What is your comfort movie that no matter how many times you watch you still love it?

  1. Baby Driver is one of my favorites. Did such a good job balancing both classic and modern styles of filming and writing. Was instant classic for me when I saw it in theaters.

  2. The Holy Grail is just the best. The whole scene where they argue if a coconuts migrate or are they carried by swallows kills me. And then if you blink you miss the 2 second scene where someone is tying coconuts to swallows

  3. There's something about Harry Potter, its just so so damn nostalgic for some reason, it feels as if I graduated Hogwarts with Harry, Ron and Hermoine. The Later Movies, not so much, but all movies up till The Goblet of Fire are such a vibe ngl.

  4. Man, we have the exact same tastes but I can't watch The original SW movies unless they are the original before someone let Lucas go back and add/modify shit in that ruined his movies for me. There's a reason it was on the cutting room floor and it should have all stayed there. Oh yeah and Han shot first.

  5. A gremlins 1 and 2 double feature really drives home how much the director didn't want to make gremlins 2. It's the best - a total lampooning of corporate art, cash-in Hollywood sequels, and the non-sense of gremlins as a concept. It's a fucking masterpiece of malicious compliance.

  6. I never get tired of that movie! The cast is spot on, you can’t go wrong with Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman in their prime but Chris Tucker really stole the show for me. The costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier were outrageous and perfect for a late 90’s/futuristic over to the top style combo. And then all the one liners that people have mentioned here that became catch phrases. “Meat popsicle”, “multi-pass”, “big bada boom”.

  7. I love where he asks the kid for his birthday and he rambles off a day and he says “what year” and the kid says “every years!”

  8. Came here to say that. If am channel suffering and it’s on one of the channel. I put the remote down & watch it!

  9. I watched this with my dad and he loved it because it reminded him of the movie serials, like Flash Gordon, he used to watch when he was a kid.

  10. The unequivocal canyon gap in the difference in quality of these 2 movies is staggering and makes me question your sanity.

  11. It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses.

  12. ‘Blade Runner’ (and there’s 5 cuts available so it’s always a little different each time I watch) and ‘Small Soldiers’

  13. This so much. Not only did I love the movie itself but it was my late aunts favorite movie. Its extra special knowing my aunt use to laugh her beautiful booty off at it. Personal favorite… the scene where uncle Rico throws the steak and nails Napoleon on his bike lol

  14. The Matrix. First film I saw on my own in the cinema, and it opened up a new way of thinking and looking at the world, and got me into dystopian sci fi.

  15. Awesome.. I remember exactly being stuck in the car, driving back from my Dad's workmate's house (can even remember the weather and the town to this day) at 13 yrs old, listening to the review on Radio 4 (UK) and them gushing over this amazing movie.

  16. Pretty much any movie that takes me back to a time and place when I didn't have a care in the world and everything was good (at least from my perspective). May not be my favorite movies by any stretch, but just take me back to that head space for an hour and a half.

  17. American pie and Hangover. And LOTR I guess. I'm more of a game guy than a movie guy, I can't just sit and watch something for extended periods of time so these movies have been there for about 15 years, I got way more comfort games than movies

  18. My son has had all of the Toy Story movies and shorts on repeat since he was an infant. At 2.5 he added in all the Jurassic Park movies and the animated Netflix show. He's 4 now and I love that we share these two fantasy worlds together and while I've seen each one literally hundreds of times together now and will never get sick of any of them. For a bonus, we have all the toys from both (which takes up a floor to ceiling wall full of shelves).

  19. Jaws. It's one of my favorite movies. I really enjoy the scene when Quint, Brody, and Hooper are in Quint's ship in the evening just shooting the shit and drinking and when Quint talks about the S.S. Indianapolis. His story is pretty close the real experiences of the sailors lost in that vessel.

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