What do you actually think of high heels?

  1. It’s not just the legs for me. It’s do they go with the entire look AND does she know how to walk in them.

  2. I'm a much bigger fan of heeled boots, up to 5cm or so. Much more practical, easier to walk in, looks better and more stable, and for some reason the clickety clack sound many of them make, makes me feel things.

  3. Ankle strength and good posture my man! Plus nice thick bandaids on the heel/Achilles insertion point, big and pinky toes at the beginning of the night. Then alcohol, the occasional seat and a man to lend a supportive arm and voila! Some high heels with good arch support and ankle grip can actually be quite comfy until the balls of the feet get tired of carrying weight. Or just wear heeled boots--those heels are wider and with the proper ankle and arch support can be so so comfy. I have multiple pairs of 2in heel boots--comfiest shoes I own excluding sneakers.

  4. Sexy, but practice walking with them because 1 it looks More graceful and sexy and 2 you can get hurt if you fall or twist something.

  5. In the right situations they can be fashionable and classy. I also enjoy the change in perspective, since it (usually) evens out our heights a little.

  6. I'm the same. I've been with a few shoe queens. I wasn't impressed. Made s big deal about shoes, closets and credit debt. For all the adorning of their feet, they weren't the best dancers, and didn't tend to age very fit - which makes sense if standing and walking is painful.

  7. Hahahaha my answer would’ve been a combination of the comments about how they’re hot and this kinda sentiment. I like them. A lot. However as someone with flat feet I know how awful the wrong shoe can feel. So I wouldn’t ever expect a girl to wear them.

  8. Honestly this. I think they look nice but I’d much rather you be comfortable. And please for the love of god dont wear them if you’re going to complain the whole night

  9. Don’t like wild or extreme designs. But to wear them, much better (than average) posture and care need to be taken. And better posture makes a woman look fabulous!

  10. Think they are stupid, terrible for the foots health, women typically take them off after short periods of wearing them etc.

  11. I buy my heels from SAS. They’re super comfy and if I’m late for an event, I can run in them. Not the most stylish, though.

  12. they look uncomfortable and impractical. if you're carrying your shoes at the end of the night cause your feet hurt, it completely defeats the purpose of shoes. plus flats or sneakers look cooler.

  13. Starting with how the shoes I got for myself that are supposed to be comfortable, still hurt after a long walk, I don't get how anyone could willingly go through extra pain.

  14. Personally they don’t really make much a difference to me. A sexy pair of leather boots though 🔥 my niche is more punk/metal so take that however you will

  15. Now I’m curious because of the comments... What are the “wrong pair of legs?” That’s not something I’ve ever heard of before. They’re legs? How can legs be bad? I’ve never seen a woman wear heels and thought “oh her shoes don’t go with her legs.”

  16. Lol. Idk, but I'm curious too. Personally, I won't wear heels. I value my health & comfort over fashion...but really, men...what is the wrong type of legs for heels?

  17. They're so uncomfortable, but they do make my ass look gre...oh right, on women, I knew that.

  18. Meh overrated... I like my women comfortable and relaxed... And well I've never heard someone refer to heels as comfortable

  19. Nice username. Would that be a very creepy penis, or a creepy penis that often enters an ass, or a creepy penis that is somehow attached to or protruding from an ass? Just, for research purposes...

  20. 1000% unnecessary and a huge cause of back issues. If they empower you, go for it but please remember that your body is not thanking you for it ladies. I never understood the appeal of them, speaking from the male perspective.

  21. I'm laughing at some of these comments about men being put off by a woman whose taller than them. I once dated a girl who was 6'4 in 6 inch stilettos and I thought she looked gorgeous. Even bought her a pair.

  22. Thin ones are pretty damn sexy! The thick pumps, not so much imo. But it all depends on the woman tbh. I know some women who make vans look good! 😂

  23. High heels make a woman arch her back. The arched back is a kind of universal signal in mammals of sexual availability.

  24. I dont like the look tbh, never really done anything for me, like almost any other option looks better to me, but if it makes her happy and feel more sexy thats the most important thing to me.

  25. I think they can look great and for some women it’s a confidence boost which is all the better to see 🤷🏻‍♂️

  26. So fucking stupid. I want a girl that takes me by the hand and skips down the hall with me, our fingers linked together as we laugh. Not a “ wait can you walk a third of your normal pace, I’m wearing the dumbfuck shoes and I can’t keep up”. Seriously the way certain women’s wardrobes remove the possibilities of fun is genuinely aggravating. I remember when my crush and I were playing with the therapy dogs at school and my women friend who was also there said “ no buddy I can’t let you lick me. It’ll ruin my makeup “……. Bro

  27. To be honest I never saw the appeal but that's just me. I know others like them but to me they always seemed to be a needlessly uncomfortable addition part of an attire.

  28. Dumbest shit ever. Expensive, impractical, and a liability. Go on a date and midway through, you start hearing about how her feet hurt. Yeah, cuz your feet are used to new balance sneakers... God forbid you twist your ankle or your heels break.

  29. I don't like them at all. They make womens feet look weird and I prefer shorter women anyway. And before y'all get started with your shit talking I'm 6' 3".

  30. Pretty indifferent lol. Never understood the “sexiness” surrounding them and if I was a woman there’s no way in hell you could get me to put a pair on

  31. Step on me please. My good God them and sharp nails are the hotest thing to me. I don’t know why... I feel some type of way about them. I blame you all, I don’t know why... It’s hot. Like fuck me hot

  32. I don't like them. I never learned how to walk in them. On some women they look hot but on others they are ridiculous. They are no different than many other kinds of clothing.

  33. Completely pointless. If a girl has nice legs they look nice regardless of footwear, I’ve never seen heels make “bad” legs look better. I also don’t understand why most women want to feel petite so badly then wear something that adds height.

  34. If men were supposed to wear them, I’d be one of those girls that never does, doesn’t even own a pair.

  35. They look so insanely uncomfortable that they make me uncomfortable watching women wear them. Except for a special occasion I don't care for him

  36. I dislike them. Their original practical functions have been obsolete for a century or three and they physically damage ligaments and such when worn over long periods of time.

  37. You shouldn’t squeeze your feet into uncomfortable shoes that I often see girls tripping around in. Very silly I don’t get it. If a girl has a nice pair of white af1’s though she could like get it.

  38. High heels on a nice pair of legs look great. But, for some women I know, it wrecks your feet and causes long term pain. Quite frankly, I don’t know how women wear them.

  39. I bet 95% of the guys here who don't like heels don't like them because women say they want a guy to be taller even if she's wearing heels

  40. Not a fan honestly. Not sure I understand how it makes anyone's life better wearing them. Keep in mind I'm a 40+ male and I dress for basically function only now....dressing for style kind of lost its appeal 20+ years ago.

  41. Would rather you wear sneakers and be comfortable. Bonus: some guys won't approach you if you're taller than they are.

  42. My wife and I get dressed up a fair amount for different reasons. High heels always look nice. That being said they should match the outfit to some degree (colour contrasts, style, height, etc).

  43. On the right pair of legs they can look amazing, can be working similar to viagra. However on the wrong pair of legs it's a instant turn off.

  44. Honestly, I couldn't care less. I'm told girls wear them to make their butt's look better, but I've never seen a difference.

  45. Not worth investing too much money into. They look nice, but why pay $100+ for something you will wear for like 20 mins then proceed walking barefoot the rest of the time?

  46. Don’t get it at all. They look so awkward on most women. That weird lobster walk women do in them. Especially if the woman is already tall or a big build then they give me uncomfortable snu snu vibes. My ex used to tell me I didn’t like her wearing heels because I was “insecure” about her being the same height as me. Truth was I thought she looked bad in them, but how the hell was I going to say that without hurting her feelings?

  47. They look fantastic on the right women and show more of a willingness to potentially engage. So, they’re naturally sexy. Women who wear them also just tend to be my type.

  48. I like boots or shoes more. They really don't make them my size plus they are very uncomfortable, ain't the best if you need to run, maybe because a lion wants to eat you.

  49. High heels out on the town are a turn-off. They make legs and ass look weird and walking slow. In the bedroom on the right person they can be pretty hot though.

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