Whine/Chatter noise when clutch pedal isnt pressed

  1. What oil are you using? My getrag skyline box runs on redlines lightweight shockproof oil and chatters when input shaft is connected to motor, once clutched in the input shaft no longer spins and noise goes away,

  2. Currently running G-force 75W-90 and ATF as recommend by Gforce transmission. That sounds like that could be whats going on with mine as well. Getrag is bmw right?

  3. Yea filled her up until she started pouring out the filler plug. New transmission and i didnt feel much backlash in the input when I got it. Also not running dual mass flywheel

  4. Lol...if he hadn't used one of those alignment tools that comes with literally every clutch - not just Ford - he would've never been able to attach the bell housing to the back of the engine. More likely something defective...either a bad bearing in the transmission (looks like a rebuilt) or the machine shop screwed up the flywheel. Possibly could've installed the TOB incorrectly or had the fork linkage adjusted wrong but doubtful.

  5. I doubled checked and had my dad double check me Im pretty sure we got it in right. Im thinking its a bearing issue

  6. Freeplay is the gap between linkage and clutch. There should be a bit. Otherwise the release bearing is riding against clutch fingers.

  7. Sounds a lot like the idle shaft bearing in the gearbox of my brother in law's Suzuki swift, swapped the box for a second hand unit, clutch and release bearing all looked fine but we replaced those anyway. The play on the input shaft of the old box was ridiculous.

  8. What makes you point directly to this? Im just curious and want to learn :) most people i have asked and forums have said throw out brg

  9. Just saw all the replys! Thank you guys I will get back to each reply after work today. I appreciate all the feedback yall are awesome

  10. New throwout brg, maybe its gummed up or something? gonna check it out this weekend and see whats up

  11. Have you tried adjusting the clutch fork? See those nuts on the slave cylinder? Pull them back about 1/2” or an 1” and see if the noise goes away. Sounds like the clutch is slipping for some reason. Could be out of adjustment. Possibly bad pressure plate. Is the pilot bearing in hood shape?

  12. Yea ive been messing with the clutch adjustments. Its a new pressure plate and pilot brg. Not too sure yet. Maybe the bellhousing isnt seated correctly or something ill have to check it out

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