lifter tick or rod knock? buddy didn't get the filter on tight and dumped oil. We were hoping it had a pressure safety switch because it shut off in the middle of the road. We flushed the oil and didn't see any shavings. 1998 4runner V6 (I'm pretty sure it's a rod)

  1. Yup sounds like a spun bearing to me unfortunately. If you’re lucky you may be able to get away with changing the bearing caps for rods

  2. I had him flush it with the old oil and didn't see any shavings or metal chunks so we filled it with new and put on a new filter. It started making the noise a few minutes after starting it back up which is why I'm a little confused. I would've assumed rod knock would be audible right after starting

  3. From Cali here, I have a shop I go to here in Cali where they specialize in rebuilding 22REs and these 3rd gen 4Runner engines (3.4L V6) for about 3500-4000 out the door.

  4. Really its best to do some tests, compression, leak down, just the basics, with all this inflation it wouldn’t hurt to be certain

  5. Spun bearing is what it sounds like. If you go the salvage route make sure you get the right year motor. There are so many little wiring difference it's easy to miss and have to change over alot of extra parts.

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