You have to put together a playlist for a coast to coast trip through the US. What song can't be missing?

  1. You’re right about the question specifying singularity…. But also, my GPS says NYC to LA is 38 hours’ drive if I leave now. We have time for more than one song.

  2. I can't narrow it down to just one, but I think of ZZ Top as being a really quintessentially American band with a unique sound. I'd definitely want them on there. No where else in the world could produce ZZ Top. Hell, I doubt anywhere but East Texas could produce ZZ Top.

  3. Tbh I’ve almost certainly put Despacito (original, not feat. Bieber) on that playlist at least 3 or 4 times. I love that song, it never gets old to me.

  4. A whole bunch of variety that is for sure. That's at least 5 days in the car if you can do 10 hours a day. At least a whole week if you can only stomach 8 hours a day. That's a lot of music!

  5. I have a wonderful (to me) road trip playlist. But driving through the mountain passes of Colorado while listening to John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” was a moment I will never forget the feeling of. I don’t usually listen to his music, that was just the ideal time & place.

  6. I think "Carry on Wayward Son." - Reminds me of Supernatural TV show, where Sam and Dean drive in their Impala from small-town to small-town.

  7. “Top of the World” by the Carpenters, to be played while going over the continental divide (this happened to me just by coincidence and when I was driving in Wyoming 15 years ago).

  8. STP - Interstate Love Song. It was on every rock radio station nationwide for a decade and now I can't separate it from road trips in the 90s

  9. Rocky Mountain High - John Denver (along with the other song of his that would work great for this but which has been mentioned)

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