My GF wants to know what the equivalent of giving flowers to a guy is. Let we rip gentlemen.

  1. I once read something like just listen to the guy talking about his hobbies. Like ask questions about the thing he’s watching or doing. We are simple folk

  2. Maybe I don't inspire gifts in those I date, but I can't recall ever getting a spontaneous present from a GF. So not sure I would know. Most anything would probably impress though. Food or gag gifts are good.

  3. Shouldn't be a balance between Flowers' price and the male equivalent price? Because if it is Lego, boy that's a looooot of flowers.

  4. I was going to say beef jerky basket, but I change my mind and need to upvote this dude's idea. It's was effing better than mine. This is platinum. (Add beef jerky for better bonus)

  5. I've read this so many times on here, so I went and bought my bf an orchid and a large bouquet of yellow roses (because yellow is his favourite colour). He looked amused. He told me he likes buying me flowers but doesn't care about receiving them. So it's back to purchasing spontaneous pastries and donuts.

  6. If you give me flowers, I would feel surprised for a bit, but then would smile for long looking at them and feel happy!

  7. Since everyone replying is saying they write like flowers too, I’m gonna be the one that says don’t get me flowers.

  8. So I’ve been dating this girl for a couple months and I recently went out of the country for a tough multi-day backpacking trail. She picked me up with flowers in hand at the airport and cutely exclaimed “I got you flowers!”, and it about made me cry

  9. Was looking for the ammo comment. Especially if it's a moderately hard-to-find ammo for a weird gun. If my girl tracked down a box of .50AE I'd be stoked

  10. I honestly really like flowers, i think they look really nice in my living room. Last time i got some was when I was performing at a concert (I'm a classical musician) and on my way out with my instrument afterwards, I passed by someone in the audience and they handed me a rose and said I sounded great. Man, did that get the tears rollin once i got in my car 😅

  11. Also can't really go wrong with Woodford Reserve, Basil Hayden's or Maker's Mark. If you're looking to stick with that price range. Knob Creek is also popular.

  12. George Dickel is my preferred “cheap” whiskey. also cant go wrong with Makers Mark. Jack Daniels tastes like sewer water to me

  13. Flowers. It was my 31st birthday the other day and one of my presents from my wife was a bouquet of Sunflowers. I've really enjoyed seeing them everytime I come downstairs.

  14. Sunflowers are not just part of your garden, they’re part of a nation! The Ukraine use the sunflower as their national flower. Whilst in Kansas they chose the sunflower to represent their state.

  15. Seriously though about the whiskey, Maker’s Mark or Woodford Reserve is minimum. If you really want to impress, go for that bottle of Blanton’s.

  16. Miller Lite is also the official beer of domestic abuse so I feel it. Personally, I know Jack is bad, especially as a vodka-cranberry guy.

  17. Bringing me food from a restaurant or store she happened to walk by and she remembers that I like it.

  18. In my case, it would be my wife asking me to take her for a ride on the motorcycle. Few things warm my heart more than that.

  19. I do a lot of the cooking around my house so to come home to my favorite meal being prepped would just hit the spot.

  20. was driving around with a girl I had a sort of talking/ FWB relationship with, she was in charge of music and had added a few of my fav songs to the playlist (it was shortly after we had discussed our Spotify Wrapped's) and that's the closest I've felt to how I imagined flowers feeling

  21. I’d love a bottle of bourbon or a six pack of my favorite beer or one I’ve been wanting to try. Something related to a hobby would be nice. I like woodworking, camping and backpacking, so a new tool or piece of outdoors gear would be great. A new cologne would also be good.

  22. Just accepting us as human beings without trying to 'fix' us to become women or forming committees with their girlfriends to observe and critique our performance.. By holding their end.. By not talking during Dune.. By consoling us when we realise that the next instalment of Dune is not for another 14 months..

  23. My wife actually give me flowers sometimes. It’s really nice. There’s nothing that says guys can’t like and appreciate flowers. (But beer’s nice too).

  24. Flowers, Flowers are the equivalent of giving a guy flowers, and I would've been ecstatic if any of the women I've been involved with had ever given me flowers.

  25. Men don't really feel the need and for myself I prefer a small thing of whiskey or a small appreciativething like getting me a snack or just a hug. Alot of relationships don't have spontaneous hugs or sign of affection without the need for reciprocation.

  26. I am a little disturbed about all the sex, BJ, HJ comments. Sex is sth that should be given freely because both enjoy it. It is not a special gift or sth that should be done as a favour. Bringing someone flowers or other small gifts is sth completely different from sex and intimacy.

  27. I would be clueless how to react to flowers. Some have mentioned whiskey - ok, that’s a potential gift for a man. While I do know women who enjoy sipping it, it is largely a male drink. Now reverse it; most women (in my travels) don’t appreciate whiskey. So it’s not out of the question for men to not understand the significance of receiving them.

  28. The thing is with guys there isn't one universal thing that works. Some of them would appreciate quality time, maybe cook a nice meal for them, give them a massage. Others prefer actual presents like new video game or a cool bottle opener lol And number 3 are simply happy with unexpected sex or blowjob. You just need to know your man.

  29. Let him pick the restaurant where he wants to go to. no discussion, no complaining about how much you didn't/don't like it, just go with it. This would be amazing.

  30. A little unexpected super cow plushie. I know, it sounds silly, but happened 13 years ago, I still remember every detail and love that cute cow. Don't ask me why, I'm not a fan of "teddy bears" but that was spot on

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