more underage/straight guys. he never learned his lesson, all he did was fake cry and pretend to be sorry on the internet so that he could attempt to stay relevant online.

  19. Less famous than others mentioned, but essentially half the staff of Rooster Teeth. What a downhill ride.

  20. To know Chevy Chase is to hate him. Even on SNL a lot of his humor was based on him being a pompous ass. The legend is that Comedy Central did a roast but never aired it. Everyone who came let him have it with both barrels and after a while it just got too dark. Usually a roast is your friends hitting you with good-hearted jokes. With Chevy the other comics went for blood because they really hated him.

  21. Ya know, I have no idea what happened with this guy. It's like, when I see his name I know something happened and I get curious. But i don't get curious enough to look it up. And as soon as I click away from this post, I'll no longer think about him until the next time i see his name. 🤷‍♂️

  22. At least we all learned from Charlie Sheen's meltdown that Denise Richards is one of the BEST people in Hollywood. They had two children together; she had to take out a restraining order against him and got full custody of both children. Later on, she took custody of his two children with whats-her-name (Brooke somebody?), despite Sheen threatening to kill her repeatedly and saying/doing other awful things towards her, because she wanted his children to be taken care of and protected. She put up with ALL of his shit in the media and did not say one goddamned word about him, to protect his children from a that later relationship, and ensure they had a safe and happy home, and their relationship with their parents could be preserved until their parents were allowed custody/visitation again. She also preserved their relationships with Sheen's family.

  23. It feels like he cancelled himself so he could get out of his contract with Two and a Half Men. Also, how is he still alive?

  24. Chris D’Elia. Goes on television apologizing for his sex addiction and blah blah blah all while texting underage girls.

  25. the crazy thing is the way he actually played a predator who preys on minors in "You". and he was doing it irl...

  26. Being a sex pest was basically his whole schtick for a lot of the 90s and apparently people used to just laugh it off back then for some fucking reason.

  27. Oh, Henry Ford made many, many poor decisions. He was a good inventor but a terrible administrator, and an all around terrible human being. Racist and antisemitic, he believed he had the right to dictate lifestyle and personal habits to his employees. He hired thugs to beat them, and enforce his peculiar sense of morality on the workforce.

  28. He was always an idiot who just managed to hop into an industry at just the right time to ride a trend (those fucking dances and ringtones). He also never mentally matured past 17 when he blew up.

  29. I'm a native NY'er and I was living there on 9/11. He handled himself and the whole horrible situation beautifully and I really respected him but then he just went off the rails and tarnished his reputation. He will never be taken seriously again.

  30. For all the terrible stupid shit he's done, I gotta give him credit for Four Seasons Total Landscaping. That press conference has to be in the top 5 funniest things I've ever seen.

  31. I don't even play those games and that shit was wild. People were ready to fight for her and immediately threw their pitchforks to the ground and went home.

  32. I was ready to believe her at first, since the industry abusing voice actors is nothing new. However, when she went after Jennifer Hale, who is famously at the front lines of VA organizing, I knew something was fishy.

  33. Not really a person but you can watch Wizard's of the Coast do it in real time right now as they obliterate the reputation of Dungeons and Dragons.

  34. The before that was the whole $1000 Proxy Magic: The Gathering (you pay $1000 for 60 cards that you can't even use in gameplay, so like Magic NFTs but a bit better since they do technically have market value). Sounded good at first, until Yu-gi-oh upstage them by re-releasing the first 5 core booster sets which are Tournament legal (provided they are not already on the ban list) for about $5 a pack, with 9 cards per pack.

  35. I ran into him at Outside Lands (music festival in San Francisco) when he was with the rest of the crew from Silicon Valley. We were just waiting in line for burritos from a food truck and someone asked him “what’s it like to be so famous now?!”

  36. Probably tmi and hopefully my old boss doesn’t find this because I’m not totally sure if I’m still under a confidentiality clause 3 years after leaving her business… but I did a couples massage for him and his wife. He was actually one of the few non traumatic experiences I had working for that lady. Respectful. Helped carry my table up the stairs. Cracked jokes occasionally. He was super kind and his wife was as well. I was also a huge fan by that point so I was super excited. I’m sure he could tell. Anyway, I hope he’s alright now. I’m disappointed to hear things haven’t gone well for him lately.

  37. Supposedly he has a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that explains his recent antics? Not an excuse, but definitely an explanation....

  38. Hopefully Logan paul. idk when we’re going to have enough of this piece of shit. we just keep saying “he’s not that bad anymore” but he’s scammed thousands, filmed a dead body for clout, committed animal abuse and neglect.

  39. I think another part of it is the fact that so many like to compare him to Jake who as we know hasn't changed at all and is still an obnoxious asshole, therefore making Logan look better despite the shit he did. They're both pieces of shit tbh

  40. Which is funny since we(those who live near where he grew up) knew him as a creep for a long time. What kind of grown ass man goes back to his local high school and eyes the girls there, a creep that’s who.

  41. Pauly Shore. Saw him at the end at a comedy club in Jacksonville, FL years ago. No one laughed and he just complained about his life the whole time.

  42. He wasn’t really cancelled though. It’s just that his schtick got old. He couldn’t make the transition from 20-something stoner to 40-year-old comedian. To be fail, “Pauly Shore Is Dead” was pretty good.

  43. I know no one will know who I’m talking about but when we talk about being canceled I will always think of the Brazilian podcaster “Monark” who defended nazism, racism, and said that people with child porn shouldn’t be arrested, he now throws around stupid political takes every once in a while on Twitter but no one takes him seriously

  44. Oh man, my conservative Republican parents hated her after the national anthem incident. Hers was one of the few shows they outright forbid me from watching.

  45. Good list. I never realized what a douche bag Clapton was until recently. He also expressed his racism at concerts back in the 70s in full support of the hate mongering Fascist Enoch Powell.

  46. Kai, The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker. Just watched it on Netflix. Great documentary. He got famous real quick in 2013 and...

  47. I also watched it a few days ago. All those producers and TV people seemed like such predators, man. "Kai didn't seem interested in being on Kimmel or have an idea how big of a deal it was." The dude was homeless!!!! Wtf cares about TV when you can't even sleep in a bed? I was frustrated watching it.

  48. Yo look into all the stuff they left out. Like how they refused to provide a rape kit when kai requested. The sheriff knew the guy somehow and did a load of dishes before the scene was closed for investigation.

  49. Gina Carano. She was a major character in the first live action Star Wars TV show, about to get her own spin-off, and would have been getting that Disney money for the rest of her career. But she couldn’t shut up online, and now she’s making weird crappy conspiracy movies attacking Hunter Biden.

  50. This is the one. As a cubicle-dwelling dad, I for the life of me can't grasp how you can score a gig that big and have your bread buttered for the rest of your days and f it up because you just can't filter yourself.

  51. This is the one for me. She was about to become a star wars staple. Stuff like star wars and marvel, your locked in as that character as long as you want. She for sure would have at least popped up for a sec in BoBF, hell maybe she goes to Tatooine with Mando to help Boba. She was about to star or at least co star in her own fucking show. Instead, nope. Now she's making shitty Daily Wire movies for far right grifters. Her agent kust be on suicide watch, he'd just turned a WMMA star (admittedly a massively successful one) into a potential star wars staple.

  52. The compulsion to be public with your most batshit beliefs is the factor in most of these self-cancellations. Like you can't stand to not blast your ultimately boring political hot-takes to an audience that likes how your character was nice to baby yoda or whatever.

  53. It’s quite funny how a few years back, the internet could not stop jerking off Elon Musk and now he’s for considered the gold standard of “lame”. He flew too close to the sun and gave everybody cringe-poisoning with his relentless arrogance.

  54. Graham Linehan - creator of The IT Crowd and Father Ted. He ruined his career, his wife left him, and he basically went broke all because he is obsessed with "proving" that trans women aren't women. Someone did a breakdown and found that he tweeted once every 12 minutes about it. He calls himself the defender of women. It's like - why do you care so much, man? An absolute idiot.

  55. That puts that one episode with Matt Berry falling in love with a trans woman in a uhhhh a less humorous light. (It works for Berry’s character to have that conflict, but now it seems that’s meant to be taken seriously?)

  56. Graham Linehan got obsessed with "anti-trans activism" and made like 100 posts on Christmas ranting about trans people until he finally got banned. Then he started taking pictures of himself in drag and uploading them to lesbian dating sites to own the libs or something. BBC offered him a job and he turned it down because of the trans conspiracy. His wife left him because he's totally obsessed. Dude is seriously unwell.

  57. and then he cried in an Interview about how he 'lost everything'. Dude, you didn't 'lose' anything, you're a spiteful, hateful asshole, punching down. The things you claim you lost ran away from you.

  58. Why do people respond to these posts with a name and literally nothing else. If I already knew about these people I wouldn’t be here. This isn’t a vote, I came for interesting info.

  59. elon musk could’ve been the guy that made cool cars and wanted to reach mars… should’ve kept his mouth shut but 🤷

  60. He had a really good PR marketing campaign in the early to mid 2010s, but he was always an asshole

  61. This was a hard one when I found out what she did to that kid. I was in a video with her about postpartum depression and was so grateful to have a “big name” celebrity bringing light to the issue and talking about it so frankly.

  62. Kevin Sorbo. Lucy Lawless is an icon and Kevin is a laughingstock because he can't help himself from being the most extreme bigot and religious zealot.

  63. This one’s just sad. I hope he can finally get sober at some point. I loved CKY. Last I heard he was basically under a conservatorship with no control over his life.

  64. Was he ever not publicly a piece of shit, tho? I know there are people who have come out and said "I listened to the good stuff from him", but I fervently press X to doubt.

  65. Was going to say. Imagine being so stupid you mistakenly attack a climate activist named Greta, instead of the human trafficking advocacy group that's investigating you, named GRETA. The latter of which isn't well known, while the former is incredibly famous and can clap you back into the stone age. Then you double down on the stupid and continue trying to argue with her, only for your video to confirm you're still in Romania so the relevant authorities can move against you.

  66. Chris D’elia. Dude gets accused of sexual assault and grooming minors. Goes to rehab, apologizes to his fans, manages to maintain his fan base enough to continue a career in stand-up comedy.

  67. Gilbert Gottfried. Lost his job as the Aflac duck when he posted a dozen jokes on twitter about the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Aflac does 75% of their business there.

  68. My initial thought was Bam Margera, but I don’t want to equate addiction to being stupid. Addiction is a nasty beast. His uncle Don Vito though…

  69. Musk, not too long ago he was the golden child of the internet, then in a few years everyone not hates him. I'm still not really sure where it all started but as best as I can tell it was somewhere between naming his child the most bully-able name in history and actively pumping and dumping crypto just to steal from those who idolized him.

  70. I think it’s probably when he started talking. I’m serious, it used to be PR teams and news outlets talking about him and his achievements. And heavily controlled press statements and interviews.

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