Do your children own their stuff ?

  1. Their stuff is theirs. One thing I do tell them though is that their electronics are useless without the electricity, internet, phone plan, and big TV. I think it's important to know that there a lot more going into things than what they may realize.

  2. Child’s clothes. You don’t get to say a gift is “yours” once you’ve given it and the same applies to a parent purchasing essential goods for their kid.

  3. It's their clothes. I gave the items to them. We did hand me downs but only after they outgrew the clothes. And then that was for younger kids who didn't care.

  4. My children own their things I buy them. I’m not that petty. Now, my home is my home, they occupy space here. LoL

  5. I think it’s very important for kids to have ownership over the stuff that they have and use regularly.

  6. The clothes belong to the kid but occasionally she needs a reminder of how she got them when she gets huffy about not getting something.

  7. Who wears the clothes? The person who wears the clothes is whose they are, or who the clothes belong to. Period. Who cares who bought them?

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