Caveman mentality is alive and well on 'alpha' Twitter

  1. Well, unless she's a shameless harlot she either climbs on the husband's funeral pyre (where permitted) or she goes off to spend her remaining years in a convent.

  2. Her brother becomes the new owner, of course. After that, I believe it goes uncle, son, male cousin, nephew, then closest male neighbor.

  3. The Bible talks about this and the prescribed course of action is for her husband’s brother to knock her up so that her children can inherit her husbands wealth and lands and she can survive off the child’s wealth.

  4. Wrote it twice, and still couldn’t pin down the correct spelling of “possession”. Should learn proper grammar before trying to “monopolize” on a woman. 😂

  5. I've always maintained that I'd never marry someone who asked my dad's permission for marriage. If you see me as property that you need permission to have I don't want you in my life. My dad got a little pissy when I announced I was engaged and he had never heard anything from my fiance about it, but oh well. I proposed though, so maybe I should have asked his mom for permission? Lol.

  6. Idk I go back and forth on it. I did ask for my father in law's blessing but it was more of a conversation informing him of my intention. I kind of saw it as a "I want to be part of your family and I'm going to do this" type thing. At the same time I get that the practice is weird. At that point in our relationship though I was very close with her family. If I wasn't I probably would not have "asked"

  7. I don’t think cavemen got married. Pretty sure they just fucked and had kids. This is more like 14th century mentality.

  8. My dad would be like “…I guess? I mean, look, as long as you didn’t just lose your job or something, i’m cool. I don’t really care lol.”

  9. If the SO has a good relationship with their family / parents its a good idea to at least interact with them and see how you could maintain a relationship with them, all in good sport

  10. If my husband had asked my narcissist ahole of a father for my hand he would not be my husband. In my own person! And sure as heck didn't want the aforementioned narcissist involved in weather or not we got married

  11. ah yes, objectifying women then using that as an excuse to treat them however you want. God this dude's last braincell is bouncing around like a screensaver.

  12. This is obviously wacky, but it surprises me how many otherwise quite liberal people still do the asking the father's permission thing like it's just a cute little wedding tradition. It just seems so nakedly weird to me. Like, not one of those things where it's only weird if you really think about what you're doing.

  13. I like to play turn based team strategy games a lot and I usually name my characters Alpha Beta Charlie Delta Echo and Foxtrot just because my brain gets confused sometimes and it makes it a lot easier to quickly pick out the right character

  14. lmao I don't really vibe with being a guy anymore but back when I did I told my in-laws at our engagement party that their daughter would have dumped me on the spot if I'd asked their permission to marry her and they laughed but she just said "yep" totally stone-faced and completely serious.

  15. I feel this depends on beliefs and how close they are also it’s not bc we’re property but out of respect and acknowledging his influence on her (not in the creepy controlling way) ( also only applies if the relationship is really close between father and daughter and it is known that’s the way they want to be asked)

  16. I think in modern times it is asking for a blessing rather than permission. Yeah, she can be independent but if her family hates you, you will have some serious problems in the future.

  17. Everytime I see shit like this, I hate my screen name more and more. What went wrong in your brain for you to come to these conclusions where you think about women like this? So stupid, women own themselves and they aren't property

  18. Asking a woman's father's permission to marry her... I've seen a lot of women eat that stuff up, but also a lot of women who loathe it. Somebody once asked me why I didn't ask my wife's father permission and the answer was simple: she would have hated it and I'm marrying her, not him.

  19. I joke that when I married my husband I never changed ownership from my father to my husband because I couldn’t be bothered to fill out the paperwork - I still use my maiden name.

  20. You are carrying this child, putting your body through a beautiful and also rigorous process—the child deserves your last name. Ive always seen pregnant women as these badass warriors. I wish my mother gave me her last name. Now i have my fathers, who left us on my first birthday. All he did was provide semen, and my mother had to go through hell giving birth in a hospital with no electricity or running water in the middle of a war with bombs going off.

  21. wait does that mean girls can't die when they're married because god can't take away what what belongs to the husband?

  22. OMG 😱 didn't see it was a screenshot and wanted to vote "no". It's old fashioned to ask permission. You don't have to live with you in-laws on a daily basis so... But the I saw the "a girl is her dad's possession" and just shivered of discussed! This can't be still someone's mindset! Not someone who isn't a vampire that's been in its coffin for the last 130 years 😳

  23. God reads this and then sees her get on the highway and is like... mmm... actually tho.

  24. Wuff. How do you say you’ve never spoken to a woman without saying you’ve never spoken to a woman.

  25. So when a woman fails to outlive a husband, she goes straight to Hell by this logic, right? God couldn’t take her be he could damn well separate them.

  26. I will be honest, this post reminds me that one day, I will have to be brave enough to step out of the shadow of my own parents, and maybe get my own place, but I can't. We are going into a downward spiral with Capitalism

  27. My dad is dead, I have no male relatives in my life, and I'm not married so who owns me? WHO IS RESPONSIBILE FOR THIS MESS?

  28. Women live longer than men because probably even the Grim Reaper can't claim them unless their owners give him permission. Absolute monopoly.

  29. This is one that could be taken out of context, though it could also be exactly what everyone thinks so I am not really defending it. But this is something my friends and I (all straight men) have talked about as we are all in long term relationships.

  30. Get "permission" if the daughter and her parents are close, since the parents might see a red flag that the daughter doesn't.

  31. Ok not trying to be that guy but just because people want to live by their own beliefs and ideologies doesn't make them homophobic or anything, I don't see anything in this post talking about how gays are bad or anything negative about people that are gay, the gay community wonders why so many people don't like us, and that's bc so many of us go out of our way just to pick at and disrespect other people's beliefs, I thought we wanted to be treated equally to straights, yet here we are tearing apart their morals and shit, and no I'm not homophobic I'm bi. I just hate seeing people complaining about how people are so rude and disrespectful towards the lgbtq community, but never stop to think maybe if we respect what they believe and do, they might start doing the same for us

  32. i mean, if your "beliefs" revolve around taking away other peoples rights (or worse) you don't get any grace. if you are morally wrong and upset that you have to deal with the consequences of your shitty beliefs, that's on you. also, being bi does not automatically make you not homophobic. but, yeah they didn't say anything homophobic in their comment, i also don't think that it's a stretch to assume that they would be homophobic considering they literally view women as property.

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