Do you guys think that the next Russian leader will be open toward the west?

  1. I seriously doubt that. I think that in the current circumstances, any Putin's successor will play the conservative card, either posing as a heir of the victorious national leader, or criticizing him for being too soft. A pro-Western leader cannot come to power as a result of election, and any kind of "liberal" revolution seems very unlikely at the moment.

  2. I'm shocked by how many in the West have this fairy tale in their head that the regime will collapse, Putin with be executed and Russia will go straight to being a liberal democracy like Sweden.

  3. This is probably true, unfortunately. People should keep in mind that Russia isn't JUST about Putin. The Russian people either support him to some degree or are tolerant of what he's doing to the point that they have not tried to stop him -except for a few brave Russians. Even then, much of their opposition (to the point of taking action) is due to the mobilization of Russians and not out of deep concern for the plight of the Ukrainians.

  4. Therefore i would support nato intervention to dismantle russia and hang all the propagandists and everyone in government.

  5. This seems to be the case with every nation that suffers defeat without incurring any losses in the mainland.

  6. Хрен редьки не слаще. Нам нужен про-российский президент, а не про-западный или про-олигархический, все это уже было, накушались.

  7. Да. Единственное, что следует всем понять -- Путин далеко не пророссийский президент. Зная это или нет, он создал систему, при которой властьимущим выгодно разорять регионы ради собственной выгоды, что они и делают. А те, кто думает, что коррупции не существует ни разу не встречались с полицейскими)

  8. В этом то и цимес. В каждой стране во главе стоит правительство, которое прежде всего обязано своим гражданам. Тут воют про "коварный запад, мы им доверились, а они нам устроили 90е". Запад заинтересован в том, чтобы свои люди жили нормально. Если каждая страна строит свою политику "эгоистично", то возможно строить синергичную систему, где профит будет всем и ничьи права не будут попраны.

  9. At this point the West and Russia's geopolitical goals are completely orthogonal. It grants me no joy in saying this, but the conflict with Russia will not end until one side is throughly defeated/humbled.

  10. West was. So much German even let themself becoming dependant because "nothing willbdisturb the trade now" and french was speaking about an alliance with Russia instead US.

  11. Any "open" Russian leader are by definition traitors to the Russian people, judging by how the west been treating Russia.

  12. I mean, he was open to it in the beginning as well. What about the successor, I honestly doubt it and as much as I’m not a fan of Putin, even less I’d want to get a ‘pro-western’ president.

  13. So war is better than a 'pro-western' president. Any idea how many Russian lives have been lost in the conflict?

  14. Putin was never open to the West, clearly you all do not know who Putin really is... unfortunately you all can not read books written about all what happened in the 20years that Putin has absolute power, how many critics he had murdered, but all of them had their stories and solid prove about their stories....

  15. Shortly before Putin, we already had politicians who were open to the West. I don't know anyone who would remember them with a kind word now... 🤔

  16. Medvedev was open to the West. Now he posts ridiculous anti-Western rants on Telegram and Twitter and receives praise from the hawkish audience.

  17. If it is not Putin's successor who ascends to the presidency, then it is possible. The main thing is that, despite pro-Western political views, this person should not bend to the West and still defend the national interests of the country. To be honest, I want a strong-willed person in power who will conduct diplomatic relations with other countries, but at the same time will not allow them to be turned like a puppet

  18. The problem is that this one doesn't matter. President is not a superman position. Let's put it this way, if we imagine Russia as a big factory, and the position of the president is the position of the director, then the director manages the managers. Before all this chaos, we had managers who looked to the west, but with the beginning they decided to leave for another company. Well, yes, I will not say which of them is good and which is bad, because in my understanding they all pursue their own interests. Well, let's imagine that somehow, a person who wants to integrate with the West has taken the director's chair. Aaand, surprise surprise, it all depends on what the West will offer the managers. If this offer does not suit them, lol, they will simply replace the director, because in fact the director does not protect anything, except for the loyalty of the managers. And the managers who control the development of energy resourses are very strong compared to the rest. This is why the West can impose any kind of sanctions and they don't care, but when it comes to oil or gas, no no no. And this is why they hate a little 1 dollar for 60 rubles. You know, I sell oil, I get dollars, and I can have more rubles with a weak ruble exchange rate. But now there is an interesting war of words between importers and exporters, so let's see. I just want to say that everything is much more complicated than just 1 person will come and everything will be fine.

  19. Most of Russians are generally opened to the West, as a partner. An equal partner. Whether West opened to Russia as equal partner or not, is an actual issue.

  20. Of course, even USSR under Stalin participated in extensive economic and technological cooperation with Western Europe. Words are words, but Russia is connected to Britano-Franco-Germany. The only part of “The West” which is really hostile to it is US.

  21. What does "open" mean in your understanding? In the sense of acting under the dictatorship of the West to the detriment of the interests of their own people, as it was in the "holy nineties" in Russia?

  22. It’s purely a reaction to the terrorist acts of the russian state. Social media is just people. That’s people reacting to terrorism.

  23. No, because the problem isn't that Russia or its leaders weren't open to the West, it's the collective West that decided to continue rivalry with Russia even after Cold War has ended.

  24. Putin just tried to get the west to integrate its economy with Russia, so that he can stab the west in the back. As he ultimately did 2022.

  25. At this stage, it is definitely impossible. That is, it is obvious that the main goal of the West is to exclude Russia from world geopolitics. Either this is done by ensuring Russia's defeat in this war, or by economic measures, or by supporting all kinds of useful idiots, or by balkanizing Russia. No Russian will benefit from this, so yes, until the West stops playing the role of self-proclaimed world policeman, there will be no normal relations

  26. Thing is our current leader is open to west. More then West deserves tbh. Putin sees himself as a part of West and he really want to trade oil and stuff and he deeply insulted by West reception of Ukrainian war.

  27. we got the 90s partly as a result of the soviet stagnation. the economy was in the toilet in the late 80s already. all Yeltsin did was put the coffin in the ground.

  28. It is funny how the 90s are blamed on the West. We had a state with a failed economy, and DESPITE all the assistance and investment from the West, managed to descend into a chaos. West's fault! Sure.

  29. The West had little to do with the looting of Russia in the 90s. Those were Russians taking advantage of other Russians.

  30. Right, right, Yeltsin, Gaidar, Chubais etc. were all western agents. So were Berezovski, Abramovich, Potanin and others. All the countless criminal organizations that were running every business at the time, solntcevskie, orekhovskie, kazanskie and so forth, must have all been western infiltrators as well.

  31. The 90´s were brought by Russians elites corruption and incompetence, stop blaming scapegoat, for your own ineptitude.

  32. Of course yes! But all these unfair sanctions, they will remain in memory. And then a politician will appear again who wants to unwind it in order to strengthen his authoritarian power. These sanctions are something we will not forget, not forgive.

  33. I hope not. The West wants not leader in Russia but puppet. Russians don't want to be western colony.

  34. I hope not. West is clearly hostile towards Russian people. As a nation. And we don't tolerate Nazism here. Sorry.

  35. I hope not, I don’t want any reconciliation with the west. I’m not even the biggest fan of the current regime, but whatever succeeds it must have a staunch anti western stance for me to support it in any way.

  36. I doubt there would be another rational leader like Merkel. Most western politicians are either quite Russophobic, bordering on xenophobia disguised as anti-war stance or like Macron who is quite ineffective. People like Schröder are just out for a pay day. The rest use Russia for their domestic policies. The world need more leaders like Bernie Sanders.

  37. No, I don't think so. This is counterproductive. To cooperate in those areas where it is beneficial to Russia and resolutely reject everything else.

  38. It's your premiere that's extracting russian resources and your population seeing nothing from it, 60% of russia don't have a flushing toilet

  39. Zhirinovsky at the end of 2020 named possible candidates for the post of president of Russia (except Putin): Mikhail Mishustin, Dmitry Medvedev, Sergey Shoigu, Sergey Sobyanin, Valentina Matvienko, Sergey Naryshkin, Vyacheslav Volodin, Alexey Dyumin and Alexey Kudrin.

  40. Our first leader can be qualified as a western puppet, the results were... suboptimal, let's put it that way. As much as I don't like Putin, I like how he deals with EU. I have no idea why western people don't realize that, but Putin is very pro west, but the thing is that West doesn't seem to notice Russian concerns at all. Even if Putin's successor shares his view on western question, there would be no trust, as long as EU doesn't consider Russia an equal partner. *I speak mostly of EU, because US and Russia will almost always be rival just because of the geography. The only way I can see Russia and US as partners is if China becomes superpower earlier than expected AND Russia and EU are alies.

  41. West=betrayal, scam, and everything bad. No leader will trust the west anymore. Multiple generations later, maybe.

  42. And patriotic leader who will start another 'defending' war / close borders / censor media will be better right? You must be proud of your current

  43. The West will never have anything to do with Russia, for decades. Russia scammed the West. The power of the people in the West are stronger than a president...the mood under the people is fully against any influence of Russia...gas and oil is not needed the West, houses are quickly getting off gas and electricity comes from solar and wind, new cars are Electric.....

  44. Has Russian govt itself done everything in its power to have a great relationship with the west? Where did the west make mistake in ints relations to Russia? What should the west have done in order to make relationship better?

  45. The olichargs robbed the people during 20 years. The sanctions is a result of invading a souverain country. When that is robbing the Russian people to you...look at what you support...

  46. A Russia that's Pro Western is bad news for Africa & the rest of the global south. Western Neocolonialism is alive & well & only Russia & China is strong enough to stand up to the West. Historically the West has always found a way to discredit, oust &/or kill Pro Black PanAfrican leaders & prop up western backed puppets after orchestrating western backed coups.

  47. Вообще-то и нынешний лидер достаточно открыт Западу. Он уже давно зовёт на переговоры. Просто Запад решил, что не будет учитывать потребности России.

  48. To be more open to the West actually means to be a Western, tamed, little bitch who obeys whatever the master says, even if it directly harms your country and people. This is how the West wanted to do business with us.

  49. I think no. After all the evil that the West has done in recent years, cooperation with the West would be disgusting.

  50. The current leader was very open to the West. I would even say too much. Not as much as Gorbachev, but still. And now, when Merkel honestly admitted that no one was going to fulfill the Minsk agreements (which should have prevented the current conflict) and their goal was only to prepare Ukraine for war, Putin says he is very disappointed. Yes, after this, diplomatic relations should be severed!

  51. No, we do not. The west would like to cripple the economy of Russia to the extent that Russia has to leave Ukraine.

  52. Естественно будет, Путин слишком либерален. Следующий президент будет очень сильно повернут в сторону запада, так, что будет вынужден сильно сдерживаться чтобы не раздолбать вас, ребята

  53. I hope not. I dont want my leader to be open toward west that hates Russian people. They show they true face, so nope, Im good.

  54. Well I think the world is entering a severe crisis and Russia has to play its own role, being more of a global power. For that we or our elites have to start developing ourselves and stop developing other not so friendly countries

  55. Oh yes! Will surrender Russia and allow it to be absorbed into the EU. Adopt the euro currency and become a Schengen state.

  56. Нет. Нас не могут принять в шенген. Для существования Европы в её нынешнем виде обязательно нужны папуасы с дешёвыми ресурсами и рабочей силой.

  57. To be honest, Putin became a president even before I was born, so it is hard to imagine anyone else as our country leader (im 22 y.o). But if i have a choice, I would like the next president to be open not only to USA, but the whole world.

  58. Are there many other people who would also like the next president to be open to the USA/West/world, or are the responses here a more representative sample?

  59. I hope no. Petr 1 opened window, now we should close it, it’s blowing. Lie, propaganda and discrimination of Russian people. Western people doesn’t understand that in Russia we haven’t different nationalities, we are all Russian with features. Main that the man should be good, no matter his skin color and how he speaks.

  60. RN only hawks are seen as possible election candidates. Personally I expect an elections between ex-terrorist Kadyrov and leader of mercenaries Prigozhyn

  61. Конечно нет. С Западом покончено. Я думаю, что следующий будет относиться к Западу намного хуже и я это полностью поддержу.

  62. In light of recent events, the West should try to make friends with Russia again. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, the U.S. government saw the country as a reservoir of resources that they planned to dismantle under the guise of "helping" Russia in exchange for them. From 2014 to 2022, the West openly ignored the killings of the Russian population in the Donbas by Ukrainian nationalists (The most popular Nazi squads, such as AZOV, are even portrayed as heroes today.). In February of this year, Russia was tired of trying to solve the Donbas conflict without brute force, so military detachments were sent to protect the Russians in the Donbas, which the West took for a rude invasion of the territory of innocent poor Ukrainians. Therefore, looking at everything that is happening in the world now, it is the West that in the future will have to be friends with the Russians and apologize for ignoring the innocent victims of these eight years.

  63. Do you think the bloodshed might have been averted if Russia wouldn't support Donbass separatists with weapons and soldiers since 2014 so that there would be no conflict to begin with?

  64. I don't know. Maybe the majority of Russians really think that Putin is a man of peace and that everything bad that has happened to Russia is because of the West.

  65. It depends. Will the west be just as fake and gay as it is now? Will its feminists be as ugly and terrible as they are now? If your answer is "yes" or "its even worse" and our leader starts making gay noises about being open towards you? We will kill him ourselves. We have no choice.

  66. The next 'ruzzian leader' might never happen, we better talk bout new moscovian leader, new ingrian leader, etc.

  67. Пиздец. Почитал комменты. Ну вас нахуй, с обиженными жить. Вокруг враги-либералы, а пыня наш герой, ведь не нужно задавать неудобные вопросы - это все запад и сша виноваты. Сам агрюсь иногда, но нужно признать, что есть за что критиковать действия России. Не нравится - пиздуй, ну так дайте мне денег, обиженные вы пидорашки. Вы удобно забыли 2008-2013, а 90ые однозначно сделали гнилве пендосы. Зато про оранжевую революцию любите припоминать. Жду обещанный вагон минусов, господа.

  68. Не все анти-либерахи тут за путина и не все анти-путинисты за дружбу с западом.

  69. Блядь, смотрю на твой ник - и как понять, который из вас пишет?

  70. Нечасто такое пишу, но как по мне - отрабатывают ребята. Посмотреть другие темы, с более нейтральными заголовками - по большей части дружелюбные ответы, уважительные ко всем странам, без какого-то особенного преклонения перед руководством страны. Стоит появиться теме с явным политическим вопросом, как вдруг все под копирку такие "ура-ура, мы тут за Путина". Уж больно заметный паттерн.

  71. Тоже охуел. Толпа обиженок каких-то которым Обама трамваи с рельс спускает. Но вообще как говорит Муратов, есть большая вероятность что придут всякие Пригожины и тогда Путин реально медом покажется.

  72. even if a new president will move towards the west, it will take decades to fix the country, get rid of corruption, un-brainwash people and resume international relations👍

  73. Если Россию обложат санкциями, и, что вероятно, разделят (как с СССР, оставят большой кусок-наследник с ядерным оружием и кучу республик по краям), то следующим правителем будет популист-реваншист. А-ля Гитлер, в общем-то.

  74. Иы уже продавали газ украине по копеечной стоимости, к чему это привело?

  75. I doubt you can find an "informed opinion" on Reddit. Most likely, next leader will not be much different from Putin. However, there are chances that after Putin there would be several leaders that would replace one another in quick order. If Russia is lucky, the last one in this succession could be pro-Western and pro-democracy.

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  77. Not only do they look like the sun, and track the sun, but they need a lot of the sun. A sunflower needs at least six to eight hours direct sunlight every day, if not more, to reach its maximum potential. They grow tall to reach as far above other plant life as possible in order to gain even more access to sunlight.

  78. Putin didn`t install this level of control for nothing, he did this so it would be him or his click that stays in power. The only way forward will be towards total control, like China is doing it, unless some other nazis take over.

  79. Strictly speaking, that would be desirable. We risk to loose Russia as we know it otherwise, as there is a risk of neverending war and stagnation.

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