Do you think porn industry exploit women?

  1. Well it depends on the woman and the circumstances she finds herself in. Basically how much leverage does a woman have against the porn industry; how easy is it for her to find another carrier if she wants to?

  2. I think any industry that runs as a business exploits anyone or anything it can, because the sole purpose of a business is growth and profit. Not kindness and ideology.

  3. With this comparison, the logic conclusion would be that rape is stealing? Would you agree? Do you think there is a reason why rape is treated differently than stealing your belongings or workin force? Since it is as you say just another business.

  4. While porn industry does have many accounts of exploiting women the issue is neither endemic to porn nor women. Your phrasing makes it sound like men are at fault as porn is made for them exclusively, which is false equivalence. Women watch porn too.

  5. do onlyfans exploit women? Ofc not, most of the time they do more than a regular 9-5 job, if i was a chick I would do it too tho no bad feelings.

  6. In my opinion - society does. On one hand the majority of the western population watches porn. But on the other, porn actresses and, to smaller extent, porn actors are shamed for their choice of carrier. That makes it more difficult for them to leave the business and that creates a workforce, that is easy to exploit.

  7. If they want to work in the porn industry and are payed well then no, but a lot of the time they are exploited. Still I don't think we should stop watching and producing porn, rather find a way to stop exploitation.

  8. So the men participating are having fun whereas the women are being exploited. I am guessing that in the case of homosexual scenes men get to have all the fun as women get , once again exploited.

  9. it is an industry, it gives public whatever they want. it does not exploit anyone as long as everyone is getting paid. porn industry does not create msyogyny it gives the public mysogyny if thats what they desire.

  10. Tf you mean exploit of women,they agree to record,men like watching women,men also do porn,what is there that they exploit?

  11. Women are forced into the porn industry mostly because of their poor situation; "they agree to record", "what is there to exploit" there is a lot of abuse behind the scene they didn't agree to.

  12. Idk, onlyfans is quite popular with young women, not professionals. I think the bigger issue is that women are objectified, a lot of the role models young girls can look up to are valued purely based on their looks, princesses are supposed to beautiful (and nothing else) while prices are atrong, brave, can take things in their own handa and change the world. If I have a daughter I'd be teaching her everything that I would teach my son, let her fight, let her enjoy sports, let her enjoy science and dream of a satisfying career rather than being a decoration for some rich guy. Of course a lot of man would do the same for their daughters, but peer pressure, the media and society do put extra pressure on girls about their looks objectifying them in the process

  13. Of course they do. Porn exploits everyone and everything. It doesn't matter if people "consent". You can consent and still be exploited

  14. Yes, they are women 1000%. F*ck pxrn. It’s only objectified women more and created a generation of weak men. It’s rotten to the core and brings no good to society. Pxrn is net loss for society and we must strive to phase it out.

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