out for a test drive. this engine knock, right?

  1. I've had a couple J series, knew the cylinder management was kinda doodoo. Didn't know it would kill a car so quickly though. Guess I'm not exposed to how negligent owners can be. 135k on the clock

  2. Thats loud. Honda tech here,ive heard worn out timing belt tensioners making a similar noise to the point that i question if it is the timing belt tensioner. Does it quiet down a bit after the engine warms up? Mileage on vehicle?

  3. I know they had a timing belt tensioner recall on some of those 3.5l engines, check to see if vehicle was part of recall and if it was ever fixed

  4. Could very well be the timing belt tensioner as well. I’ve seen them so bad, the tensioner will bore into the tensioner pulley.

  5. I bought one off a customer for dirt cheap. It burned a quart of oil every tank of gas. It had 140k on it. Honda knew of the problem but didn't make it a recall. They were fixing the issues for free for several years. All of the honda pilots and odysseys with the 3.5 from years 2011 to 2016 I believe have this issue.

  6. Sucks that some people can’t be bothered by checking the oil once every month but won’t mind tossing a whole engine instead 😞 but that’s the gamble with any used car sadly

  7. God damn I’ve had 3 v6 accords and never came across this sound and I beat the balls off those cars. This thing must of been to hell and back

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