How many times a week are you having sex with your girlfriend/wife?

  1. Been a month now. A 6 year old can demand so much that we forget to save time for ourselves. Covid dont help either since theres not much to do for a 6 year old other than hang out with us.

  2. My wife has a pretty high libido so it’s pretty much whenever I can offer it most days. Usually at least once a day, some days I just can’t keep up, she has more stamina than I do

  3. I’m single now, but I feel I could still weigh in. My last girlfriend and I were together for about 4 months officially and 2 months before that unofficially. We had sex throughout that whole period anywhere from 5-15 times a week. I would say we averaged sex one time a day. Early on in the relationship that’s how it usually is. I have friends that have been in relationships for years and they now only fuck 3-4 times a week.

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