What car automatically screams “douchebag” to you?

  1. Any vehicle that has Calvin pissing on a thing. Doesn’t matter what thing, even if I agree with the sentiment, I still think “wow what a douche”

  2. Lifted trucks with low profile offroad tires. Complete oxymoron. Can't wait for you to pop a tire going over a curb with your 4 thiusand dollar wheels bud.

  3. I was a tire guy when this first got popular. Holy shit they are annoying. Hard to mount, Hard to seat, hard or impossible to balance. Like sorry bud your 12” wide Chinese garbage tires on 14” wide Chinese garbage rims with a 10” offset aren’t going to ever ride smooth. It needs a pound of weights on the front where I can’t put them. We told you this repeatedly before you got some online because we wouldn’t sell them. Yelling at me won’t change physics.

  4. Defeats the whole purpose of owning a truck in my opinion. Most of the trucks I see with low profile tires and funky ass wheels never go off-road

  5. I used to work at a Ford dealer and there was one dude with HUGE wheels and the tires had skulls all around them. I never saw the truck it went on but I helped the tech balance them cause they were so big.

  6. These are the dumbasses who think they’re tough guys, lol, in actuality these are the ones modern age has saved from natural selection

  7. Literally any bro dozer. A bro dozer is a lifted truck with thin walled tires on large or medium sized wheels that are good for shit. Makes the truck unusable as it’s purpose.

  8. I recently had the displeasure of arguing with a lifted truck owner. They are as awful online as they are in person. Lifted truck owner in red.

  9. those are a 100%, but honestly even any F 150, especially in a city, has about a 50-65% chance of cutting me off and not using their blinker. For me theres no competition BMW asshole-ery has nothing on pickups

  10. It’d be hard not to, seems like every other car is a Tesla here in California. My daughter and I counted 238 on a 20 minute drive. Also, it’s BMWs lol.

  11. Tesla attracts attention seekers. I had a dude I barely knew from HS message me years after graduating saying he had a waitlist of people to ride in his new tesla with him, and he was wondering if I wanted to be added.

  12. See, I'm a douchebag - which is why I bought a BMW - and it's really disheartening to hear that I now need to buy a considerably more expensive Model S to let everyone know how much of an asshole I am

  13. Wanted to say Tesla’s over here. They floor that thing every chance they get, to not let you in or get stuck behind someone for a few seconds. Don’t even get me started on how many of them are on their phones, because “self driving”.

  14. I SWEAR TO GOD I feel like all Tesla drivers are terrible. I don’t know if I just happen to be unlucky or Tesla drivers rely too much on the technology their car provides but EVERY-TIME I’m behind a Tesla driver they put my allegiance to god into question!!!!!!!

  15. This is the correct answer. I dude just pulled up to me with his wife the other day in one, rolled down his window and announced, "Nice Subaru, bro. My Tesla does 0-60 in 3 seconds." I replied, "Yeah but you also have a micropenis." His wife started screaming, "Fuck you!" while giving me the finger. Every once and while we get to beat the douchebags at their own game.

  16. In Europe it's definitely more chill 50 and 60 year olds in BMWs, not 21 year old males these days lol

  17. I'm gonna call out anyone rocking the angry eye grilles on their Wrangler or Gladiator as fitting this. Usually accompanied by a thin blue line and/or punisher sticker.

  18. That's hilarious only because in the states it's either old men or young kids that drive them. Nobody really even seems to acknowledge Danger Ranger owners.

  19. With applicable higlift jack mounted on hood - painted red, front end winch that's a Chinese special off of Amazon, red Jerry cans that are thinner than a soda can, and lift kit with blacked out wheels. They have to be black.

  20. Literally came here for this. Some guy from my high school had one of these and he’d just park on top of the huge mounds of snow from the plows.

  21. Big ass, yee yee trucks with those insanely long mirrors. Bonus point if the back end is lowered and the rims have LEDs.

  22. They're everywhere on the Westside of Cincinnati and half of them have body damage. Temp tags and tinted windows are required. Has to have 5% tint covering all windows and windshield. There's absolutely no way they can see when driving at night but who cares, it looks sick! Will ride your ass and try to pass any chance they get. Speed limit is just a suggestion. Altima: Always Looking To Instigate More Accidents.

  23. They aren’t just bad drivers, they don’t care about cars, have bad credit, will do hit and runs with no regard. I hate altimas so much when I see them on the road

  24. Hey I get it. But its a hell of a deal, for a reliable car, that is great on gas. It's why it's so popular and hence why you see a bunch of bad drivers.

  25. Any overly loud vehicle. To anyone out there that has one, when you rev your douche-mobile, the dudes do not envy you and the women do not drool over you. Everybody looks in your direction with the same unanimous thought: “wow what an asshole”

  26. I mean I love a nice sounding car. But I'm talking nice v8s, V12, etc. Not your turbo 4 with a fart can on it. I'll never be made some guy in his McLaren just floored it and was shooting flames.

  27. Overly loud subwoofers. Like, if my car is rattling just from being near you, I can only imagine how much damage to your car your music is doing.

  28. It's got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas.

  29. I live in Scotland and it’s the same story. They’ve very quickly gotten the BMW/Mercedes “treat this like a hazard the entire time you’re near it” status.

  30. Any normal car that they soup up to be loud asf.. like yeah Buddy your nissan definitely makes that sound naturally

  31. Lol. I was driving my 2006 subaru outback down a dirt road last week, and ran over a large rock. Damaged my exhaust system, and now I sound like a Harley

  32. I want to put my take in here as someone with a car that looks normal but isn't entirely "normal." One of my cars is extremely over the top loud. I want to emphasize that now that I'm a little older and mature I can't stand it BUT... my 06 Legacy GT is a dressed up more "normal" looking wrx. It's a turbo car with awd, 5 spd manual, a decent platform. But definitely obnoxiously loud. I built the exhaust from scratch in highschool as a project and then traveled around the midwest entering exhaust competitions in shows and won 2nd place at 2 of them. It's a pretty big accomplishment for me as I was 18, had no idea what I was doing, and the only turbo car coming anywhere close to N/A cars. Does it sound good? No, but did I accomplish something big with no idea what I was doing? Yes. Do I feel bad for my neighbors and anyone walking by it when I'm driving? Yes. Will I eventually change it? Yes. Does you getting angry, shaking your fist and cursing my name because it's loud make me want to change it sooner? Hell no. I get it's really annoying. I agree, but people getting mad about it makes me want to be more annoying with it. I worked hard to make it. Just because it doesn't look like a Lamborghini doesn't exactly mean it's a useless piece of junk. WITH THAT BEING SAID: I agree. The nissan sentras and honda accords with fart cans sound horrible. My car doesn't sound great unless under full throttle. I get it lol.

  33. Michigander here. This is more correct than you know. Every DB drives either of those cars here, and rev’s the engine excessively.

  34. The most aggressive drivers I have seen over the last 4-5 years have been Prius/hybrid drivers. Strangely, the most passive and dangerously slow drivers I’ve seen over the same time are in the same cars. People driving a Prius, especially older ones, or a hybrid either drive ~10 mph under the speed limit or 15+ above it. There is no middle it seems.

  35. Political bumper stickers, I don’t give a fuck about your politics. Why are you advertising to everyone driving behind you? It’s tacky and the kind of person who does that is the same kind that will constantly bring up politics when drinking

  36. Bill burr on his podcast recently, wondered whether he shouls get overly "woke" stickers like "Support gender neutral bathrooms" or some shit for his new F250 crew cab and pull up to those trucks with stuff like "Freedom" written on them. Hilarious idea imo.

  37. What is up with road raging prius drivers in the DMV? I swear 60% of the time someone was driving like an asshole it was a Prius of all things? Who is angry, aggressive, and thinks "yeah, I'll get a prius"?.

  38. More specifically, political bumper stickers. Some of them I think are funny like the “I used to be cool” that you always see on vans.

  39. Motherfuckers all roll around blasting their stereos loud enough to wake me up on the fucking 14th floor at 3 am. Fuck all of those attention seeking cunts.

  40. Who tailgate and use their height/high beams to try to intimidate you if you’re driving not as they like. Lol, doesn’t work on me. Troll harder, my dudes. 🤣

  41. Any loud vehicle. Especially the one that drives up and down our street at 3am, revving it's engine and waking the baby 5/7 days of the week.

  42. Yeah, some Subie drivers are douches, but many do their best to not contribute to the stereotype. I've had my WRX for 3 years, but have 0 tickets.

  43. There's a WRX that used to drive down the main street near me every night at about 10pm, purposefully backfiring for a couple of miles. He did it in a specific area, so i think it was personal. I imagine the cops finally shut that down because I have neither heard nor seen that car in at least a month or two.

  44. I’m a 28 year old female loan officer and I have a Subaru Impreza wrx. My car attracts the type you described…. I also get compliments from pretty much all teenage boys so yeah…. But damn it’s fun to drive.

  45. I get complements on my car from Asian guys in there 20s and people without a lot of teeth at gas stations.

  46. Yep. My car was in the shop after a break in and the rental I got was a brand new, black BMW. By the attitude of the people around me, I got the impression I do not have the personality needed to drive a black BMW. Everybody just assumed I was going to be a real piece of shit as soon as the saw me exit that car.

  47. I'm not sure I would call them all douchebags but any Corvette from early 90s to mid 00s seems to be exclusively driven by white guys ages 43 to 64 wearing Maui Jim sunglasses with bad spray tans who probably love Jimmy Buffet.

  48. It's really a shame that corvettes have the image they do and the image tends to check out, because they are legit good sports cars.

  49. Any lifted truck in a city or cars with a louder exhaust added, especially the ones that make that gun shot sound. We all hate you.

  50. Lifted Cummins trucks with flags and smokestacks. Those were the kids that wore work boots to school and chewed tobacco in class. Screams “my daddy taught me alllll about the government”

  51. Honestly, I don’t hate any car or judge people for having them. I just hate drivers who are assholes. People who weave through traffic, tailgaters, aggressive drivers, people who honk when not warranted, etc. too many people don’t realize that driving is a privilege and shouldn’t be on the road

  52. Fucking Teslas. I have never seen a decent Tesla driver since they've started on the road. Sometimes I see a lad using his signals and what not, but then he'll run a stop sign. These people continue to cement the idea that self-driving cars are not meant for the road. And I really try to not create a prejudice in my mind whenever I see a Tesla, but without fail they always live down to it.

  53. Any car in the passing lane that shouldn’t be there. I don’t discriminate. But minivans & Prius’s are specifically out of place there. Hybrids left lane camping to hit that maximum fuel efficiency are just unreasonable.

  54. Any car overly populated with instigating political bumper stickers… funny or cool ones, keep on rocking on… but more than 1 inflammatory political sticker and they looking for a fight, don’t matter what side…….. just one side will fight you with words, the other with guns hiding behind tiny dicks and even smaller intelligence.

  55. If you’re car has a blue lives matter, punisher, or confederate flag sticker you’re probably an asshole.

  56. Lifted trucks that are clean. If for utility use, they should be muddy as hell. Never are however.

  57. I wash my truck like once or twice a year. It's got dings, scratches, etc. It's a truck, does truck stuff. I am going to throw a small lift on it (like 2") because I have bounced the frame off the ground a few times out hunting, and it's a lift that is achieved just by the new struts and its due for new struts anyways.

  58. I got so disappointed when a friend of mine got his truck lifted years back. It was a new truck & he did it because he had some extra cash (at the time) for the "bells & whistles." At the time, he was a fisherman who ultimately didn't find much actual need for the lift at all. A few years later he confessed that he regretted buying the truck entirely & recognized he should have just got a used one that was much more basic

  59. Golf R people get super triggered if you get the jump on them and beat them at a set of lights. Or overtake them on the highway.

  60. In my country, it's SUV : takes way too much space on the road (if not driving in the middle of it), blinkers are optional, considers anything as a parking spot, is either speeding or driving way too slowly. They feel protected, so they don't care.

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