Guys that don't game at all what do you do instead?

  1. Why is this so relatable? I used to play all the time but now when I have some rare free time I can never decide what to play.

  2. sending air hugs and love ! thank you for caring for your parents, so many people dont care or dont have the ability to do it financially

  3. It’s a tough job and don’t forget to take care of yourself. Does your dads doc know about the getting lost and is that getting worse? Like placing things in weird places, trouble recalling recent conversations or even the day before? I’m probably just over examining, but might be something to mention to his doctor next appointment. Kudos for caring for parents!

  4. I feel for you... I essentially take care of both my grandmas and it's absolutely straining and sad and depressing but on the flip side anytime I'm able to give both of them a hug on the same day it generally boosts my mood but makes me miss my grandfathers that much more

  5. I read a unhealthy amount too and still game. How much time are you putting in a week? At my highest I read about 40 hours a week. Lowest 21 hours -3 hours a day.

  6. Curious. I have owned guitars for years and can play a little. How did you get past that early stage where you like a dopey idiot every time you try to play anything. I have a hard time with it mentally.

  7. play guitar, lift, wood work, but mostly watch youtube videos about playing guitar, lifting, and woodworking.

  8. I assumed that every response was going to be 3 of 4 things. Like, I am serious lifter, have played instruments for years, and play video games but don’t watch tv.

  9. I do these exact 3, just throw a wife and a toddler in the mix so they take about 95% of my free time, I divide the remaining 5% among these 3 activities

  10. A lot of people can do both. I usually game with my kids when I game but sometimes they need to play by themselves or with each other. I think it’s good for kids to be “bored” sometimes instead of the parents always entertaining them or telling them what to do. If they’re outside exploring, reading or otherwise playing I’ll sometimes play some rocket league if I don’t have anything pressing to take care of.

  11. Glory holes are weird. There's a moment where a penis is presented to you through the hole... and it's not an attractive penis. I know I'm on my knees in a dark booth after feeding monopoly money into a video machine, but I still have dick standards.

  12. There's a place in France where the naked ladies dance, there's a whole in the wall where you stick your cock and balls...

  13. Read, cook, watch movies, hang out with my wife, play with my kid, go out for drinks/dinner with friends, take photos, edit photos, work, clean…and there’s always some DIY that could get done.

  14. I always feel better there. Even in wild weather, and now it's like a pavlovian reaction where the dopamine hits just leaving the house

  15. My days are pretty regimented. I play basketball on Mondays, I usually go to an open jam session on Tuesdays to play guitar, or I go to the gym. Wednesday is a rest day from almost any social activity and I try to use it for meal prep/tidying up. I just signed up for a stand up comedy class on Thursdays. Fridays and the weekend is seeing family and friends.

  16. That's the last console I got. I do have some newer stuff on PC. Bought on sale. I do have trouble finishing games. They're too repetitive.

  17. Some people will watch tv and scroll on her phone for 3-4 a day after diner and relaxing. I play video games with my friends that are spread all across the country. The first is somehow more acceptable than the second.

  18. We don’t work on cars, don’t exercise regularly if we do it at all, don’t really cook (most of us not me but like most of my friends) and specially we don’t sociallize like what is this?

  19. Best part is they’re always in my area and they’re always ready. The sketchy porn site pop up told me so.

  20. Feel weird because my friends play, all of them, and then there's me who doesn't. We excercise(I haven't in a while tho lol), go out once in a while, do stupid shit for fun (without harming anyone) and have a lot in common, but I just don't play video games, which is what they talk about half the time. And it's not one group of friends, it's all of them. Only my group of female friends don't play VG but they talk about stuff that sometimes I don't really care but I listen to them because they are my friends and I care if they care

  21. I make things. Woodworking, sewing, embroidery, programming, etc. it doesn't matter, I just like making things.

  22. Be an involved parent. Work a demanding job. Coach little League. Build motorcycles. Mountain biking with the kids. Camping with the family. Try like hell to get some alone time once a year with little success 😁

  23. The first one takes up 99.9% of my time outside of work hours. In fact it pretty much mandates my work hours. I'm not staying back at work, I'm heading home to play lego and read stories to my 4yo.

  24. Work, gym, hunt. I'm 45 with 2 kids so their activities take up ALOT of my time including most weekends. Yes, I am tired....and broke.

  25. Listen man, you are loved and appreciated. It’s a lonely ass place being a family man. Your kids will see the world from on top of your shoulders. Even though they are not smart enough know how heavy they are.

  26. After years of dominating COD servers, I realized one night, after a few shitty matches, that I wasted a lot of my life doing something that brings no joy to my soul. I then took up glassblowing. Find something that moves you beyond the temporary joy of a win. Do something to grow yourself.

  27. I've always been fascinated by glassblowing. How does one get into it? I'm not very artsy when it comes to making physical art (I'm more of a musician/music producer), but I'd be open to trying it or learning more about it.

  28. This feels like where I'm at except I have no idea what to start doing. Everything seems like it requires way too much investment, creativity, or physical activity. Glassblowing seems to require all 3 lol.

  29. Do blowjob skills transfer into glass blowing? Or are they one of those activities that seem related but really are two completely unrelated activities.

  30. I, too, left after beating everyone in CoD like a rented red-headed stepson of a mule, but I just moved to single-player and co-op games.

  31. Play my cello, work on my model trains, volunteer at a railroad museum, bowl on a league, work on any other side projects

  32. I work, clean, cook, rock climb, play music, learn a foreign language, go to shows and bars, and spend time with my partner. If I had time for games I would play them, but I prefer all the things I listed (except for cooking and cleaning of course)!

  33. I spend a great deal of time looking through my game library deciding what game to play, give up because of too many options and then rewatch some movie I've seen a dozen times instead.

  34. You know people are just flexing when they don't include reddit/social media/tv even though they had to be on reddit to comment. Bro if you were just shredding guitar and rock climbing and fixing your motorcycle you wouldn't be here.

  35. That's the problem I think - people spend a lot of time doing "nothing" - watching netflix/youtube, browsing reddit/tiktok etc.

  36. Spending time with my family, working on old cars, playing guitar, projects around the house. camping, hiking, backpacking, going out with friends. There's an amazing world out there away from screens.

  37. I like to run, workout, read, cook, stretch, tai chi, barre, go to temples, musuems, eat at new places, CrossFit, libraries/book stores, festivals

  38. I watch a ton of tv, I also read, and I have almost a year long streak on duolingo, there's tons to do outside of gaming (I personally only have a month or two out of the year where I'm even interested in videogames, I get it out of my system pretty quick after that)

  39. BJJ, cook, workout, go shooting or work on my guns, read, watch or go to movies, and if I'm being honest, stare at my phone for too long.

  40. Play multiple instruments in bands, work on and ride bicycles, maintain my health, enjoy time with and take care of my dogs, try to read more. There aren’t enough hours in a day, can’t imagine getting into a game time sink unless I’m sick or something and can’t focus on a book or movie at least

  41. Play live music, podcasting, watching movies, reading, spending time with my spouse, pets, go out to local breweries…

  42. Hang out with my wife lol or clean the house/take care of the pets. I wish I had extra time for hobbies but that is rare.

  43. Full time Animator, content creator and drummer. I also prefer, when I have a moment to breathe, to get up and walk away from the many screens and build with my hands actual tangible things. Games are a time suck and I’d personally rather entertain myself using non digital methods.

  44. I really liked rdr2, and would try to fit in time late at night to do it, but I found it to challenging to keep up on it time wise, my schedule with work and family is too busy. Then when I try to get back into it once in a blue moon i can’t remember the controls and that kind of stuff so I just give it up.

  45. I study language and repair my vehicles on a constant cycle. And work 80+ hours. Lol. I treat things like games with levels though. It helps.

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