Any places that are open on thanksgiving?

  1. Any of the Chinese owned restaurants will be open for sure. We work when others don't. If you head into the SGV you will undoubtedly find an Asian restaurant to your liking.

  2. There are plenty of places offering a traditional turkey dinner with all the fixings that are nicer than Dennys. We are going to The Warehouse in MDR which has brought back AYCE turkey/seafood buffet for $53.

  3. Korean spas are open! That’s where I’m going. I could drive down to a Friendsgiving in SD but I’m tired and don’t have money for a hotel overnight. You can stay all day at the Korean spas - hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, cafe, massage, etc. Most people go alone anyway so it’s not weird at all.

  4. El Torito is doing some crazy Thanks Giving brunch with unlimited mimosas for $36. But you need reservations.

  5. I have a couple of extra seats. If you don't mind dining with strangers, and petting a dog then you're welcome to a plate whenever you get off. I'm in Sherman Oaks, and we have Mario Kart.

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