What are some things that women think are not attractive but are actually attractive to men?

  1. Clear communication in bed. If we are not doing something right, just tell us and direct us. If you tell us and we can make you enjoy it more than everyone is happy

  2. Clear communication in bed cuts both ways idk when men got the idea we want them to be silent in bed but some how many do see to think it

  3. Mate this so so accurate, I wish more women would tell us what they like and direct us. I personally don’t mind it, and if helps us both hand a great time. My second semester of college I was FWB with this woman that was in her last year of college and she was really into communication. She would tell me what she wanted , how to do it and even direct me. It was so much fun for both of us, I learned a lot and it helped it become a good time for both.

  4. I was talking with a girl years ago. I’ll never forget being so surprised when she called me to say she was off work early and asked if I wanted to hang out.

  5. Yeah it’s always interesting when woman ask how to make the first move on here, literally anything would work.

  6. This. Or muscular women. Like I’ll never understand why muscle is so unattractive to majority of men.

  7. that moment when they just wake up, and their hairs all messed up, they aren't wearing makeup, their breath is a bit stinky but not like halitosis level.

  8. And in a practical sense… love handles are exactly that. Handles for making love. Ever tried to put your hands on a thin woman’s body while you’re hittin it? They can’t handle it. Grab a handful of that soft flesh and ride off into oblivion.

  9. The lazy Sunday look. I'm typically more attracted to a woman with a messy ponytail and wearing a hoody than someone heavily made up.

  10. But the topic is "women think are not attractive". Do women think poor communication is attractive? Serious question.

  11. Any form of xray vision works … black bra under a white shirt, no bra under a white shirt, wet shirt, yoga pants etc

  12. Just her, sleeping. Mouth open, limbs splayed out, and probably 90% of the sheet wrapped around her. I just can't help but look at her and think how lucky I am.

  13. Effort. I mean, I know women know this, but it's a task to get some women to actually put fourth some effort for a man or even just put in the effort to make what comes out of their mouth happen.

  14. Some women think every men enjoys a chase and once a guy loses interest because he doesn't want to pursue, they think he just wanted sex, got ghosted etc. Nah, you just didn't show any effort.

  15. Women taking responsibility for their feelings and actions is a very rare and beautiful thing. If you meet one that was raised right by her parents don't let her go and go above and beyond for her, not joking.

  16. I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE the whole corporate Alpha Bitch Ice Queen thing, with the class and the sass and they power suits and a bit unhealthy ambition going on.

  17. Natural age progression. I’m 33 now and women in my dating range are now getting some crows feet and stretch marks and I dig it

  18. Natural natural natural look. I don't feel attraction to an overly made-up woman with botox or big lips or any of that shit. I feel repulsed.

  19. I love a women with stretch marks (or as I affectionately call it tiger stripes). My ex was self conscious but I tried to reassure her it was attractive.

  20. Straightforwardness. Stop beating around the bush. Start saying what’s on your mind. Men don’t like guessing games. Just say it, and stop expecting us to be telepathic.

  21. being chubby. my wife has the cutest chubby tummy and i love tickling it, squeezing it, and kissing it :) she pretends like it annoys her, she slaps my hand away, but she can't help grinning and laughing ;D

  22. While your love for her sounds amazing, I wouldn't extend these attributes as general preferences for men. I don't know even one guy who likes hairy women, almost no friends of mine like chubby girls or big noses. I think only the no makeup part is valid for a lot of guys.

  23. Shoulders. After big eyes, this is what gets me. A dress that shows that soft, vaguely shiny slope of a feminine downward slope is always appreciated.

  24. Speaking for myself, I️ really like wet hair. Like post-shower damp. I️ can’t really describe it but every girl I’ve talked to hates how it looks.

  25. Not covering their face to try to look better, seriously I've always thought natural is better than make up and way better than the so.much makeup it could have been put on with a trowel look.

  26. There are four unisex universal attractive attributes (to which degree is of course subjective) and the two that many women tend to forget is either humility and/or selfconfidence.

  27. No makeup, ponytail, and no bra, on the couch just hanging out. Also no underwear. What was the question again?

  28. I don't know if anybody thinks this isn't attractive, but intelligence and shared interests. I'd rather date someone i can have interesting conversations with than someone's who's unbelievably gorgeous, but boring.

  29. Physically - tan lines do it for me. And maybe a few stretch marks on the booty. Also their sweat… like just worked out or laid in the sun.

  30. Small tits. I love d's and below. Between b and c are the best. I don't wanna be smothered by tits that are too damn big.

  31. Pretty much everything they overthink about and/or gossip about. Well, maybe we don't find it attractive, but we definitely don't find it unattractive.

  32. I call them "soccer mom" clothes, but basically men I've been in relationships with have preferred tank tops and leggings in the bedroom over lingerie. Imagine wanting to wear some sexy Victoria Secrets number that actually makes you feel hot, and he wants you to put on some athleisure crap like yoga pants. I'm like ?? I'm supposed to feel sexy in something bitches wear to Walmart?

  33. When they just let their hair fall. I don't care for pony tails or giant curls, and I hate messy buns. But when they are just relaxed and then their hair do its own things, that's really cute.

  34. Makeup and perfume. It’s a major turn off for me and honestly kind of grosses me out. I like my partner to look and smell like a natural human and luckily my wife feels the same way. Also, that stuff is expensive!

  35. Honestly, what do you want to read? All these questions like "do guys like this" will always result in a reasonable amount of people agreeing to like said thing.

  36. I dont want to read anything in particular. I just want all the women who read these to feel like they too are beautiful and appreciated no matter what they look like or whatever personality they have. And that there's someone out there who would definitely find them attractive and love them for what they are.

  37. What does this even mean though? Can you give some examples. Like this could range from “enjoying cooking” to “loving the smell of babies”

  38. Being overweight/having some fat on them. The most attractive thing a woman can do is gain weight. Women who are overweight are gorgeous. Their curves are defined, enlarged, and voluptuous.

  39. When a girl has just a standard minimum wage job like waitress or shopkeeper. I love it because, I earn quite a lot and I love to take girls on special dates they wouldn’t normally afford. Makes me feel like a hero

  40. Personally, I like arm hair. Not like manly hair, but arm hair nonetheless. I also like all the tiny peach fuzz on their skin . Giggity

  41. Having a big ass Dependant on how thin you are but if you are fit and healthy but wide hips thighs and ass that’s literally a major attractiveness thing for guys

  42. Being open to polygamous relationships, like, let's have fun wth other people too, instead of eating the same steak(monogamy) every night, ''mmkay?

  43. Muscles. I've spoke to women who say they didn't want big arms or have too much muscle, but oml when a woman has muscles, it just defines her figure so much more.

  44. Maybe it’s just me but I like a women that’s a little chunky, not obese but a little thick. Big butt, big thighs, big boobs sign me up

  45. Literally everything since men aren't a homogenous group. Some men like or are indifferent to heavier women, big noses, crooked teeth, small boobs, narrow hips, etc.

  46. Inverted nipples. They're not MORE attractive than regular type, but they don't bother us at all. I didn't even know they were a thing until one of my girlfriends pointed out she had them, and I was already quite familiar with her boobs by then. I've heard a few women express insecurities about them since, and I always make sure to assure them it's not an issue.

  47. I've met a handful of women that need glasses but don't wear them because they don't like how they look, but personally, I think glasses look good on everybody (that's not to say they aren't uncomfortable).

  48. Average body, beautiful voice, cooking definitely, I’m astounded by how few women these days know how to cook. Being clear headed and not dramatic.

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