Men, what's better than sex?

  1. I grew up pretty middle class. My parents worked hard to make sure we were always well fed, had a safe house, and went on fun family outings (mainly camping and road trips).

  2. Waking up in the middle of the night, checking the time and realizing that you have a few more hours to sleep before work.

  3. Even better is when it's still only midnight and you've literally just slept for an hour.

  4. When you wake up needing to go pee, so you go and then when you get back into bed and it’s all warm and cosy- that feeling

  5. Releasing The fart you held in all night because you just started dating the person and haven’t gotten to the farting in front of each other stage 🌬💩

  6. What about that first time you do and they ain't even mad about it? Just quietly sprays that aerosol and shakes their head at you

  7. That first cup of coffee on a crisp fall day. That feeling of joy when you found out you got hire for that job you've wanted. Getting the college degree you've worked so hard for. Seeing your newborn for the first time.

  8. I’m not that big of a sex guy (I know it’s weird) but I really like cuddling and watching the stars. Always wanted to do that

  9. Always had problems with guys who are so hypersexual!! So I am gonna welcome you with open arms! Lol

  10. Save some ladies for the rest of us! You’re speaking my language! It’s a fantasy of mine to go out camping with my lady and star gaze. I’m just missing the lady part.

  11. No it's not weird. People who feel like you and me are simply afraid to admit it in public.

  12. Camp at home if you don't have time to go out. Build a blanket fort and throw an air mattress in there. Take the thermostat as low as you dare. Hang some string lights or play something like rainymood. You can prep some simple foods. Prosciutto with fruit and a light drizzle of oil works well. For bonus points, put a rose in the fort for her to discover. If you do something like rainymood, have a second way to play music like a pair of BT speakers placed in the fort. Gives you more flexibility to set the mood.

  13. I feel this so hard, I visited a friend of mine in finnland 3 weeks ago for a week, the first days were spent in Helsinki where she lives but then we drove about 3 hours northeast to a place where her family has a little summer-house. Right by a lake, every evening we would go down to the pier and just lay there drink a few beers together, talk about life and gaze up at the stars, it was the most beautiful evenings I have ever spent with someone. I kinda fell for her even though I knew she wasn't interested in a long distance relationship, hopefully we can do something like that again when she comes home.

  14. Taking off your damp socks after a day of hiking. Ahhh.... Then getting in the warm shower and getting the filth off your skin. Bliss!

  15. A lot of things. Genuine friendship. Cuddles. Humor. That perfectly prepared meal. Soul patching level warmth from quality family time. That morning cup of coffee. When that morning cup of coffee fills your car with the aroma on your way to work. That second morning cup of coffee at work. Doing dumb shit with your buddies that involves someone eating turf on a failed attempt. The holiday seasons. The entire MCU lineup. Bacon. Kindness. Humility. Gains from market trades. Gains from hitting the gym. Gains from works direct deposit. Road trips. Hiking. Hot cocoa by the fire. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream on a crisp fall day. Ice cold apple cider on a crisp fall day. Bonding time by a bonfire. Fixing something after struggling with it. Building something correctly first try, no manual.

  16. "Well Pa, if you haven't had a good whiskey and cigar, you're missing the second and third best things in life!"

  17. A nice bowl on a cool morning with a hoodie on while sitting on the back porch watching the sun rise.

  18. Sitting on a porch with a cigar listening to crickets while not having to work the next day. The cool air of October all around me.

  19. Not getting gaslighted for years, cheated on, and dragged through the family court until you're penniless.

  20. Getting a job that has guaranteed your job security after finishing your degree. Being able to turn your whole life around and feel like you’re accomplishing the things you never imagined was within your grasp.

  21. Companionship. What I miss most about my ex is the fact that we did most things together and I find myself not having as much interest in doing or watching anything new because my former partner isn’t there anymore. Really sucks.

  22. I get home from work and I cook to relax. The process of following a procedure and the zen of having all my mise en place laid out is very relaxing for me.

  23. Achieving long term goals, mastering new skills, watching your kids grow up. From an entertainment perspective, driving a race car and pulling 2+ g’s

  24. Peace and quiet while sitting and doing absolutely nothing. Just turn your brain off and not think about a damn thing. Sometimes for hours.

  25. That feeling when the barber is cleaning up with neckline with the electric trimmers. And/or the hot shaving cream with the razor.

  26. Taking socks off in bed after long day, hearing a song you haven't heard in years, eating a proper nice meal, my football team scoring a goal. Alot of things, sex is overated

  27. Spending time with the kids. Sex was cool, but that was only 30 mins (by 30 mins I mean 30 seconds), but the product is at least 18 years of awesomeness.

  28. Being left alone. Silence is golden. Sometimes I just need time to myself to think or relax. I’m not ignoring you.

  29. Sun beaming, headphones in listening to techno as you walk down the streets. Your one with the crowd as you sip your can of red monster. I’ve had absolute drug like euphoria with this routine of me when I go to the gym from where I live lol

  30. When you lay down on the bed after being sleep deprived for several hours, it feels like the bed is massaging you back.

  31. A couple for me would be my PSA submissions being mailed back to me or financial security

  32. For myself, being married and all. I'd say a week of not being asked to do anything that wasnt my idea in the 1st place would be very helpful with my stress level atm. (Having a kid in a month, wife has a fucking scroll of shit she was going to do but is too pregnant now and we have the crap just none of its started) also, a really good street taco

  33. Waking up well rested. I woke up one day years ago tired and i just never stopped being tired no matter how well i slept.

  34. Peace and quiet before I had tinnitus. That shit was so good. Appreciate it if ya got it lads.

  35. Hanging out with someone you fancy, then letting out all of the farts you’ve been holding in immediately after parting ways.

  36. When someone on your team flames you then end up being on the other team the next game and you beat the shit out of them.

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