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  1. At what point was the great war between the Penguin species and humans brought to an end, and, was there one particular moment that led to the ending of the war?

  2. Did you know fossilized footprints made in wet soil at White Sands, New Mexico provide some of the earliest evidence for human occupation of the New World >20,000 years ago?

  3. Can you give me an interesting fact about liberation of something and the impact of building a sustainable prosperous empire/country/region/culture/or similar? Thanks!

  4. Currenly spending the rest of my night running cabling between all my music gear and attempting to be organized....its just chaos now. Give me a free fact to ponder about please!

  5. In northern Europe, the Scottish navy was the first navy to mount heavy guns on ships. James IV mounted several heavy guns in one or more of his ships during his war with Donald Dubh MacDonald beginning in 1504; in 1506 the castle of Stornoway was battered into submission. It seems likely that Stornoway and the castle of Cairn-na-Burgh (surrendered 1504) were both fired upon from the sea; Carin-na-Burgh in particular is isolated a mile from the nearest land. The Michael, built for the Scottish navy beginning in 1506, was designed from the start to carry 12 guns on each side and three bronze basilisks (very heavy cannon).

  6. Hit me with a fact about cheese. Bonus point if it has anything to do with the Netherlands or whatever we called that area (or parts of it) at a specific time in history.

  7. Can't do the Netherlands part but Samuel Pepys buried his Parmesan in his garden to protect it from the Great Fire of London.

  8. I'm in the middle of teaching my kids about Sumer (we just got done learning how to play the royal game of Ur and how to write our names in cuneiform) so - may I have a free, lesser known fact about Sumer?

  9. Johann Sebastian Bach was obsessed with coffee and drank three to four cups every day. He even wrote a piece called the coffee house. Concerto

  10. I took one course on math history while at university, but i'm sure that theres some cool facts i missed. Any cool or obscure mathematical history facts?

  11. Using sealing wax was common, but you would reserve the use of black wax only for communicating to someone about a death.

  12. Until electric telegraphs, there was a system of towers and outposts which made what's called a semaphore. They would move large arms to dictate a message that could be seen over great distances.

  13. I would like a fact about state war-time (or any conflict) propaganda from before the 20th century. Thank you!

  14. I would like 1 (one) fact, if I they’re still any left? I’ll feed ‘em and walk ’em and clean ‘em and quote ‘em!

  15. During WWII, the Japanese destroyer Yukikaze gained such a reputation for being a lucky ship that the crews of other Japanese ships started to see her as a bad omen. Because while Yukikaze would frequently emerge from battle effectively unscathed and had several lucky escapes from damage, the ships around her were frequently sunk in disproportionate numbers, with heavy casualties, or in very unfortunate or infamous circumstances. While she was known to her own crew as the "miracle ship," others referred to her as the "god of death" or the "plague god." Postwar she was transferred to the Republic of China, where her curse may have played a role in the death of Chiang Kai-Shek. Don't quote me on that last part though, I need to do some more research on that.

  16. No one executed during the Salem Witch Trials were actual witches. The definition of a witch meant a person made a covenant with Satan. There were 2 victims who claimed psychic powers and told fortunes. One of them, Samuel Wardwell, identified that a 14 year old boy had a crush on a girl. They boy didn't know how Wardwell could know.

  17. Akira Kurosawa sued Sergio Leone and was awarded exclusive distribution rights for A Fistful of Dollars in Japan, Nationalist China, and South Korea, plus 15 percent of worldwide box-office receipts.

  18. In medieval Hangzhou at the height of the Southern Song Dynasty, tea shops were open until 2 in the morning. They also typically sold wine and employed singing-girls who usually doubled as prostitutes.

  19. "Khaja Safar and his son, Muharram Rumi Khan, apparently Albanians, were both killed trying to recapture Diu from the Portuguese in 1546."

  20. The Inquisition required the accused people to have legal counsel, and in case the accused person could not afford a lawyer, one would be appointed by the court and paid from its treasury.

  21. Marc Okrand, the creator of the Klingon language for Star Trek, is the president of the board for a theatre company in the DC area. They’ve occasionally staged a handful of special Klingon translations of classic works.

  22. The hornbill occupied a special role for the Iban who were known as fearsome, borderline genocidal warriors of Borneo. As the link between the Iban and the powerful deity Singalang Burung, hornbills were associated with warfare and headhunting. Before battle, rituals would be conducted to gather the negative energy of the tribe, which would then be carried via hornbills to the enemy and dropped on them.

  23. Can I either have a funny/fun fact or a SFW why the heck do you know that fact? Your choice and I love this. Awesome idea! Keep it going

  24. B.R. Ambedkar was a leader of the Indian independence movement, and lead the committee that drafted the constitution of India.

  25. The Royal Navy tried to cover up the fact that they'd lost a battleship to a mine in 1914. Unfortunately, this didn't work, as Titanic's sister ship, full of American passengers, had been involved in the attempt to save the sinking battleship. A whole bunch of photos promptly ended up in the American press.

  26. In the Menominee language, Green Bay is called Pūcīhkit, which means "bay that smells like something rotting."

  27. Can I get a non-depressing fact on motherhood or babies? I've been bingeing Call the Midwife, but any time period will do. 😁

  28. Did you know in 1952 Dr. Virginia Apgar developed a quick, easy five-item test that summarizes health of newborns, and determine those needing emergency assistance? The Apgar Score is now given to practically every newborn, and helped save countless young lives, and reduce infant mortality.

  29. Tomatoes are native to the new world - tomato sauce was not a part of Italian cooking prior to the 16th or 17th century.

  30. As they were historical contemporaries, and founders of their respective fields, do we know if James Naismith (inventor of Basketball) and Sigmund Freud (founder of Psychoanalysis) had anything to say about the other, or what they do?

  31. Give me a historical fact about humans and dragonflies. I can't imagine such amazing creatures have had no influence on any human cultures.

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