If you wanted to have sex right now, how long would it take to find a willing participant?

  1. My fiancé lives about 45 minutes away so let’s say two hours to get dressed, drive there, and explain to her why I’m at her door 9pm on a work night without warning to justify my response to an internet post.

  2. Wait till you have a teenager… then you have to wait until like 1am to make sure they’re sleeping

  3. I feel your pain so much. My two kids (2.5 and 6 months) are the biggest cockblockers you could ever imagine. If their mom is in the mood, without fail they will make her life hell until the last thing she wants is sex.

  4. I’m in the same boat however she kicked me out and now I’m holed up in a hotel room for the next few days. Newborn baby though so I have to accept the over cautiousness. Feelsbadman

  5. it took me until i was 24 to lose my vcard and that was back in December. Haven't gotten laid since then, but i have a 2nd date with this girl on Friday so maybe my dry spell will end. Probably not tho

  6. If it comes to sexual contact, and you want to find yourself having more sexual contact with her, ensure you give her memorable head. You’d be surprised how many adult men view head on a woman as a quick box to check before sex rather than a dedicated act. Plus if you’re a Loose Nut Larry, you can make sure she still has a good time regardless of you being an Quick Cum Quinton. Use this information wisely, as you’ll become the Billy Badass on the block, pleasing ladies via mouth, no cock!

  7. Wife is currently awake but after 9pm she could go any second. So I have 22 min to get her to forget about the kid dropping a plate of spaghetti on the carpet earlier under my watch.

  8. There would need to be some sort of prize at my house. Like if a new living room set or a Costco gift card was on the line, my wife would probably get up and give it a go. But if I just woke her up and wanted to get it on? That probably wouldn’t go so well.

  9. I once said just because the roller coaster is out due to maintenance doesn’t mean the log ride is closed. My back hurts because of this damn couch.

  10. I think the question for us queer folk is “how long does it take you to find something more than a one night hookup?” 😭💔

  11. It’s not so much “enjoy it while it lasts”, it’s more “keep the chemistry alive”. As a woman, the build up is way more important and addictive to me than the actual act.

  12. As long as you continue doing the things it took to get her and stay consistent with properly courting her you will be laying more pipe than the city of Gotham after battles

  13. Same. Crippling social anxiety sucks, no one wants a second date with the sweating, shivering stuttering guy who can't keep eye contact.

  14. Same. I I'm way too socially awkward, plus I live in an area that's strangely conservative for being in California, so I don't feel comfortable coming out to any potential dates. Plus I have no clue where I'd even go to find people who have the same interests as me.

  15. Just out of curiosity, how many dogs to total up to 270 pounds? I mean, if it 2 Great Pyrenees and a Pit Bull, that's one thing. If it's 100 teacup Yorkies, that's an entirely different thing 🤣

  16. Take advantage of this now, because after she pops she's gonna be impenetrable for at least 6 weeks if she doesn't have a C-section...while the battle wounds heal.

  17. Honest truth, that's the exact day that I activated my dating profile for the first time and decided to give it a real go. It was not Valentine's Day on purpose, that's for sure. Same results though. No long term success. Then started looking for a cuddle buddy in hopes of at least having regular physical affection and companionship. Nothing regular so far. I'm starting to lose hope. I just don't want to become a cynical asshole like I was in my 30s. I have hope but it's rough right now. (I'm female btw)

  18. Thats missing from all these depressing comments. When my wife and i divorced i wasnt going to wait until i got a clear head and gym body. Fuck that noise.

  19. My girl broke her shoulder. Told her that don't matter if she's on top. She didn't like that. May have just increased the time it'll take

  20. My wife is always down. We just did it about an hour ago, but if I asked right now, I guarantee she'd say yes. 4 years in, I haven't been turned down yet!

  21. Yep I don’t think I’ve ever turned my husband down! 13 years in and it’s rare that we go more than a few days without it.

  22. This house work thing is kinda toxic. Either you aren't doing much house duties and your wife as to resort to sex in order to make you do your fair share, or she is using sex for you to overdue your hose duties. Non of them are healthy really.

  23. I'm single if I lowered my standards to the floor I could pull it off in a couple hours I think. Otherwise a couple reasonable dates.

  24. Finally someone saying something other than "wifey" or "never". This is probably the most resonable answer. I could also prob make it in a few hours to a day if I lower my standards completely

  25. From my experience, at least 25 years. That's just a lower bound tho, I have no clue what the upper bound is for now. Jokes aside, IDK, I've never actually tried to get "just sex" so I don't have anything to extrapolate on.

  26. hypothetically speaking...anyone who regularly uses the word 'extrapolate' outside of math class would probably know how to get me in the sack pronto.

  27. Probably this weekend. But if it was the girl I want to sleep with probably a month two months minimum. But she’s working through some past trauma so I’m just going to wait it out

  28. Honestly? I don’t even know man… The one girl that I knew that might have been interested, we left on awkward terms. So I don’t think she is even willing to hang out with me. So maybe in a few years I might find someone, if I’m lucky.

  29. Been trying for three years and counting... EDIT: Make that two years, eight months...forgot my wife and I had 'birthday sex' two+ years ago...

  30. Find or make it happen? Several people more than willing but they don't live very close. Under 3 hours either way.

  31. I'm a woman, it would probably take a few minutes to tell this guy who is interested that I'm down, and for him to get here. If I'm trying to find someone I'm interested in and attracted to, it would take a while. It's been a while

  32. Infinity and beyond I have a good body but my face is a 5 +/- 1 depending on the day and a +/- 1 on top of that depending on who's looking. I have a speech impediment and some teeth are out of place. I'm social but afraid of the social consequences of talking to women as one tried to ruin my friends career when we were in the military (it didn't because an overabundance of proof) I also don't make alot if money. So I couldn't get one if I wanted to

  33. Well the dog's laying beside the chair and one of the cats is curled up in my arm so only a couple of minutes I guess! :) Just kidding, recently widowed so probably a couple of months if I was actually looking for another relationship at this point in time!

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