because that’s totally how it happens

  1. I get what they're trying to say, and I get that ehat their teaching is respect, but I think they're doing 8t wrong. Tbh, something as simple as changing the words around, swapping things out and using less technical words, could be food. Like, cool and good on you for teaching respect and consent, but I do not agree with all the technical words and stuff about abstinence being the only way, like, maybe attach sheets that have details on sex Ed classes, or a website name or link that goes to a website about sexyal education.

  2. I’m trying to work out if this is a sincere thing from an abstinence-only sex Ed program, or some idiot mocking the concept of asking for consent

  3. It's also not even true, very few people don't have an std. Like only 10 percent of the world. You can get them simply from drinking from the same cup as them but even then stuff like that isn't needed. I work at a gas station and every day I live in constant fear that I'll get an STD simply by mishandling the nasty shit people throw away.

  4. Next time I want to fool around with my partner, I’m absolutely initiating it by informing him, “I was hoping we could engage in sexual activity. [Partner’s formal first name], I would really like to perform sexual activity with you.” I’m sure this will cause him to become positively tumescent in his loins.

  5. I’ll have you know that I had a pal named Eric in grade school and he was the probably sweetest guy there

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