Men of reddit, whats the LEAST attractive piece of female clothing in your opinion?

  1. So much of 80s fashion was just utterly bizarre. And yet somehow, the one thing I never thought would make a comeback actually made a comeback: mullets. Why, people. Why.

  2. ooh boy I regularly rewatch The Golden Girls (as it's one of the GOAT sitcoms), but good god sometimes they made it look like bea arthur was deformed and needed to be hidden by hyper shoulder pads and giant drapings, yet she was perfectly normal and in shape. 80's fashion was ruthless on anyone (I being a victim myself).

  3. When I was a kid I did an ugly sweater contest and I found a sweater with shoulder pads to use as a base. I couldn’t believe it when my mom told me it used to be high fashion to wear them. I don’t remember who won, but I got very many ugly compliments lol

  4. My mum has a big, hideous picture of me and my brother up facing the front door. I would have been 3, maybe 4 in this monstrosity. I am wearing a blazer with those awful shoulder pads. I hide the stupid picture somewhere new every time I visit but she unfortunately finds it and puts it back. I hate that picture

  5. The best thing about those shoulder pads was the following fad for naked shoulders. Bring em on!

  6. You had to pay attention to potential shoulder pad buildup, too. A blouse with shoulder pads, and a sweater with shoulder pads, and a coat with shoulder pads...

  7. Pretty sure if I had a chain mail nightie, my husband would just hang me on the door sex swing and call me his windchime.

  8. Crazy thing is, you don't even need to have armor with boob holes in them irl if you want it to still function properly as armor, as the torso part of the armor was actually big enough in the front that it could conceal a reasonably sized bust.

  9. My dad told me that one time the Jehovah's Witnesses came up to him while he was sitting out in our front yard drinking a beer. One of the men looked at my father yelled at him and said "Jesus is coming!" My dad looked up and said "holy shit do I have time to finish my beer!?"

  10. I don't know what you're talking about. Would someone be so kind as to share a link to a photo or something, please?

  11. Are you talking about those house slippers or an actual outdoor shoe? The slippers are meant to be comfortable and not be worn outside.

  12. I love these and do not give a shit what anyone else thinks. 🙂 Signed, a woman in her 30s lmao. I just wear em at home though.

  13. So much this - getting the right fit makes all the difference. A suit only looks good on a guy when it fits.

  14. Tel your bf to get their mens winter boots. They’ll change his life, as they did mine. I’m coming up to my fourth Canadian winter with them

  15. This whole thread has been nothing but unrelatable to me. I am a sucker for the basic white girl look. UGGs leggings and a sweater and scarf in the fall is hot af

  16. This is the only answer! Clothes don't make a dipshit sexy and a person who is great but dressed like shit is still sexy. But throw some long, fake ass nails on either and nope!

  17. Spot on. Although for me it’s long nails irrespective of fake or real. If you have to contort your fingers to press buttons with the bottom pad of your finger tip, it’s gross to me.

  18. What about real natural long nails? I’ve never had acrylic before in my life and I’ve seen girls have gunk under them without cleaning!! It doesn’t take much to brush underneath your nails ☠️

  19. Any lip injection, don't care how much they paid, it looks horrible. I know way too many women who were beautiful then got them lips and now just have that look.. why do people keep going for that shit

  20. I fucking love that tacky, sleazebag, woke up with with last nights eyeliner still smeared, marla singer esque energy.

  21. I'm in a very serious "give me all the leopard print, I don't care how tacky it looks" phase. I know what it looks like, but I can't stop myself. I have clothing commitment issues, so I am 100% sure it'll pass. Until then, I will be wearing all of my band tees with leopard print pants and skirts, shamelessly.

  22. I love them so much. I’d exclusively only wear these Victorian looking nightgowns but they are actually really expensive!!

  23. I have a Mickey mouse one it’s so tattered I accidentally set it on fire once leaning over a candle but I still wear it because I love my grandma

  24. idk about u guys but i sleep in a $6 walmart night gown and my boyfriend still thinks i’m the sexiest woman ever and still gets turned on…let women be comfortable lmaooo

  25. I have never heard makeup and fake nails/eyelashes be described as “clothing” before, yet somehow it’s the most popular answer in this thread.

  26. I swear this thread pops up once a day and every time the consensus is long fake nails, leopard print, and high waisted pants. Which, for the record, we ladies love high waisted pants because it makes the stomach feel more secure and in place.

  27. Also low waisted makes my ass fall out??? Those pants never fit right. Don’t care if men hate high waisted, I will never go back.

  28. PJ’s can be cute inside, but outside it gives me my life sucks and I will not do a thing about it feeling.

  29. Pajamas are a multiplier, if you look good you look great in pajamas, if you look bad you probably look like you’re on your last legs in pajamas. This is a universal truth for men and women, unless you’re at a walmart.

  30. Eh seeing a girl running into a store in PJs doesn't look bad. Fuck getting dressed just because you need to grab milk.

  31. I knew a hot girl in college who's entire outfit was the ugliest things at goodwill. I went with her one time to a goodwill, and she bought and absolutely hideous dress and ROCKED it the next day. It was amazing.

  32. One of my exes was a tyre fitter, must admit her in overalls was a guilty pleasure of mine for some reason.

  33. As an unattractive woman, I’ve pretty much given up on fashion and trying to be conventionally good looking. It’s just all black with the occasional leopard print accent (love my leopard print crocs) for me.

  34. I used to work with a girl who wore ones that were so large she had to tilt her head back a little in order to see anything. I’m like “you don’t think that’s just a little unnecessary? Not even a little?” 🤦🏼‍♀️

  35. My younger sister is beautiful, but she’s going through a bit of a phase with the fake eyelashes. We went swimming on a sunny day, and she came out of the water with little semicircular tan lines underneath her eyes. Her lashes are so long and thick that they’d acted like mini umbrellas and cast a shadow😂

  36. Fake lashes can look really subtle though. I can guarantee a load of women you've seen and thought "wow she has pretty eyes" were wearing them.

  37. Not really a piece of clothing, but leopard print stuff 99% of the time actually turns me off. I can be looking at super hot pics of a super hot woman, and then come across a pic of them wearing that, and I'll lose my hard on. No joke.

  38. I feel like this is an old school thing. Like in the 70s a woman would put on leopard print and turn heads and now you just look like you thought you were hot 50 years ago

  39. Not a piece of clothing but I see girls in heels VISIBLY uncomfortable wearing them. Why bother wearing something just to suffer.

  40. I know exactly what you're talking about. Those hats were what immediately jumped into my head when I read the question. I always associate them with annoying 20-30 something year old Christian influencers.

  41. Could you link a picture so I know whether to accept your opinion as fact. Or to wish the ugliest hellspawn to eat your regenerating organs throughout eternity while making the same five organ puns over and over.

  42. Those shirts that only have one sleeve. Looks like you've either accidentally shoved your arm through the neck hole of your shirt, or you're cosplaying some sort of Old Navy Barbarian character.

  43. The new trend that I've noticed of what I can only describe as an Amish dress with high-top sneakers. I just don't get it.

  44. I hate wearing flip flops so when I see anyone wearing flip flops I cringe. Not as in "you're being cringe", but a "oh God I hate that sensation and now I'm imagining that I'm wearing flip flops". Digging into your toes. Smacking the bottom of your feet. Making that awful sound. Most are so poorly made they fall apart within a year if you're lucky. I'm a big guy so when it's beach day and I'm carrying a whole ass 10x10 tent thing 100 yards, the last thing I want is some flimsy ass footwear that doesn't keep the arch of my foot on my shoe soles as I trudge through sand so fine you sink into it with every step. I love sandals tho.

  45. Uggs. Fuckin YUCK!!! They're like slippers for the daytime and impossible to clean the insides. Automatic "NOPE" from me. But are those even a thing anymore? Haven't seen any in a year or two.

  46. Wearing like brown leggings under shorts or a skirt gives a very childish vibe that just doesn't attract me. I'm sure it's extremely comfortable, but I don't find it attractive at all.

  47. Capri pants. Who the hell came up with clothing that as far as I can tell is designed to make your legs look shorter and your feet look bigger?

  48. I'm gay so not the best source, but women in denim skirts particularly triggers me. Every denim skirt on earth is hideous

  49. A denim miniskirt or microskirt is cute and sexy, a denim skirt that goes below the knee is... let's just say this, the only women I have ever seen wearing long denim skirts are the prudish, ultra-religious fundamentalist types.

  50. Those 1 piece jumpsuits. no one. Not even models can pull them off. Literally everyone looks terrible wearing them.

  51. everyone's saying high waisted jeans... can i have an example of jeans that DO look good? because those are all i ever see anymore tbh

  52. Yeah fr. If your waist isn’t very pronounced, then high waisted jeans are your only hope if you wanna get that shape. And it’s not all about excercise, some women just keep having a rectangle body and then people complain about it

  53. I feel like a lot of people in this thread are saying “high-waisted jeans” when they mean mom jeans, which are high-waisted and also baggy. I think high-waisted skinny jeans look nice personally, but I utterly despise mom jeans.

  54. Whatever they're not comfortable in is usually least attractive. Seriously, dress for yourself, your confidence is far hotter than temporary fashion. Dress in whatever makes you feel good, and it'll look good.

  55. There are a bunch of different ones of the same ilk. All of them designed to evoke negativity. Like "red flag" posts, the myriad of "petty rage", "what's really annoying", "what makes you nope out" post, etc etc. It's part of the daily vector of negativity and discontent.

  56. It was up until just recently that my answer to this question Would be high rise jeans. I always thought pants that were up past your belly button looked stupid. It was just recently that a certain TikTok brought to my attention how girls often like to use them to conceal a muffin top. And that changed my whole opinion on them. Suddenly I’m like “do they make these for men?”

  57. Idk about you guys but I don’t consider nails and eyelashes clothing, did you guys even read the question?

  58. The 80's cut bikini. The one where the sides go up way too high to make the legs look longer or something.

  59. Oh dude, same. You could say that about most all 80s fashion. Neon colors, shoulder pads, all hideous.

  60. Oh fuck man, I lose my mind when I see chicks wearing that, I find it extremely attractive. The illusion it gives of longer legs is exactly what makes it so sexy. And if its a cheeky/thong cut, its 10x better.

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